F-Series Battery Charger
F-Series Battery Charger
Intelligent - Robust - Cost Effective
Reducing operating costs by using rechargeable batteries is often difficult for many demining
organisations because:
- Electrical supply (mains) is intermittent
- Voltage is variable (dirty power) generator or mains supply exists for only a few hours
each day.
To overcome these problems, Minelab designed and developed the F Series Charger to
provide a cost effective solution for the provision of battery supply to operate a detector fleet.
Complementing the F Series Charger, Minelab supplies its own branded D Cell rechargeable
batteries that incorporate 'foam' technology. Foam technology reduces the traditional
discharge-before-recharge requirement thereby reducing recharging time even further when
partially charged batteries are inserted into the charger.
Monitors vehicle power supply to avoid excessive discharge of vehicle battery
Can charge two sets of four batteries simultaneously and independently
Able to use AC (mains or generator) or DC (vehicle) power supply
User initiated discharge-before-recharge function if required
F-Series Battery Charger
- Can charge up to eight D Cell batteries in three hours
- 100% automatic charging function
- Extremely robust
Accessories (included):
AC Mains IEC Cable
DC Crocodile Clip Cable
Durable Carry Bag
Operations Manual
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