Section 9

Section 9
Monitoring the Program with a Data View
Monitoring the Program with a Data View
Creating a Data
With the program loaded in the PLC, you can now open a Data View window to
monitor and manipulate the status and data for the various elements of the program.
If you have programmed in other languages before, you may know this type of
window as a Watch Window. You can access this window by selecting Debug, then
Data View, and New.
The Data View window is useful when observed with your ladder logic screen while
in the Status ON Mode. To set this up, click on Window, then Tile. If you are using a
DL305 PLC, turn to Page 47 after opening the Data View Window shown below. All
other PLC users should continue to the next page.
Monitoring the Program with a Data View
Below the column labeled Element, type in C0 as the first element to be monitored.
The software will substitute the assigned nickname, Start Switch.
Adding Dynamic
Now you can setup the Data View window to easily change the status of the
observed elements. Notice in the tool bar at the top of the Data View window there is
C1? and C1=1 (with an hour glass). The C1? is active by default,however by
selecting the other button ,C1=1, the ON/OFF edit buttons will appear beside the
Click to access the
Edit buttons.
Monitoring the Program with a Data View
Now you can add the elements C1 (Output1), C2 (Output2), CTA0 (the counter
current value), and TA0 (the timer current value) to the Data View window. Notice
there are no ON/OFF edit buttons for the counter and timer values. This is because
you are observing V-memory data for these elements as compared to observing an
ON/OFF status.
Entering the
Run Mode
You are now ready to test the program. First, place the PLC in the RUN mode. Select
the “traffic light icon” of the on-line tool bar. Then, click on the Run mode and OK.
Alternately, you could have chosen PLC Modes from PLC of the main menu bar, and
then selected Run mode from the pop-up dialog box.
Click here to
change mode.
Monitoring the Program with a Data View
Observing the
To monitor the status of each element, you will need to place the software in the All
Status of Elements Status ON Mode. Select Debug, then All Status ON.
Using the Edit
Buttons to
Change Status
You can start the program by first clicking the edit button labeled ON for the Start
Switch (C0). This by itself does nothing. You will need to write a new status to the
PLC. The next step shows you how this is accomplished.
Click button to
change status of
Start Switch.
Monitoring the Program with a Data View
Writing Edits
to the PLC
To write the new status to the PLC, select the icon of the Data View (one arrow
pointing inward to the PLC).
Click here to write an
edit to your PLC.
A confirmation dialog will appear. It will ask if you want to write the edit (or edits) to the
PLC. Answer yes. The active elements will change color when they are in the ON
state. You will see the counter start. Now the program can be observed as it runs.
Click here to confirm
Timer starts incrementing
Switch turns ON
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