Up-Lynx User Guide
Up-Lynx User Guide
Up-Lynx is a wall-mounted panel DMX512 to Ethernet converter. It converts two
universes of DMX512 into Art-Net Ethernet data.
Key Features include:
DMX routing by Ethernet
Connect up to 256 DMX Universes to one network
Two DMX512-A compatible inputs
10BaseT Ethernet Port
RDM (Remote Device Management Draft V1.0)
Power indicator
Data activity indicators
Art-Net Compatible
UK & US panels available
Input Voltage:
Dimensions: (W x H x D)
DMX Output Connections:
Network Connections:
Power Connection:
Isolation Ethernet Port:
Isolation Power Input:
Isolation DMX A/B:
35mA @ 48VDC
UK: 146 x 85 x 39mm, US: 162 x 114 x 41mm
Indoor use only
Total Isolation
Total Isolation
Common Ground
Power Supply Options: (order separately)
PSU Option
Number of Units
Power-Hub 4
3 (requires 1 x PSU-9-1.5-XLR4)
6 or 12 (requires 1 PSU for each block of 6)
6 or 12 (requires 1 PSU for each block of 6)
PSU units for above
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Up-Lynx is mounted in a standard wall panel.
The Ethernet connection is made via a latching Neutrik XLR-RJ45 connector.
This connector also accepts standard RJ45's.
The power input can be either from the Ethernet cable using the IEEE 802.3
standard, or from an external power supply.
The front panel provides two DMX512-A inputs. Each input is designed to
support the planned Remote Device Management Protocol (RDM).
Configuration is simplicity itself. The three rotary dials are used to select the
required DMX512 universe.
Ethernet Interface:
Connect to 10BaseT Ethernet Hub using Cat5 or better cable
Wiring Detail:
The following guide should be used if custom Cat5 cables are being used
RJ45 Wiring 1
Tx D1 +
Tx D1 Rx D2 +
Rx D2 Power
DMX Wiring:
The DMX512 is connected to the 5 pin XLR on the front panel. Cable connection is
as follows:
Pin 1
Pin 2
Pin 3
Pin 4
Pin 5
Protective ground
Data complement
Data true
Not used
Not used
Connect to cable screen
Connect to twisted pair wire
Connect to twisted pair wire
Device Operation:
Set the product address (usually zero)
Universe Select A/B: DMX512 universe number for A or B
NB: If all the indicators flash when a switch setting has been changed, the product
will have been locked by the network administration software.
POW: On when unit is powered. Flashing if hardware fault
DMX A/B: On when data is transmitted
COM: On when network data is active
Device Configuration:
Jumper Settings:
In normal operation, no configuration is necessary. In the event of a Network IP
address clash, four option jumpers are provided:
Connect to switch to the alternate 10.x.x.x network
Connect to invert the low byte of the IP address
Connect and cycle power to defeat all custom settings
Connect to disable RDM
Wheel Settings:
As the Up-Lynx can be programmed to operate on non-standard IP addresses, it is
sometimes useful to override these settings.
To do this, set all of the front panel wheels to the ‘F’ setting. Cycle the power. The
module will then respond on the standard Art-Net addresses as defined by JP4 &
JP6 above.
Power Requirements:
15VDC to 48VDC @ 200mW (RJ45)
9VDC to 48VDC @ 200mW (XLR)
Connection Options:
Powered Hub: Connect to IEEE802.3 compliant 10BaseT Hub. This will
provide device power via the Ethernet connector
Independent Power: Connect DC power as specified above to the 2 pin
Jaguar Connector located near the RJ45
The Art-Net Range:
Down-Lynx – A wall-mounted panel Ethernet to DMX512 converter. It
converts Art-Net Ethernet data into two universes of DMX512. (Available in
UK or US formats)
Up-Lynx – A wall-mounted panel DMX512 to Ethernet converter. It converts
two universes of DMX512 into Art-Net Ethernet data. (Available in UK or US
Net-Lynx O/P – A desktop Ethernet to DMX512 converter. It converts ArtNet Ethernet data into two universes of DMX512
Net-Lynx I/P – A desktop DMX512 to Ethernet converter. It converts two
universes of DMX512 into Art-Net Ethernet data
Ether-Lynx – A rack mounted Ethernet to DMX512 converter. It provides the
gateway for four DMX512 outputs and two DMX512 inputs over Art-Net
Tour-Lynx – A rack-mounted (2RU) Mid-Span Power Inserter for 10BaseT
Insta-Lynx – A rack-mounted (1RU) Mid-Span Power Inserter for 10BaseT
Power-Hub 4 – A four port ‘Power over Ethernet’ hub
Panel-Power 15 – A wall-mounted panel PSU for Down/Up-Lynx
Rock Solid Ethernet Book – A guide to the world of Ethernet Technology
DMX-Workshop – A free windows application that allows the user complete
control over an Art-Net network. Tools include:
o Data Monitor form
o Dynamic and Memory DMX512 transmit functions
o Scope, Max/Min, analysis functions
o Firmware upload to Art-Net and RDM devices
o RDM (Remote Device Management Draft V1.0)
o Network configuration including routing presets
o Download: http://www.artisticlicence.com/dwnart.htm
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