User Guide for guide-U system

User Guide for guide-U system
User Guide for guide-U system
1. Welcome
2. Important points
3. Warnings
4. Instrument description
5. MyLink+ Status Indicator
6. How your MyLink+ works
7. Charging MyLink+
8. Getting started
Switching MyLink+ ON
9. Controlling the volume
10. Attaching and using headphones (optional)
11. Operating distance
Hanging MyLink+ around your neck
12. Frequency synchronization
13. Troubleshooting
14. Information and description of symbols
15. Declaration of conformity
16. Service and warranty
1. Welcome
Congratulations on choosing MyLink+ from Phonak.
MyLink+ is an easy-to-use and affordable Dynamic FM
receiver suitable for use with any T-coil hearing
instrument, from Phonak or any other manufacturer.
Please read this manual carefully to make sure you
benefit from all MyLink+ features.
MyLink+ is a quality product developed by the Swiss
company Phonak, the world leader in FM and hearing
instrument technology. With proper care and usage, your
MyLink+ will support your hearing and communication
needs for many years.
Phonak - life is on
2. Important points
Do not use two transmitters on the same FM
Switch MyLink+ off when you enter a room with
an activated loop system.
Do not use water or fluids for cleaning.
It is recommended to use Phonak CleanLine
products. Your hearing care professional will
be glad to advise you.
Use original Phonak accessories only.
Be aware that FM signals might also be picked
up and overheard by other receivers.
Before using MyLink+ and the transmitter in another
country, make sure your radio channels are permitted
in that country.
MyLink+ may only be repaired at an authorized
service center.
3. Warning
Persons with pacemakers or other medical devices
should ALWAYS consult their physician, the
manufacturer of their pacemaker, or other medical
device BEFORE using MyLink+. The use of MyLink+
with a pacemaker or other medical devices should
ALWAYS be in accordance with the safety recommendations of the physician responsible for your
pacemaker or the pacemaker manufacturer.
4. Instrument description
햲 Fixed side of the neck-loop
햳 Detachable side of the neck-loop
햴 Green /orange MyLink+ Status Indicator
햲 Toggle switch for volume control
햳 ON/OFF switch
햲 Charging
햳 Headphones
(2.5 mm)
5. MyLink+ Status Indicator
Green indicator
Orange indicator
Battery almost empty
Battery completely exhausted
Charging in process
Charging completed
Volume control minimum /maximum position
Volume control middle position
5. MyLink+ Status Indicator
Light flashes
General indication
Switching MyLink+ on
The green light is visible for 3 seconds
Battery status indication
60 seconds
3 orange flashes (and 3 beeps), repeated every
60 seconds
10 orange flashes (and 10 beeps)
User action
MyLink+ has been
switched on and is
ready for use.
Switch the transmitter
on (e. g. EasyLink+).
Battery is almost empty
and needs to be charged
within one hour.
Charge MyLink+ and the
transmitter (e. g. EasyLink+)
as soon as possible. *
Battery is completely
exhausted. MyLink+
can no longer be used
without being charged
first. MyLink+ is switched
OFF automatically after
ten flashes.
Charge MyLink+ and the
transmitter (e. g. EasyLink+)
immediately. *
* To simplify handling, it is
recommended to always charge
MyLink+ and the transmitter
at the same time.
5. MyLink+ Status Indicator
MyLink+ Status Indicator
Charging indication
Green double flashes every 5 seconds
The green light is constantly visible
Volume indication
One orange flash (and a double beep)
One green flash
User action
MyLink+ is connected
to the charger and is
being charged.
Charging of a completely
exhausted battery takes
around two hours. The
battery will be about 80%
charged within one hour.
The MyLink+ battery is
fully charged.
Unplug the charger. The
green light disappears
and MyLink+ is ready for
use again.
The volume control toggle is in the maximum or the
minimum position.
The volume control is in the middle position.
6. How your MyLink+ works
Your partner wears a compact wireless transmitter,
such as EasyLink+. You wear MyLink+ around your neck,
visibly over the shirt or invisibly under the shirt.
The speaker wears
the transmitter
You wear MyLink+
The wireless transmitter picks up your partner’s voice
and instantly relays it to your MyLink+ by radio. The
MyLink+ transforms the signal and sends it directly
into your hearing instruments via wireless link. Even
in places where you are not satisfied with the performance of your hearing instrument alone, MyLink+ will
always provide you with a loud and clear speech
signal. Please consult the transmitter user guide for
a detailed description of all the applications.
7. Charging MyLink+
Step 1: Power socket
Fully charge the battery of the MyLink+ and the
transmitter before using the system for the first
time. An empty MyLink+ battery is:
80% charged after one hour
100% charged after two hours
Plug the charging unit into an easily accessible
power socket (fig. 1).
Fig. 1
Use original Phonak charging units only
7. Charging MyLink+
Step 2: Connector
Plug the connector from
the charger into the
MyLink+ charging socket
(fig. 2).
Fig. 2
With a fully charged battery, MyLink+ can be used
for 10 or more hours.
MyLink+ cannot be used if the charger is plugged in.
8. Getting started
Step 1: Detach the loop (fig. 1)
Fig. 1
Step 2: Hang MyLink+ around your neck and reattach
the loop (fig. 2)
Fig. 2
8. Getting started
Step 3: Switch MyLink+ ON
Fig. 3
Step 4: Wear MyLink+ visibly (fig. 4a) or invisibly
(fig. 4b)
Fig. 4a
Fig. 4b
Step 5: Switch the transmitter (e. g. EasyLink+) ON by
pressing the “ON” button for 2 seconds (fig. 5)
Fig. 5
Step 6: Switch your hearing instrument to ‘T’ or ‘MT’
If you wear an In-the-Ear hearing instrument (custom
product), your hearing care professional may have to
activate the T-coil.
9. Controlling the volume
Regulate the volume of MyLink+
Volume up
Volume down
Short button press: The volume will be increased /
decreased by one small step only.
Long button press: The volume will be increased /
decreased continuously until you stop pressing the
Once the preferred volume has been chosen, MyLink+
automatically stores this setting, even after it has been
switched off.
If the wirelessly transmitted signal is not strong
enough, increase the volume setting on MyLink+.
10. Attaching and using headphones
People who do not wear hearing instruments can use
MyLink+ with headphones. To benefit from maximum
hearing comfort, the use of the official MyLink+
headphones is recommended.
Step 1: Plug the headphones into
the headphones socket (fig. 1)
Fig. 1
Step 2: Switch MyLink+ ON (fig. 2)
Fig. 2
10. Attaching and using headphones
Step 3: Put the headphones on (fig. 3)
Fig. 3
The neck-loop is automatically switched off when
the headphones are attached to save battery power.
Use the volume control on MyLink+ to increase or
decrease the volume of the transmitted signal (see
page 22).
11. Operating distance
The operating distance is the distance between
EasyLink+ or any other Phonak transmitter and the
MyLink+ user.
Speaker using EasyLink+
MyLink+ user
The operating distance is typically more than
15 m (50 feet) inside and more than 40–50 m
(130–170 feet) outside.
Also check the user guide for the transmitter,
e. g. EasyLink+, to reach an optimum operating
High-power electronic equipment, larger electronic
installations, and metallic structures may affect
and significantly reduce the operating range.
12. Frequency synchronization
MyLink+ is a Dynamic FM receiver with digital frequency
synchronization which allows wireless frequency
change. There are mainly two reasons which could
make a frequency change necessary:
External interferences on the channel normally used
Check the user guide for the transmitter to change
the standard frequency of the transmitter and to synchronize MyLink+.
The need to pick up signals from another transmitter
(EasyLink+ or ZoomLink+)
Make sure the distance between the other transmitter
and MyLink+ is less than 20 cm (8 inches).
To synchronize MyLink+, switch the other transmitter
ON (or OFF and ON).
Speak into the other transmitter to check whether
speech is audible in the hearing instrument through
the MyLink+ receiver.
13. Troubleshooting
The green light is not visible when MyLink+
is switched on.
MyLink+ and the transmitter are switched
on but the speaker‘s voice is not audible.
Most probable cause
Battery completely
1. Fully charge MyLink+
and the transmitter
(see page 15).
2. If the green light is
still not visible when
MyLink+ is switched
on, please contact
your hearing care
1. Hearing instrument
not in ‘T’ or ‘MT’
2. MyLink+ and the
are not on the same
1. Make sure your hearing
instrument program is
‘T’ or ‘MT’.
2. Synchronize MyLink+
with the transmitter.
Check the user guide
of the transmitter.
If the speaker‘s voice is
still not audible, please
contact your hearing
care professional.
13. Troubleshooting
The transmitted speech signal is not clear.
High-power electronic equipment, larger electronic
installations, and metallic structures may affect and
significantly reduce the operating range.
Most probable cause
1. Distance between
the speaker and the
transmitter (e. g.
EasyLink+) is too far.
1. Reduce the distance
between the transmitter and the speaker.
2. Local interferences
2. a) Change the frequency
in the transmitter and
synchronize MyLink+
b) Increase the distance
to the electrical
appliances like fluorescent lights or TV
screens to minimize
interferences picked up
by the T-coil in the
hearing instruments.
Electromagnetic fields from other equipment may
create interference when the hearing instrument is
in the ‘T’ or ‘MT’ program.
14. Information and description
of symbols
With the CE symbol, Phonak indicates
that MyLink+ products and accessories
meet Directive 93/42/EEC concerning
Medical Devices.
This symbol indicates that MyLink+
products meet the requirements
of a Type BF component containing
EN 60601-1.
This symbol indicates that it is
important that the user refers to
associated warnings given in
this user guide.
The symbol with the crossed out
disposal bin indicates that this device
should not be treated as household
waste. Please hand over your old
or unused device to the applicable
collection point for the recycling
of electrical and electronic equipment
or bring your old hearing instrument
device to your hearing care professional
for appropriate disposal. By ensuring
this product is disposed of correctly,
you will help prevent potential
negative effects on the environment
and human health.
Operating conditions
This product has been designed for troublefree
operation without restrictions when used as intended,
unless otherwise stated in this user guide.
User instructions
MyLink+ is designed to work trouble-free under all
common climatic conditions.
Transportation and storage requirements
During transportation or storage, temperature should
not fall below –20° Celsius or exceed 60° Celsius
and relative humidity should not exceed 65%. Air
pressure between 500 and 1100 hPa is acceptable.
15. Declaration of conformity
Hereby, Phonak AG, declares that the MyLink+ is
in compliance with the essential requirements and
other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC
and Directive 93/42/EEC. To obtain a copy of the Declaration of conformity, please contact the local
Phonak AG representative whose address can be taken
from the list Phonak worldwide on the website This device complies with part 15
and part 95 of the FCC rules and with RSS 210 of
Industry Canada. Operation is subject to the following
two conditions: (1) This device does not cause
harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept
any interference received, including interference
that may cause undesired operation.
Warning: Changes or modifications made to this
equipment not expressly approved by Phonak may
void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
16. Service and warranty
Phonak offers you a comprehensive, worldwide
warranty, valid starting from the date of purchase.
Please ask your hearing care professional about
the term of the warranty valid in the country of
purchase. The warranty covers repairs in case of
processing and material errors.
No warranty claims will be considered if the hearing
system shows normal wear and tear, improper handling
or care, exposure to chemicals, immersion in water or
undue stress. In case of damage caused by third parties or
non-authorized service, the Phonak warranty is null and
void. This warranty does not cover services performed by
a hearing care professional at his or her workplace.
Serial number MyLink+:
Purchase date:
MyLinkPlus_guide-U/2010.05/A+W Printed in Switzerland
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