Plaquette MS
Long Range Scanner
Quality performance
The MS320 is a scanner that matches a laser scanner in performance
by incorporating aggressive long range CCD scanning technology.
Besides supporting most common one dimensional barcodes the
MS320 also supports a two dimensional barcode, PDF417. This barcode
is selected for applications in areas such as the automotive industry
for key applications as shipping, product evidence, quality conveyance,
production broadcast, configuration management and material safety
data sheets. Both contact and wide reading enables the worker to read
labels up to 25 cm.
Incorporating special ergonomics
Unitech’s MS320 is convenient to handle by any worker weighing
only 187 grams. The pistol grip design and anti-scud material make
the MS320 fit like a glove. Operations behind the counter in stores or
in factory are performed without interruptions. Still, if the scanner is
accidentally dropped, it will not break down easily because of the 1.5
meter drop test threshold. Overall, with the MS320 businesses can
control the total cost of ownership of their investment.
Valuable extensions
To further enhance the efficiency of you operations, the MS320 can be
extended with an adjustable hands free stand for automated operation. This provides the flexibility to use the MS320 as a presentation
scanner. It makes the MS320 ideal for use in the point of sale,
office automation and document tracking applications. Cables can
be changed easily in case of damage which minimizes downtime.
Setting and upgrading of the scanner is straightforward with the
utility software and flash ROM. MS320 therefore can be used very
quickly after purchase.
Main Features
• Supports most common 1D barcodes and the 2D barcode PDF417
• Robust design withstanding 1.5m drops to concrete floor
• Anti-scud material
• Optional hands free stand for automatic scanning
• Contact and wide reading enables reading up to 25 cm DOF and up
to 12 cm wide
• Interchangeable plug-in design
• Setting the scanner via quick set-up or barcode manual through PC
by scan utility software (RS232-cable required)
• Flash-ROM for easy post-purchase software upgrades via RS232
interface design
• Flexible connectivity via auto discriminating interface design
Operational & Performance
Software support
2048 pixel CCD
Light Source
IndicatorGreen LED
Dept of field
Width of field
Print Contrast
Scan rate
View Angle
Decode Capability
Configuration manager
0.1 mm Code 39, PCS 90%
0 - 300 mm
150 mm
30% >
300 scans/sec
60˚ (front), 60˚ (rear), 75˚ (Yaw)
1D/ GS1 Databar / PDF 417
Scanner dimension
Scanner weight
3 years
Regulatory approvals
Keyboard wedge, RS232, USB
Keybord wedge cable
RS232 cable
HID-USB cable
Handsfree stand
Universal power adapter for RS232 cable
187mm x 101 mm x 78mm
Operating temperature 0˚C to 45˚C
Storage temperature -40˚C to 60˚C
0% - 90% relative humidity
Drop test to Concrete 1.5 meter
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