Pre-Formed Silicone Rubber Insulated Heaters Assemblies - Etch Foil, Wire Wound Mats

Pre-Formed Silicone Rubber Insulated Heaters Assemblies - Etch Foil, Wire Wound Mats
1 Care should be taken not to bend,
crease or fold the element especially
whilst the backing paper is on the mat.
2 Ensure surface to be heated is clean
of grease and dirt (use cleaning
solvent if required).
3 Peel release paper from farthest
corner away from the lead connection
(as Fig.1)
4 Place the heater mat into position
immediately after peeling off the paper
to avoid any dust or grit adhering to
the heater (as Fig. 2)
position, roll from one edge against
the surface to be heated and press
firmly ensuring good even contact
(as Fig. 3)
6 Route and secure heater mat cold
7 Visually inspect heater mat
8 Electrically static test heater mat for
correct element resistance reading
and earth isolation.
9 Equipment that the heater mat is
fitted to should provide protection
against electrical shock according to
relevant European standards.
5 Place the heater mat into exact
Peel away approxiamtely
50mm of release paper
and fold back on itself
Position edge of mat against
component at "A" keeping
exposed adhesive away from
surface at "B"
When heater is in correct
position, press exposed
adhesive against surface
at "B"
Note. Once heater mat is installed it cannot be re-applied
Pull release paper back at
the same time pressing or
rolling heater mat on to
In line with the company policy of continued
improvement and incorporation of the latest
development on electrical construction and
safety of our products, we are pleased to
issue the following statement with respect
to the EEC Directive 768/2008/EC on CE
of electrical products.
The insulation system and construction of
the Heaters meet the requirements
of all the relevant EEC Directives including
the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and the
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
To meet these requirements “The Heaters”
are produced to meet or exceed the
requirements of all the relevant national
and international standards.
In line with these directives we have
“CE” marked the heaters this being
The Recognised Declaration within
the European Economic Area (EEA)
of compliance with EEC Directives.
As required by the EEC Directives,
2006/95/EEC (LVD) and 2004/108/EC
(EMC), the following are held at our
Registered Company Office and Main
Factory:n Technical Files.
n Design details and drawings.
n Construction details and drawings.
n Test details.
n Third party test reports where
As the “Heater” is supplied as a
component to the customers
specifications for installation by them as
part of a final product, the installation and
conditions of “The Heater” are beyond our
control. The suitability for use and
assessment to the EEC directives when
“The Heater” is incorporated within the
final product will need to be made by the
+44 (0) 191 490 1547
+44 (0) 191 477 5371
[email protected] &
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