U8498305 [1017579]

U8498305 [1017579]
Table-Top Power Supply 1017579
Instruction sheet
03/14 Alf
1. Safety instructions
2. Description
The table-top power supply conforms to all
safety regulations for electrical measuring, control, monitoring and laboratory equipment, as
specified under DIN EN 61010, Section 1, and
the equipment has been designed to meet protection class I. It is intended for operation in a
dry environment, suitable for the operation of
electrical equipment and systems.
Safe operation of the equipment is guaranteed,
provided it is used correctly. However, there is
no guarantee of safety if the equipment is used
in an improper or careless manner.
If it may be assumed for any reason that nonhazardous operation will not be possible (e.g.
visible damage), the equipment should be
switched off immediately and secured against
any unintended use.
In schools and other educational institutions, the
operation of the power supply unit must be supervised by qualified personnel.
• Before using the power supply unit for the
first time, check the housing and the mains
lead for any damage. In the event of any
malfunction/operational defect or visible
damage, switch off the unit immediately and
secure it against unintended use.
• Do not cover the apparatus while it is in
The table-top power supply is designed to provide a DC voltage of 12 V and is designed for
AC mains networks of 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz. It is
enclosed in a shock-resistant plastic block and
equipped with a co-axial power connector. The
inner contact of the plug is connected to the
posi-tive. The output is short-circuit-proof.
3. Technical data
Mains voltage:
Output voltage:
Co-axial plug:
100 – 240 V, 1A, 50/60 Hz
DC 12 V, 4 A
10 mm x 5.5 mm diam. x
2.5 mm diam.
4. Disposal
Should you need to
dispose of the equipment itself, never throw
it away in normal domestic waste. Local
regulations for the disposal
equipment will apply.
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