User manual Bed table EN

User manual Bed table EN
Max: 20 kg/44 lbs
ReadyMove is used to assist transfer and repositioning in various situations. Common situations in which ReadyMove
can be used include transfers, raising from a seated position and repositioning higher up in bed. ReadyMove features
two different handle lengths to ensure a good working stance for the caregiver. The inside is made of an anti-slip material
that can be easily wiped clean with disinfectant.
ReadyMove is part of a series of different models of transfer assistive devices. The choice of model and material is determined by the patient’s functional capacity and the situations in which the product is to be used.
RoMedic’s products together form the SystemRoMedic concept, which takes a holistic approach to patient transfers.
SystemRoMedic has four categories of transfers: transfer, positioning, support and lifting.
Functional inspection
Visual inspection
Check the condition and function of the product regularly, and always after laundering. Check to ensure that the fabric is
not worn, damaged or bleached. If there are signs of wear, the product must be discarded.
Always read the instructions
Read instructions for all assistive devices used in connection with transfers.
To prevent discomfort, exercise care and caution when using the product.
Manual: 00823En Ver.2 091109
Functional testing of ReadyMove
Test the ReadyMove regularly by stepping on one handle and pulling hard on one of
the handles on the opposite side. Repeat the procedure until all of the handles have
been tested.
Using ReadyMove
For transfers between e.g., wheelchair and bed, a ReadyGlide/
EasyGlide should also be used, in some cases, even a ReadyBelt/
EasyBelt/FlexiBelt (1).
For raising, ReadyMove can be used to move the patient’s legs over
the side of the bed (2) and then as support behind the back/seat (4).
If the patient requires the assistance of two caregivers, one should
help with the legs and the other with the upper body (3). During the
actual raising operation, the caregivers stand on either side of the
patient and choose the handles that enable the best working stance
Higher up in bed:
To reposition the patient higher up in bed, ReadyMove is placed
under the seat (5). It may also be advisable to use a friction-reducing
device under the shoulders, for example, ReadySlide/EasySlide (6).
Care of the product:
Do not use rinsing agent. To
Read the product label.
ensure maximum material life, hang
dry or tumble dry on low heat.
Ready for life is a series of assistive devices that are designed to give users the best possible conditions for living an active
life on a daily basis. The products have been specially developed to meet the conditions for homecare and institutional
care settings. Ready for life offers the right quality, the right function and the right performance at the right price. The
transfer assistive products can be used either independently or as a complement to products in the SystemRoMedic
When in doubt, contact your RoMedic representative for product trials, advice or information.
If you require additional information, contact your transfer specialist or our representative, or visit Make
sure you always have the most recent version of the manual. Manuals are available for downloading from our website;
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