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a brochure.
Australian made and exported to the world
CoolBreeze… Feels good
CoolBreeze premium quality evaporative air-conditioners are designed
and manufactured right here in Australia specifically for Australian conditions.
The many unique features built into CoolBreeze mean no other brand comes
close to its cooling performance and energy efficiency.
However the first decision you need to make is what type of air-conditioning
you will have in your home. There are basically two choices, evaporative or
reverse cycle (also known as refrigerated) air-conditioning.
Four good reasons to choose evaporative air-conditioning
Save money – lots of
It’s the healthy choice
100% cool, fresh, filtered
air throughout your home
means the whole family
can sleep easy.
The natural principle used
to cool the air means it is
not dried out like reverse
cycle air so no waking
up with a dry nose or
sore throat.
Free flowing air through
open doors and windows
suits our Aussie indoor
outdoor lifestyle.
No ozone damaging
refrigerant gas or power
hungry compressor motor
means significantly less
energy consumed, a
much lower environmental
impact and smaller
carbon footprint.
Purchase and installation
cost is usually around
half that of a comparable
reverse cycle air
conditioning system.
Plus you can save around
80% on running costs
compared to a reverse
cycle system.
Four good reasons to choose CoolBreeze
Superior efficiency
Superior cooling
Its super-efficient Direct-Drive
motor and unique PowerFlow
fan makes it the most efficient
evaporative air-conditioner
available today meaning
even lower running costs,
more cooling and
super-quiet operation.
Its high efficiency CoolCel
filters deliver superior cooling
Fresh clean air every day –
maintenance free
Unique exhaust
Its ingenious water
management system and
auto clean cycle means
100% fresh, clean, filtered
air throughout your home
every day with no seasonal
maintenance required.
Its unique exhaust function
means cooking odours, smoke
or stale air can be removed
from anywhere in your
home within minutes at
the push of a button.
Feels good… saving money
Costs - The facts speak for themselves.
The first big differences you will notice when considering the options for air
conditioning your home are the costs. Evaporative cooling is much cheaper to buy
and operate than a reverse cycle system.
Why? Well because an evaporative cooling system uses the natural cooling principle
of wind across water, so it just doesn’t need to do as much ‘work’ as a reverse cycle
system which compresses refrigerant gas into a liquid and ‘squeezes’ the heat out.
So it costs less to manufacture and much less to run.
We have demonstrated these differences below using publicly
available data to compare the Australian-made CoolBreeze with
a popular reverse cycle ‘inverter‘ system.
10kw Daikin reverse cycle
air conditioning system
ducted to 8 outlets
10.2kw CoolBreeze
evaporative air conditioning
system ducted to 8 outlets
Average purchase and
installation cost in a typical
Australian capital city home
Summer running cost
Models used in comparison are Daikin FDYQ100L/RZQ100KC and CoolBreeze D125. Summer running costs based on information
provided on www.sustainability.vic.gov.au website and calculated at 120 days @ 12 hours per day. Units operating at 60% duty cycle.
Feels good …naturally
How does it work?
CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning cools your home using the
same natural cooling principle you experience in a forest or by the sea.
Fresh outside air is drawn through water-saturated filter panels which cool
the air through evaporation, just as a sea breeze provides cool relief on a hot day.
This method has the added benefit of also filtering out air-borne dust and pollen
ensuring cool fresh air throughout the home.
This continuous flow of cool, fresh filtered air is then gently circulated through your
home and expelled out through open windows or doors, not only creating a cool and
comfortable environment but also eliminating stale air, smoke and cooking odours.
It is a simple, natural and healthy process that operates quietly using
very little power while providing many benefits.
Health Tip
By contrast a reverse cycle air conditioner needs the home to be closed up in order to work.
It recirculates the air in your home through a ‘radiator’ coil cooling it a little more on each pass.
While this provides temperature control the air in the home can become stale and it also has the
unfortunate effect of drying the air which many people find uncomfortable or irritating to their
sinuses, eyes or throat.
Feels good… providing a
healthy home for your family
Whole home cooling,
no need for zoning
Graphic or pic: Whole of home
showing air flow
Because your CoolBreeze uses so little electricity
there is no need to close off or ‘zone’ your home
as is common with reverse cycle systems, so the
kids can sleep easy at one end of the house
while you are entertaining at the other.
Or child sleeping
Open doors and windows better
suited to our Aussie summer lifestyle
Being a 100% fresh air cooling system
your CoolBreeze works best with doors or
windows open which better suits our Aussie
lifestyle than having the home closed up as is
necessary with reverse cycle.
Ideal for hay fever sufferers, children and the elderly
Fresh, naturally cooled air is much healthier for
the whole family. Even the Asthma Foundation
recommends air-conditioning that supplies
fresh filtered air rather than recirculated.
Poor indoor air quality is a leading cause of
Sick Building Syndrome*. However constantly
replenishing the air in the home with fresh,
filtered air alleviates any concerns.
*US Environmental Protection Agency
Indoor plants will thrive in your
CoolBreeze natural, fresh air conditioning
Seeing your indoor plants thrive is a clear
demonstration of the benefits of using
nature’s own cooling method in your home.
Your pets will thrive too (and the exhaust
mode is handy to eradicate pet odours).
Feels good …
caring for our environment
Because the CoolBreeze evaporative air-conditioner employs a natural cooling
principle it has a significantly lower impact on our environment.
Low carbon footprint
Clever design and smart
manufacturing processes mean
less material and energy is
used in the production of each
CoolBreeze unit resulting in a
carbon footprint that is a small
fraction of a comparable
reverse cycle system.
Low greenhouse gas emissions
and zero ozone depleting gases
CoolBreeze has no nasty
refrigerant gases or energy
guzzling compressor which
means it consumes around
80% less electricity than
a reverse cycle system
and contributes less to
greenhouse gas
CoolBreeze... The high performer
packed with smart features
CoolBreeze units are built using superior, industry leading technology to give you a
better performing and longer lasting product.
Durable Polymer Cabinet
Strong, long lasting Luran-S
Polymer construction means
very quiet operation and
UV stability in even the most
extreme Australian conditions so
your Cool Breeze will maintain
its colour and appearance for
many years to come.
Direct-drive Motor
Its high capacity, energy
efficient motor with direct-drive
technology means no belts or
pulleys to adjust, lower running
cost, superior airflows and
quieter operation.
Magna Sensor
Water Management
Load Sensor
Magnetic Field
Powerful Magnet
Its ingenious, fully automated,
fail-safe water management
system requires no maintenance
at all.
Unique Auto-drain Valve
The counter-weight drain valve
automatically empties the unit
after each use which ensures
there can be no build up of
mineral residue. It is always
fresh and clean for its next start
up ensuring fresh clean air
every time, guaranteed.
Unique Powerflow Fan
Auto Clean Cycle
The heart of the CoolBreeze is
the very latest in fan technology
which tests have proven
delivers more air, while using
less energy, and operating
more quietly than drum-type
fans. The ‘golf-ball’ like dimples
on the fan blade deliver
maximum airflow efficiency
while making the fan one of the
quietest in Australia.
Your CoolBreeze unit
automatically cycles through
a pre-cool wash, end-of-cycle
rinse and daily flush with
fresh water which prolongs
the system life, keeps the
unit fresh and clean, reduces
maintenance and ensures
maximum cooling efficiency.
More choice, more control
Take control with your choice of controller. Choose from the
easy-to-use QM or the more sophisticated QA controller
which automatically adjusts air-flow or turns the unit off if the
temperature drops during the night. The automatic timer allows
you to come home to a cool house or have the unit turn itself off
after everyone is asleep.
Controller Controller
Touch Pad / LED Display
Cool / Fan Only Mode
Exhaust Mode
After-Use Drain
Auto Clean Cycle
Pre-Start Wash
10 Speed Fan
100 Speed Fan
Auto Temp Mode
Auto Timer / Sleep Mode
Bushfire Mode
Design styles
Classic Heritage Style
Low Profile Cascade
Other Brands
Litre/Sec @ 60Pa
Motor Size
Airflow tested in accordance with ISO5801: Fan
Performance Testing Utilising Standardised Airways.
KW capacities calculated according to AS2913-2000
under standardised conditions; inlet dry bulb temp 38o,
inlet wet bulb temp 21o and comfort dry bulb temp 27.4o.
Calculations based on air flow test as per CSIRO report
00/228 and Saturation Efficiency test as per CSIRO
report 90/16m.
AirGroup Australia pursues a policy of continuous
development and therefore reserves the right to make product
changes without notice.
Evaporative air-conditioning cooling performance reduces
during high humidity. Installation and commissioning to
manufacturer’s specifications, industry standards and State
regulations is the responsibility of the installer.
Pictures for illustration purposes only.
This brochure is intended to provide general information only.
Always refer to your quotation for specific details of products.
Optional extras
Security Exhaust Vent
If you prefer not to operate your system with windows or doors open, there is the
QuietFlo Security Exhaust Vent. This allows the escaping air to vent into the roof space
rather than through the windows which has the added benefit of providing additional
insulation as it cools the air inside the roof cavity.
4-Seasons Automatic Weather Seal
This simple device exclusive to CoolBreeze can be fitted invisibly into your system.
It automatically closes when the system is turned off to prevent any drafts or heat
loss during winter.
Ember Guard
Bushfire Ember Guards and Safety Mode
If you live in a bushfire danger zone ask your CoolBreeze dealer about our bushfire safety
options that comply with Australian Standard AS3959, including ‘pump only’ mode to
keep water circulating over the filter panels without the fan running. Ember Guards
fitted to the filter panels provide protection against the ingress of burning embers.
Authorised Dealer Network
Choosing your dealer is as important as choosing your air-conditioner. All CoolBreeze
Authorised Dealers have been assessed for their technical expertise, design knowledge,
installation methods and commitment to professional standards of service.
Your Authorised CoolBreeze Dealer has also been trained in the use of the CoolBreeze Approved COMCOOL engineered
selection procedure so you can be confident that the correct unit has been recommended to provide optimal cooling to your home.
CoolBreeze guarantees the performance of your air-conditioning system designed and installed by a CoolBreeze Authorised Dealer
(see COMCOOL Performance Guarantee for details).
Years on Labour
Years on Parts*
Years Polymer Casing
3 years on all labour.
5 years on all
working parts.
(*Excludes filter pads)
Cabinet Warranty on Polymer
Cabinet & Lifetime against corrosion.
Nothing tells you more about a manufacturer’s confidence in their own product
than the warranty they offer. CoolBreeze, manufacturer of high-quality evaporative
air-conditioning systems, offers a full 5 year warranty on all air-conditioner parts
and 3 year warranty on labour.
The Luran-S polymer cabinet is covered by a 10 year structural warranty plus
a lifetime guarantee against corrosion. See warranty form for full details.
Optional Extended Warranty
CoolBreeze 5 + 5 + 10 Gold Extended Warranty
Ask your dealer about the CoolBreeze 5 + 5 + 10 Gold Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty that provides the
peace of mind of a full five year parts* & labour guarantee plus a ten year polymer cabinet structural guarantee.
The only requirement is that you register the extended warranty with CoolBreeze within 30 days of installation. Unlike many
other brands, the CoolBreeze extended Gold warranty does not require annual servicing or other on-going hidden charges.
Manufactured by AirGroup Australia | 28-30 Division St, Welshpool Western Australia 6106
Telephone: 1300 COOLBREEZE | Email: sales@airgroup.com.au | Web: www.coolbreeze.com.au
ABN 68 547 176 720
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