CP4 Prismatic Scope Instructions

CP4 Prismatic Scope Instructions
Tactical Gear Redefined™
This rugged and reliable sight provides assured accuracy from a 4X fixed
magnification reticle,graduated to 600 meters. It features three reticle
modes; non-illuminated black, illuminated green and illuminated red, with
each illuminated mode offering 5 brightness settings. Anodized aluminum
construction with a nitrogen filled body ensures optimal performance in the
most extreme conditions.
CP4 Optical Sight
Owner’s Manual
(1) 3V CR2032 Lithium Battery
3 reticle modes – non-illuminated black, illuminated green and red
5 brightness settings for each illuminated mode (green and red)
■ 4X fixed magnification duplex reticle
■ Windage & elevation adjustments
■ Anti-reflect & multi-layer band pass optical coating
■ M1913/Weaver rail mount
■ Tethered Caps
Rotary on/off for Illuminated
Green and Red Reticle modes
(1) 3V CR2032
Lithium Battery
Elevation Adjustment Turret
Anodized Aluminum Case
Tethered caps
4X fixed magnification
Ranging Reticle
m1913/Weaver mount
Windage Adjustment Turret
Anti-Reflect multi-layer
Band Pass Coating
Unscrew battery cover, using coin, then thumb/forefinger
Position battery + facing out
■ Reattach battery cover, tighten completely to o-ring
To mount on M1913/Weaver accessory rail:
Loosen locking bolt using coin or screwdriver
■ Mount on rail, and secure by tightening locking bolt
■ CP4 is in non-illuminated mode, with the rotary switch set to 0. Switch to
illuminated green or red brightness settings 1 – 5 by rotating switch left
or right. Settings are colored green or red to correspond with reticle
pattern color.
■ Adjust windage and elevation by removing turret covers and using coin
or screwdriver – counterclockwise: move impact left/up – clockwise: move
impact right/down.
1 click = 1/2” @ 100 yds. Secure covers once set.
Battery manufacturers warn against mixing new and used batteries or different brand batteries
together as this may increase the risk of leakage, fire or explosion. Do not, puncture, short-circuit,
disassemble or heat batteries above 212°F (100°C). Do not recharge the batteries unless they are
specifically designed as rechargeable batteries and then only in accordance with manufacturer’s
Lithium Batteries: Industry wide there have been reported incidents of off-brand Lithium batteries
exploding or catching fire creating serious consequences. Sig Sauer, Inc. includes batteries from
Duracell® and other well-known battery manufacturers with its products, and strongly urges you to
only purchase replacement batteries from Duracell®, or other well-known battery manufacturers like
Panasonic® and Rayovac®. These batteries are designed for use in high performance, high-drain
devices, and their designs incorporate fault and heat protection for added safety. Use of inferior
batteries may cause an explosion or fire, creating risk of damage to your device that will void the SIG
Sauer Inc. warranty, cause damage to other property, and potentially serious injury or death.
Reticle type
Reflective prism
ranging reticle
Field of view
6 degrees,
Reticle color
Illuminated red, green
or non-illuminated
Adjustment range
2 degrees
1/2” @ 100 yds
M1913 / Weaver
Eye Relief
3.2” / 82mm
Temp range
Exit Pupil
.4” / 10.6mm
-5 degrees F to +113
degrees F
Parallax setting
100 yds
Water resistance
0.5m for 15 minutes
Optical coating
Anti-reflect & multilayer band pass
5.8” x 1.2” (146mm x
Power/Obj. lens
1.2” / 32mm
13.9 oz / 390g
The CP4 reticle is used to determine the
range of a target of known size. The example
below shows an 18” wide target bracketed
between the first two shorter vertical stadia
lines of the reticle. The distance between
these two stadia lines is 18” at 100 yds as
stated in diagram XX (which will be the
reticle diagram with dimensions).
Target In Size in Inches
32 in
32 in
32 in
32 in
32 in
Target In Size in M.O.A.
Range Est. in Yards
The lower range scales is for bracketing a
32” tall target.
If you reference the MOA chart you will
see that the distance between the short
line at the top of the target and the bottom
horizontal line is 16 MOA.
The formula is then: 32 (height of the target)
÷16 (MOA from chart) x 100 = 200 yds.
The CP4 reticle can be used for aiming even
though it is not a bullet drop design.
To use the reticle for aiming you must know
several data points. First, you must know
the bullet drop of your specific cartridge.
For example let’s use M855 5.56 NATO. Zero
the firearm at 100 yds. Move to 200 yards
and fire a three to five shot group. Measure
the distance between your point of aim
and center of the group. Let’s say it drops
4.0”. You must then have a reference of a known measurement on the reticle to use
as an aiming point. In this case the center dot of the reticle measures 1.8” at 100 yds.
So at 200 yds it will be 3.6” (1.8” x 2=3.6”) which is as close to a 4.0” reference point as
you will get with the reticle. Hold over the height of the dot from your intended point of
impact at 200.
At 300 yds the M855 will drop approx. 15.2”. The measurement of reference “J” of the
reticle is 10.1” at 100 yds, so at 300 yds it is 30.0”. Use the halfway point of the vertical
stadia line as a hold point on the target at 300 yds.
Statement of Liability
This device is classified as a FIREARMS ACCESSORY and is sold by us with the specific
understanding that we are not responsible in any manner whatsoever for its safe handling
or resale under local laws and regulations. SIGTac shall not be responsible in any manner
whatsoever for malfunctioning of the firearm, for physical injury or for property damage resulting
in whole or in part from (1) criminal or negligent discharge, (2) improper or careless handling,
(3) unauthorized modifications, (4) defective, improper, hand-loaded, or reloaded ammunition,
(5) corrosion, (6) neglect, or (7) other influences beyond our direct and immediate control. This
limitation applies regardless of whether liability is asserted on the basis of contract, negligence
or strict liability (including any failure to warn). Under no circumstances shall SIGTac be liable
for incidental or consequential damages, such as loss of use of property, commercial loss and
loss of earnings or profits.
WARRANTY statement
SIGTac warrants that our sight and illumination tool products are free from defect in parts and workmanship
for a period of ninety (90) days from original date of purchase. At our discretion, we will repair, replace,
or refund your original purchase price of this product if it is determined to be defective. Normal wear
and tear, including lamps burning out, batteries draining, and switches wearing out, is not covered, nor
is damage resulting from abuse, neglect, battery leakage, or altering this product from its original state.
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1-866-964-4822 • www.sigtac.com
P/N 8500895 REV 02
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