DC315NBS Spec 441kb pdf

DC315NBS Spec 441kb pdf
Series 3
Wireless plug-in doorbell with halo light,
USB charging and push button – White
Simple, reliable and hassle-free, the Honeywell DC315NBS
plug-in doorbell will never need new batteries. It comes with
Sleep mode so you can relax free from disturbance, while the
innovative Nightlight guides your way in the dark. It also
features USB charging, so you can still power your phone or
tablet without unplugging your doorbell.
Pack Contents:
1 x Wireless Plug-in Doorbell,1 x Wireless Push Button,1 x CR2032 (3V) Battery,1 x Quick Start Guide, 1 x Safety & Guarantee, 1 x
Declaration of Conformity,
Key Features and Benefits:
Never miss a visitor or delivery - Place your plug-in doorbell anywhere in your home, with Honeywell ActivLink™ technology
providing a reliable wireless range of up to 150m, while the maximum volume of 84dB can be heard up to 80m away.
Disturbance Free - With adjustable volume and innovative Sleep/Mute mode, which mutes the doorbell indefinitely, or for a
prescribed period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 hours, your family can relax free from disturbances during movie nights or nap times.
Visual Alerts - The innovative Halo Light and LED Strobe provide discreet but effective visual alerts which complement your chosen
melody in loud environments, or help to alert you when the doorbell can't be heard. Nightlight mode can also provide a soft,
comforting glow to guide your way in the dark.
Revolutionary design - Compact and beautifully designed in a harmonising palette of white and grey, our doorbells are designed
with your home in mind. This plug-in kit features USB charging, so you can still power your phone or tablet without unplugging your
Peace of mind - Peace of mind for visitors, thanks to a LED confidence light on the push button, and peace of mind for you, thanks to
the Secret Knock function which plays a different melody, so you know if it's a family member or friend at the door. For total peace of
mind, let Honeywell ActivLink™ interconnect your doorbell with Honeywell security accessories and Home Alarm Kits to build your
own bespoke home alert and alarm system.
Reliability and Quality - Honeywell ActivLink™, using the 868MHz frequency, is our innovative wireless protocol which delivers
greater range capability, extended battery life of up to 2 years, and improved connection reliability, all supported by our 2 year product
quality guarantee.
Compact size with rich sound - All Honeywell doorbells benefit from digitally enhanced, crystal clear sound that carries well
throughout the home and garden, packing market-leading sound quality into some deceptively small packages!
Easy To Install - All Honeywell doorbells come pre-linked and ready to install straight out of the box, with optional screw-free
installation and an easy open battery compartment so you can be set up in minutes. All this is backed up by our 2 year product
Wireless Plug-in Doorbell
Wall mounted option
Wireless Range (m)*
Range Extender
Audible Range (Volume)
80m (84dB)
Volume Control / Internal Siren / Sleep Mode and Mute
Visual Alerts
8 Colour Halo / LED Strobe / Nightlight
Power Specification
100-240V 50-60Hz 300mA
USB Charging
Up to 5V 2A DC
Dimensions (mm) / Weight (g)
110 (h) x 70 (w) x 64 (d) / 184 (g)
Wireless Push Button
Wall mounted option
Wireless Range (m)*
Low Battery Indicator
Push Button Design
Confidence Light
Battery Specification
1 x CR2032 (3V)
Battery Life (Years)
IP Rating
Name Plate
Dimensions (mm) / Weight (g)
30 (h) x 70 (w) x 16 (d) / 23.5 (g)
Brackets / Screws / Rawl Plugs
EAN Code
Pack Dimensions (mm) / Weight (g)
216 (h) x 150 (w) x 83 (d)
Standard Pack Quantity
* Measured in open field conditions, walls, ceilings and metal structures will reduce the maximum range.
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