Barco DP2K-15C Product Sheet

Barco DP2K-15C Product Sheet
DP2K C-series
Compact DLP Cinema® projectors
Key benefits
• Based on Barco’s proven compact
platform featuring the 0.98” DLP
Cinema® chip
• Budget-friendly solution with minimal
cost of ownership thanks to low lamp
operating cost, re-usable filters, low
maintenance, etc.
• Maximum ease-of-use through
intuitive user interface
• Long-term image quality and
brightness thanks to Barco proprietary
sealed engine and advanced DMD
• Easy installation and maintenance
thanks to proven modular design and
common platform with DP2K B-series
• Next-generation electronics ready for
DLP Cinema® Enhanced 4K*
Building on many years’ experience in digital cinema, Barco has developed a new
generation of modular cinema projectors: the DP2K series.
For small and mid-size movie theaters, Barco created a dedicated family of compact
DP2K C-series projectors, based on Texas Instruments’ proven 0.98” DLP Cinema® chip.
The C-series combine the renowned image quality and easy-to-use modular design of
a Barco projector in a budget-friendly, compact form factor.
Compact footprint, budget-friendly solutions
The Barco DP2K-12C is ideal for screens up to 12m, whereas the DP2K-15C is the
perfect companion for screens up to 15m. Flagship of the C-series is the DP2K-20C,
which creates an intense movie experience on screens up to 20m wide. All three
projectors are perfectly suited for high-quality 3D cinema.
*dependent on availability of DLP Cinema® enhanced 4K 0.98” DMD from Texas Instruments
DP2K C-series specifications
Digital Micro Mirror devices
3 x 0.98”” DC2K dark metal devices
Native resolution
2,048 x 1,080 pixels
hermetically sealed DMD’s and optical assembly
Lamp power
1.5kW - 2kW
1.5kW - 3kW
1.5kW - 4kW
Light output
9,500 lumens
14,500 lumens
18,000 lumens
Screen width (screen gain 1:8) @ 14ftl*
Screen width (screen gain 1:4) @ 14ftl*
Screen width (screen gain 1:2) @ 14ftl*
up to 20m - 65ft
up to 15m - 50ft
up to 12m - 40ft
(*) = + 10% variation possible between units
Contrast ratio
Digital video inputs
2 x SMPTE 292M inputs
2 x DVI input
both selectable as single and dual link
Prime lenses
1.2 - 1.8
1.4 - 2.05
1.6 - 2.5
1.95 - 3.2
2.4 - 3.9
Projector diagnostics
via PC touch panel
via Communicator control software
via SNMP agent
Power requirements
Dimensions (projector head)
558(H) x 694(W) x 1034(D) mm - 22.0(H) x 27.3(W) x 40.7(D) inch
NB.: min. 5 cm of air inlet spacing required at the bottom of projector
100 kg (220lbs)
Max. ambient temperature
35°C / 95°F
Exhaust airflow
235 CFM
Standard features
CLO (Constant Light Output)
Powerful SNMP agent
Motorized/memorized lenses (focus, zoom & shift)
HDCP support
Full 2K triple flash 3D
Auto lamp alignment
3D add-ons
Touch panel
Order information
102 kg (225lbs)
102 kg (225 lbs)
Pres. Kennedypark 35, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium
T +32 56 36 80 47 - F +32 56 36 83 86
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