Datasheet SQ 20
diesel generator
SQ 20
20 kW
1.500 rpm
Superior power systems
for recreational and commercial craft
air is needed for cooling, so the sets
can be stowed away in the smallest
of places. Almost all models are fitted
with an electronic governor which
results in an extremely stable output
voltage and frequency. All WhisperPower models are supplied with Digital
Diesel Controls (DDC) power system
management, offering easy to understand information on operational
status. Interfaces are available for bus connectivity including NMEA 2000.
WhisperPower is the leading European manufacturer
of “smart” power systems.
The comprehensive range of diesel generator systems, utilizing inverter
technology and advanced power management, has been used for over
15 years by many yacht builders, commercial shipbuilders, vehicle
manufacturers and various other markets throughout the world.
Six 1500 rpm models, three 3000 models and a new generation
of variable speed GENVERTER models coming up.
WhisperPower integrates marinized Mitsubshi and Kubota engines
to operate in the marine environment. For the one cylinder M-SC 3.5
a marinized industrial Kubota engine is used while the GENVERTER
one cylinder models operate with WhisperPower designed engines.
All standard WhisperPower products can be delivered immediately from
inventory and our flexible manufacturing techniques allow for a timely
fulfillment of customized units demands.
Main characteristics of WhisperPower systems:
Compact, electronically controlled, ease of operation. The systems are
supplied with metalic or polyester sound shield, ready to install, with all
connections pre-fabricated. WhisperPower exhaust kits, fuel kits, water
inlets kits and various other key installation components are supplied
as optional kits and are available from stock. The extended range of
generator sets includes models from 3.5 KW for basic comfort to 30 KW
“full comfort” power rating.
We make the product the way you want it:
• WhisperPower sets with dry exhaust. (for vessels operating in
shallow waters or inland waterways)
• WhisperPower sets with PTO (Power Take Off) for installation of
a hydraulic pump, mounted to the generator end to provide up
to 25KW of hydraulic power to operate hydraulic equipment.
• WhisperPower sets can be manufactured with isolated ground for use on aluminum vessels.
WhisperPower produces three main product series:
The Super Compact 3000 rpm range of diesel generators up to 10 KW,
the Super Quiet line of 1500 rpm sets from 5.7 kW up to 30 kW and the
new GENVERTER range of variable speed inverter integrated products.
The GV 4 Basic (3.8.kW) and 7i (7 kW) are now available for 230 V 50 Hz
Technology used for the 3000 & 1500 RPM models: synchronous alternator technology, all single phase back ends are water cooled, hardly any
Complete installation kits
• We offer complete installation kits of the highest quality: non-flammable water exhaust separators and waterlocks (Delta exhaust parts/ ABYC compliant), rubber hoses, fuel kit with fuel/water separators, anti-siphon kits, starter battery kit, etc.
• We are able to supply our systems with specific certifications like Lloyds, GL or ABS.
• All our models are available for 60 Hz use as well.
SQ 20
Technical Data
diesel generator
Art. No. 41101205 s ma rt e n e rg y s o lu t io n s
Specifications M-SQ 20w-SQ 20
Marine* Mobile/Land*
Nominal power
20 kW at 1.500 rpm
230V / 87A
230V / 87A
Output frequency
50 Hz
50 Hz
Power factor / cos phi 1
Voltage tolerance
± 2%
± 2%
Frequency tolerance (Hz)
± 3%
± 3%
Voltage regulation
Starter battery 12 V
12 V
Battery charge current alternator 50A
alternator 50A
air-cooled, no brushes, synchronous
Sound level
58 dBa
58 dBa
Dimensions (l x w x h) incl. sound sheeld 1260 x 680
x 800 mm
1260 x 680
x 800 mm
Dry weight
580 Kg
580 Kg
Location oil refill cap
Max. operation angle (all directions) 25º
DELTA Water/gas separator kit
consisting of: Water/gas separator with
unique rotating connections, through-hull
fitting, hoses, hose clamps and seacock
Dry / Wet exhaust pipe Ø 63 mm
Ø 2.5 inch water cooled Ø 2 inch bsp
inner thread
inner thread
Material / Color sheet metal / RAL 9003
Temperature range operational
-20º to 40º
Protection degree
Engine compartment IP44,
Electronic compartment IP23
Relative humidity
Max. 95% relative humidity,
none condensing
Remote control
Digital Diesel Control Digital Diesel Control
Engine model (Mitsubishi)
Number of cylinders
Bore & stroke
4 x 94 x 120 mm
4 x 94 x 120 mm
Cylinder capacity
3.331 CC
3.331 CC
Air consumption 2.8 m /min
2.8 m /min
2.8 m /min
Engine cooling
Inter cooling
Inter cooling
Fuel consumption (no load-full load) 1-8 l/hour
DELTA Exhaust kit
consisting of: Exhaust silencer/waterlock
muffler with unique rotating connections,
through-hull fitting, hoses and hose clamps
Dry exhaust kit
There are specific situations where the
implementation of a Dry Exhaust kit is a
good alternative contains two silencers:
an absorption and a resonance muffler
including fitting material
-20º to 40º
Specifications diesel engine
Water inlet kit
consisting of: Water strainer, hoses, hose
clamps, through-hull fitting and seacock
20 kW
at 1.500 rpm
Nominal voltage
20 kW
1.500 rpm
1-8 l/hour
* Also available in 3Phase
Water inlet Kit
Anti syphon Kit
DELTA exhaust Kit
DELTA water exhaust seperator Kit
Fuel supply Kit
Art. No.
Digital Diesel Control:
Each WhisperPower generator comes
standard with the Digital Diesel Control
power system management. This
remote panel has a one touch start/stop
facility and provides complete diagnostics and performance data.
Digital Diesel Control continuously monitors vital functions, including frequency,
Radiator cooler Kit
Dry exhaust Kit
Art. No.
Spare Part Kits
Maintenance Kit A
Maintenance Kit B
Art. No.
AC voltage and engine components,
such as oil pressure, exhaust temperature, cooling water temperature and
starter battery voltage. Maintenance
schedules are alerted per settings.
Visual and audible warnings alert
you the instance something is wrong
and the safety shut-downs will protect
the generator.
Load information
at a glance
Select: your access
to various menus
WhisperPower BV Kelvinlaan 82, 9207 JB Drachten, The Netherlands,
Tel: +31 (0) 512 571 550, Fax: +31 (0) 512 571 599,,
Green LEDs displays the
status for nominal
capacity (five-step scale
to 100%). Overload is
signaled by a red light and
the generator will shutdown.
One-touch startand stop buttons
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