No App Fee Withdrawn

No App Fee Withdrawn
Dear {#First Name#},
The $55 application fee needed to process your application for admission to Sacramento State for Fall
2016 was not received by the December 17, 2015 deadline. As a result, your application for admission has
been withdrawn.
If you feel there are special circumstances that should be considered or you have a compelling reason for
missing the application fee deadline, you have the option to appeal this decision. Please follow the
instructions at “I Was Not Admitted”. Any appeal request, along with all documentation, must be
submitted within 15 days of this notice.
If you have questions about your application, please call the Admissions & Outreach office at (916) 2787766.
We hope you will continue your interest in higher education and consider applying to Sacramento State for
a future semester.
Best Regards.
Admissions & Outreach
Sacramento State
California State University, Sacramento | 6000 J Street | Sacramento, CA 95819 | (916) 278-7766
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