Echo s Personal Capture software
Personal Capture
Echo360 Personal Capture is a stand-alone application that runs on Windows and Mac
laptops and desktop computers. With Echo360 Personal Capture, you can record your
voice (audio), your local computer screen (a PowerPoint presentation or other material)
and a webcam video. Personal Capture allows you to create learning moments that
students can review both before and after class.
To create recordings, you select the inputs and record. The recordings can then be
edited before publishing to the EchoSystem Server (ESS). Only recordings you select
will be uploaded. Feel free to record several times to achieve your desired results.
Once published, the recording will be made available to students in all the formats
("products") you select.
Get Started with Personal Capture
Echo360 Personal Capture can be used by anyone, however, only registered users
can upload content. (See step 5 below)
Once the following steps are complete, you are ready to capture, edit, and post your
learning moments.
1. Verify that the target computer supports Personal Capture. See Recommended
Hardware and Software.
2. Verify that the web camera on the target computer is supported. See
Recommended Web Cameras.
3. Install Personal Capture on the target computer (laptop, tablet or desktop).
4. Configure Personal Capture.
5. Complete the BoilerCast Request form. This will associate your captures with a
course and assign you a Personal Capture license.
6. Learn how to create and review or edit recordings.
Please note: Personal Capture recordings and uploads are initiated by the user rather
than automatically through a schedule.
Download and Install the Personal Capture Software
1. Download Echo360 Personal Capture.
Go to:
Log in to the Echo server using your career account login and password.
Click the Downloads tab.
Click on the link for the installer you need (either Windows or Mac).
Installer for EchoSystem Personal Capture (Windows 32)
Installer for EchoSystem Personal Capture (Mac OS X)
Configure Personal Capture settings (General and
General Configuration
1. Open Personal Capture.
2. Navigate to the appropriate menu:
Echo360 Personal Capture>Preferences
The configuration settings are contained within two areas: General options or
Preferences, and Server options or Preferences. There are only a few items:
The Presenter name
The location for saving recordings
Whether to show the Welcome screen at startup
The MacOS version differs from Windows in that it supports background transcoding
and uploading. This option allows you to shut down Personal Capture and do other work
while the media files are processed and uploaded to the ESS. We recommend that
you enable this option. It is described in more detail below.
To change any of the General options or preferences, follow these steps.
1. Select General.
2. Enter the default presenter name (usually your name). When students see this
recording listed in the EchoCenter, the name specified here will be associated
with it. You can customize the name later.
3. Enter the storage location (the recordings folder name). Recordings will be stored
in this folder on your computer's hard disk. The default locations are:
To change the storage location, follow these steps.
1. Click the button next to the field.
 Windows:
 MacOS:
2. Navigate to the desired directory.
3. Check or clear the Show welcome screen at startup box.
If you check the box, you see the Welcome Screen at startup:
If you clear the box, you see the My Recordings screen at startup:
For MacOS only: Check or uncheck the Transcode and upload in the
background check box.
We recommend that you leave this preference checked (this is the
When checked, you can create a new recording or edit recordings
while a completed recording is being prepared and uploaded for
This setting also allows you to use Personal Capture to capture a
lecture you give in the classroom. You might want to do this when the
usual capture methods set up by a System Administrator are not
Server Configuration
The Personal Capture software must know the location of the Echo Server in order to
post or upload your recordings. When you download the Personal Capture software
from the Echo server, it will already be configured with the correct server address and
set to the correct connection protocol. These settings should not be changed.
Please note that if an update to the Personal Capture software is available, Personal
Capture will prompt you to update the software.
We recommend that you keep Personal Capture up-to-date, ensuring the best recording
quality and use with the your ESS.
The automatic update process requires a network connection. If one is available,
Personal Capture checks for updates every time it is opened. If a newer version is
found, you will be prompted to update Personal Capture. The dialog box differs,
depending on your operating system.
Windows: Click Yes to download and install the update. Click No to update later,
as shown in the following example figure.
MacOS Click Install to download and install the update. Click Not right now to
update later, as shown in the following example figure.
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