Web Procurement

Web Procurement
Click on the Reports tab, and then expand Requisitioning reports,
and select the report titled Requisition Status.
1. Click on the Reports tab, and then
expand Requisitioning reports, and
select the report titled Requisition
2. Click Search on the report that
opens, and all the requisitions you
have created will appear. You can
review their status. You can filter
using the top line, and clicking
Search. You can view the status
column and PO number.
In addition, when a purchase order has been created you will be
emailed the related pdf file.
When the goods or service has been delivered, you must complete
a GRN on the system. This is an ESSENTIAL step in the
procurement process, and can facilitate quicker payment to your
2. Enter your PO number, or click
the blue box to search for one.
If you are an approver, requisitions for your authorisation will
appear in your my Tasks area.
1. Requisitions requiring
your approval are listed
here, the title shows the
value range
2. The middle pane shows a list of
outstanding requisitions. You click on
each to view, and if happy click the
green approve button. If sufficient
funds are available, a PO is created and
the requisitioner is informed via email.
3. If you are rejecting a requisition,
you may enter a comment on the
right hand side of the screen. The
requisitioner will be notified and be
able to view the comment.
Finance | Purchasing | Budgets | Reports
Further information on University Financial policy and processes
can be found at the following web sites:
3. Enter the delivery date.
Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
4. The order lines are displayed,
enter the units you are receiving
1. In the Procurement Tab,
navigate to Purchase Orders,
and click Goods Receipt.
5. Click Receive Goods,
and then Save.
Agresso 5.5
Quick Guide
Research Accounting
Online Procurement
Now available off campus from any internet
connected computer
Click on the Procurement tab, and then in the
menu that appears in the top left hand pane
click on Requisitions, and Standard.
1.Select a supplier, click the blue
box to search, if you know the
number you can type it in.
In the right hand side, you must enter a supplier
and product. The description will be populated,
but you may overwrite it. All mandatory fields
are marked with a red asterix.
The system uses workflow to manage the
approval of requisitions. The following bands
have been implemented for Agresso 5.5 web
Complete the steps as outlined in the picture.
Anywhere you see the blue square on a field
€1 to €499: A requisition automatically converts
to a Purchase Order.
€500 to €9999: The requisition will be routed to
the Sub Acc owner for approval.
€10,000 to €49,999: The requisition will be
routed to the Budget holder for approval.
2. You can enter a
reference number here.
10. When you are complete,
click Save, the system will give
you a Requisition number
> €50,000: Requisitions greater than €50,000
will not be possible using online procurement
and must be managed manually.
3.Select a product, click the
blue box to search, or type in
the code if you know it
4. Complete the rest of the line:
you may overwrite the description;
enter unit, delivery date, quantity,
and price.
If you have failed to fill in any mandatory fields,
or have any erroneous data filled in, the system
will warn you with a red message when you try
to save to the requisition.
This new functionality was requested by the
university user community,
It should facilitate quicker payment for suppliers,
and build a platform to deliver efficiencies in
back office transaction processing.
In 5.4 where you entered P0 as a Tax Code for
non-Republic of Ireland purchase orders, you
now have the capability to add the correct code.
For example searching on Product for *comp*
will return everything with the word computer in
it, or Paper* will return everything starting with
Alternatively, if it is something like a product
code, account code or a tax code, that you
know, you may type it straight in.
The key point in using it effectively, is that any
user who completes a Requisition, must
complete the associated GRN when the goods
arrive, or the service is delivered.
you can click it to open a Search screen, where
you can search by name, wildcard, number, etc.
6. Confirm the
GL details
If you regularly enter similar
requisitions, click on the Tools menu,
and you can save a requisition as a
template, to reuse again.
5. Click Add to add the line to your
requisition. Repeat to add more lines.
7. Ensure you have
the correct Tax Code
9. To split a line across multiple cost centres, click
the Split Row button, enter the new cost centre,
and allocate a percentage to each. The
percentages must add up to 100%
8. You can add more text here,
against each line. It will appear
on the PO.
Each user should ensure they have used the
correct code, by checking the information
available on Tax Codes at:
Check out the online Agresso 5.5 resources which are available at www.nuigalway.ie/mis/agr55home.html
You can also contact the MIS HelpDesk at x 2116, and online at https://helpdesk.nuigalway.ie/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk
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