Euroshield SRFSD-100 sliding doors

Euroshield SRFSD-100 sliding doors
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Shielded Doors
SRFSD-100 Sliding Door
ETS-Lindgren designs and manufactures the
special large EUROSHIELD SRFSD-100 sliding
doors for applications e.g. in the reverb chambers
and partial discharge rooms and according to the
customer´s requirements. The doors meet the
same high shielding performance level as the
standard smaller RFD- and RFSD-100 doors.
Please see the below graph showing the
attenuation level of the door; however, these values
can naturally be reached only when the rest of the
shielding meets the same performance.
To guarantee and maintain the high shielding
performance of the door it is essential that the
installation is carried out according to the
instructions and under ETS-Lindgren supervision
and the maintenance instructions are followed
SRFSD-100 3.9 m x 4.2 m (h)
This type of door is required when:
• the size requirement is greater than 3 m x 3 m(h),
7 m x 7 m(h) and even larger available
Electrical power required is 200 - 240V 50-60Hz
single phase (unless otherwise agreed). No electric
filters are required for the system. The outside of
the door is equipped with the necessary safety
edges, warning lights and buzzers.
The door can be supported from the chambers
frame, or it can have a separate (free standing)
supporting structure, the latter one being the
standard solution. Please note that when the
vertical structure is left away it most likely requires
redesign and stiffening of the construction where
the upper part is supported.
• includes a ramp (lift) system in front of the door
to provide an even access into the chamber
when the door is open. Max load capability of
the ramp varies, but can be up to 60 t on
request. Both the door and the ramp require a
pit of about 400 mm deep and 400 mm wide, the
total length depends on the width of the door.
• when opening it first comes backwards from its
RF-tight position then slides to the side. After
this the ramp raises from the pit allowing an
even access to the chamber.
Included for customers use is a microswitch
indicating the RF tight open/close status of the
130 dB
120 dB
110 dB
The door has to be stored and installed in a dry,
warm, clean and ventilated space.
The assembly of the door on site takes places in a
horizontal position in front of the door opening and
will be lifted to its position as whole (sufficient
space and proper lifting tools required).
The door is painted on the outside; standard colour
white RAL 9010.
100 dB
90 dB
80 dB
70 dB
60 dB
50 dB
40 dB
30 dB
20 dB
10 dB
0 dB
10 kHz
100 kHz
1 MHz
10 MHz
100 MHz
1 GHz
10 GHz
Shielding effectiveness measured acc. to MIL-STD-285
20 GHz
ETS-Lindgren reserves the right to any change in this document without any further notice - 12/02
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