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Output Power Increase Procedure
Important note: In most countries increasing the output power of LPD/SRD's is illegal for normal use,
except for radio amateurs with valid amateur radio licence. Only for ham radio applications power
modifications are allowed.
Procedure: Close soldering jumpers OP1 und OP2 parallel to R 27 and R 60. This can be done by
soldering a jumper bridge to short circuit the resistors. You can find the soldering points on the
soldering side of the Printed Circuits Board (this is the bottom /front panel side of the board). Unscrew
the 4 cabinet screws, take out the antenna, open the rear cabinet side and carefully take out the PCB
so that You can see the upper region of the front side.
Details of the front PCB layout
These soldering points can be found exactly
on the opposite side of the resistor positions
R 27 and R 60
This is the parts layout at the same position:
R 60
(68 Ohm)
R 27
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