Variable Assessment Transducer

Variable Assessment Transducer
Application Note #186—Psychological Assessment using the TSD115
The ability to collect and display psychological responses via a self reporting mechanism can be
implemented using the TSD115 Psychological Assessment Transducer with the MP150 or MP100
System. The MP1XX System with AcqKnowledge provides considerable flexibility when performing these
kinds of measurements.
The following procedure illustrates how to perform a four channel Psychological Assessment Test using
the MP1XX System using:
1 x MP1X System
1 x HLT100C module
4 x TSD115 Psychological Assessment Transducers
Hardware Setup
1. Snap the HLT100C module on the left side of the UIM100C module.
2. Connect the MP System cables to the HLT100C
There are two cables (Analog and Digital) that are normally connected directly to the
UIM100C, but since the HLT100C snaps onto the left of the UIM100C, the cables need to
be connected to the HLT100C.
3. Plug the four TSD115 Psychological Assessment transducers to channels 1 through 4 on the
Any four channels could be used, but this application note assumes channels 1 through 4
are the ones chosen.
4. Turn the MP1XX unit ON.
Software Setup
1. Launch AcqKnowledge.
2. Select File > New Graph
a.) Confirm that the graph window displays a green status light in the lower right hand corner
to confirm that the MP unit is connected and ON.
3. Select MPXX > Set Up Acquisition and establish the settings.
Generally, a sampling rate of 10 Hz is more than adequate to record from the TSD115.
The following dialog illustrates a possible setup.
Acquisition Setup Dialog
4. Select MPXX > Set Up Channels.
5. Enable (click the box) the channels that the TSD115s are connected to (tehse corresposnd to the
HLT100C input channels).
Application Note 186
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Input Channels Setup Dialog
6. Click Scaling (Windows) or Setup (Mac) to generate the Scaling dialog for calibration.
Scaling Dialog Window Setup
7. Calibrate the transducer.
a.) Slide the horizontal indicator on the TSD115 all the way to the right and then click Cal1.
The TSD115 will report its highest output, a value close to +5.0 volts.
b.) Slide the horizontal indicator all the way to the left and then click Cal2.
The TSD115 will report its lowest output, a value close to 0.0 volts.
8. Repeat calibration for each TSD115 Assessment Transducer.
1. Click the Start button in the Graph window to
begin recording data.
2. Use the AcqKnowledge markers feature to
identify the points in time that certain events
take place during recording (questions asked,
slides shown, responses given, etc.).
The sample graph at right shows a measurement
which identifies the responses (on a scale from 0 to 9)
of the four clients to a particular question. In this case,
at 23.08 seconds into the recording, the responses to
question four were:
Client 1
Client 2
Client 3
Client 4
Application Note 186
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