G4 - FCV585/FCV620 Spread

G4 - FCV585/FCV620 Spread
After 33 years of awards, how
can our Fishfinders get any better?
main controls
Opens menus, escapes current operation,
moves cursor and saves set ting s.
range key
Opens display range set ting window.
mark key
Go Digital with Furuno and find out!
Records the position of an echo
a s a waypoint on a plot ter.
function key
Opens a user def ined func tion window.
gain control knob
Ea sy-grip knob allows user to change g ain
when in manual mode. Auto Cruising and
Auto Fishing Gain Modes av ailable.
mode control knob
Ea sy-grip knob allows user to change modes
from Navdata, Zoom, Low Frequenc y, Dual
Frequenc y and High Frequenc y.
FCV585 & FCV620 features include:
➤ 8/16/64 Color Echo Presentations
➤ New DSP Filter makes the picture clearer and easier to
discriminate between baitfish and larger target species
➤ Hands free adjustments of gain, clutter & output
power through digital filtering
➤ High output power of 600W on FCV620;
1kW or 600W on FCV585
➤ Selectable Auto Fishing or Cruising Modes
➤ Audio and visual alarms for water depth, fish echoes
and water temperature*
➤ Dual-Frequency 50/200 kHz
➤ Customized NAV data display*
➤ 8 Range Scales to 2,500 feet
➤ Wide variety of transducer options
*appropriate sensors required
NEW! FCV620 - 600W
Dual-Frequency 50/200 kHz
5.6˝ Sunlight Viewable LCD
NEW! FCV585 - 1kW or 600W
Dual-Frequency 50/200 kHz
8.4˝ Sunlight Viewable LCD
catch even more fish with our new dsp technology!
You’ve probably heard about digital fish finders, but aren’t quite sure what the difference is. The main difference is the
filtering capabilities and auto adjustments. Our new DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology adjusts the picture by
filtering out items that you don’t need to see, while enhancing the fish targets! But even the best digital filter won’t help
unless you start with a solid base, such as Furuno’s renowned fish finder technology. Anyone who knows fishing will tell
you that if you want the best fish finder, you need to go with Furuno. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!
The gimbal mount allows the display to swivel around when desktop mounted.
You can adjust the angle of the display so that the optimum viewing angle can be
easily achieved. When flush mounting, all that is needed is a 5” hole-saw to make
the cut-out for installation.
We are offering big savings on a variety of Furuno equipment.
See your dealer or visit us at www.Furuno.com for details.
The most trusted name in marine electronics!
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