Manual 8452282

Manual 8452282
The extra large
small car
The all-new Suzuki Celerio is the small car full of things you expect in a large car. It’s light, agile
and economical enough to be a great, quick city runabout, but boasts the interior design, modern
features and storage capacity to be so much more. Loaded with Suzuki small-car know-how,
the Celerio is perfectly suited to the urban environment.
Fog lights and alloy wheels available as optional extras.
Extra roomy
Seating four adults comfortably, the cabin of the Celerio has been designed to maximise interior
space and comfort. It has ample head and legroom so whether you’re taking an extra passenger
or just taking in your surroundings, the Celerio has the space you need.
Extra refinement
The spacious cabin of the Celerio is complemented by an intelligent design that puts everything
within easy reach. Its just-right seat height means getting in and out with ease, which is made even
simpler with remote keyless entry. The Celerio also comes with a range of standard features like air
conditioning and a Bluetooth® audio system, all designed to make your drive as fun as it is easy.
Easy to read instrument panel
Audio system with Bluetooth®
Air conditioning is standard
Tilt-adjustable steering wheel
Rear seat raised
Measured using the German Association
of Automotive Industry (VDA) method.
Massive Luggage Space
Rear seat split folded
1,184 mm
574 mm
The Celerio offers more than
enough luggage capacity to
fit your lifestyle, including
convenient hooks for holding
shopping bags in place. With
rear seats offering a variety
of configurations, you can fit
large and odd shaped cargo.
602 mm
Rear seat folded
Shopping bag hook
Lots of storage for more
Extra space
Glove box
Driver’s side compartment
Centre-lower box
Front door pockets
Rear door pockets
Front cup holders
Rear cup holder
Sun visor with vanity mirror
and ticket holder (driver’s side)
With the Celerio having a huge 254L of storage space you no longer have to leave anything behind,
except your idea of what a small car is. And, because we know there’s no such thing as an ‘average’
load, the rear seats can be folded into a variety of configurations so you can make the most of that
storage space.
K10B Engine
Extra mileage
The K10B 1.0 litre petrol engine is the perfect mix of power and efficiency.
Not only do you get to enjoy the quick, spirited drive thanks to weightreducing innovations of the engine, mounts, radiator and fuel tank, you
receive better overall fuel performance.
Continuously Variable Transmission
The CVT incorporates an auxiliary gearbox
that increases gear ratio range for a good
balance between acceleration performance
from a standing start and fuel efficiency at
high speeds.
New 5-speed Manual Transmission
A new 5-speed manual transmission
provides comfort in traffic and smooth
acceleration through all five gears.
Numerous innovations help save fuel by
minimising torque loss.
Thanks to computer-aided engineering systems and wind tunnel testing,
the exterior line and underfloor airflow are optimised.
Filling up your Celerio doesn’t mean emptying your wallet. The 1.0 litre petrol engine means you’ll only
go through 4.7L of fuel per 100km*, and fuel economy is further enhanced through its aerodynamic design.
The Celerio is available in two transmissions, an automatic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
and a 5 speed manual transmission that helps save fuel by minimising torque loss.
Fog lights and alloy wheels available as optional extras.
*ADR 81/02 results.
Sit tall and admire the view
A high seating position and large windows offer excellent visibility,
especially helpful when driving in crowded city streets.
Compact dimensions
Small on the outside, yet large on the inside. The Celerio’s easy-to-handle
compact dimensions also provide plenty of interior space.
Minimum turning radius
4.7 m
The Celerio’s compact turning radius
makes navigating even tight city
streets effortless.
Newly developed front
and rear suspension
The suspension has been designed
with ride comfort and handling
in mind. Beyond achieving great
performance, the Celerio also
incorporates weight and spacesaving innovations.
Extra easy
Whether it’s a quick run to the shops or helping a friend move house, the Celerio is perfect for the task.
At only 3.6m long and with a 4.7m turning circle, it can negotiate tight streets and fit into spaces the
others can’t. And because you sit higher than most, spotting those spaces becomes that bit easier as well.
Fog lights and alloy wheels available as optional extras.
alloy wheels*
14-inch steel wheels
with full wheel cap
Wheels and Tyres
Enhancements to pedal ratio
and booster properties optimise
pedal force for smooth braking,
while innovative weight-reduction
measures contribute to fuel saving.
14-inch alloy wheels* give the
vehicle a ground-hugging look,
while 14-inch steel wheels with full
wheel cap smooth the airflow along
the side of the body. All wheels are
equipped with low rolling resistance
tyres, these achieve improved fuel
efficiency without sacrificing grip,
wear life or stopping distance.
*Available as optional extra.
Suzuki Genuine
Extra peace of mind
The Celerio is a small car that takes an extra large approach to safety. The impressive list of features
includes 6 airbags, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Suzuki’s Total Effective Control Technology
(TECT). Plus, the Celerio has advanced braking technology such as ABS with EBD and BA, making the
Celerio as safe to drive, as it is fun.
Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
The Celerio contains six
airbags which include
dual front, side and
curtain airbags. These
minimise the impact to
driver and passengers in
the event of a collision.
In an emergency braking situation, an Anti-lock Brake
System (ABS) keeps tyres from locking up and adds
stability to evasive manoeuvres. In addition, Electronic
Brake force Distribution (EBD) helps maintain control by
sending the optimum amount of force to the front and
rear wheels.
Brakes applied
With ABS
Electronic Stability Control
Front under spoiler
Give your Celerio an imposing road
presence and a sporty European feel with
this stylish front under spoiler.
Side under spoiler
Side under spoilers add an exciting, roadhugging look to the Celerio side profile.
Rear under spoiler
Create that unforgettable profile by
adding the rear under spoiler to the
underside of the rear bumper.
Roof edge spoiler
Give your Celerio that sporty, racinginspired style.
Mud flap set
Protect your Celerio from road debris with
a set of 4 moulded, rigid mud flaps.
Fog lamp kit
DRL kit
Carpet floor mat set
Front seat covers
Rear seat covers
Without ABS
Increase the visibility and safety of your
Celerio (DRL not shown).
5 piece floor mat set featuring Celerio
logo. Includes pair of driver’s side locking
Slimline weathershields 990AA-00224-001/002
Side body moulding
Keep out the wind and rain with durable
window visors. Available for front or rear.
Protect your paintwork from marks and
dents with this set of four durable black
body side mouldings.
Assists you in accurately judging your
vehicle’s distance to obstacles when
parking or reversing.
Cargo tray
Cargo mat
Roof racks
Fabric covers to protect your seats.
ABS is a device that assists the driver during braking. It does not eliminate the need to
drive safely, for example by slowing down when approaching a corner.
High-rigidity, Low-weight Body
Making effective use of high-tensile materials, Suzuki Total
Effective Control Technology (TECT) realises a high-rigidity,
low-weight body that improves collision safety.
The Celerio is equipped with Electronic Stability Control
(ESC) technology. This advanced safety feature helps the
driver maintain control of the vehicle.
ESC is a computer-controlled technology which uses
in-built sensors to automatically apply braking to
individual wheels and modulates engine power to help
restore correct road alignment as soon as any loss of
vehicle control is detected.
Bonnet protector
990AA-00324-001 /SMK
Avoid damage to your front end with this
custom-fit bonnet protector. Available in
Smoke or Clear.
Reverse parking aid
Bumper protection
Protects your bumper loading edge
from scratches.
Fog lights and alloy wheels available as optional extras.
Keep your interior boot area clean with
this lightweight all-weather luggage tray.
High quality carpet mat with Celerio logo
to protect your luggage.
Carry a bike or set of skis (up to 25kg)
with easy-to-install lockable roof racks.
Suzuki has built a reputation for engineering innovation. Whether it’s high performance cars, motorcycles or
marine engines, Suzuki is constantly evolving to meet our drivers’ changing demands. We pride ourselves on
building stylish, versatile vehicles that live up to the Suzuki stamp of quality, originality and reliability.
The new Swift is a shining example of this philosophy.
All care is taken to ensure the accuracy of this brochure at the time of publication approval. Specifications, features,
prices and model availability may vary from state to state and may change without notice. Always consult your authorised
Suzuki Dealer or refer to for the latest details on all models. SUZUKI will not be held liable for any
loss as a result of reliance on the content of this brochure, whether in negligence or otherwise. Vehicles are shown
for illustrative purposes only and may not depict exact Australian specifications. Published January 2015. TSPSUZ1950D
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