R155 Humidity-Temperature Tag

R155 Humidity-Temperature Tag
R155 Humidity-Temperature Tag
Product Data Sheet
The R155 Humidity-Temperature Tag monitors the ambient temperature
and relative humidity inside of your data center racks, enabling easy
mapping of data center temperature profiles and air flow optimization.
ŠŠ Encoded radio
transmissions at 433
RF Code’s R155 Humidity-Temperature
Tag monitors and reports the relative
humidity and ambient temperature
in its immediate environment. It is
designed for use in environmentallysensitive areas, such as IT data centers.
Periodically reporting its unique ID
along with the sensor data observed by
the tag, the R155 is designed for use in
combination with all RF Code fixed
and mobile readers. This single use,
affordable sensor tag is mounted in an
impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure
with strong adhesive on the back of
the case. The sensor has an accuracy
of +/- 2°F and +/- 5% RH (typical).
ŠŠ Ideal for monitoring
rack installed
assets and sensitive
The tag is designed for years of reliable
performance in an operating range from
–20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F) and
0% to 95% RH. The battery life for the
Features & Benefits
ŠŠ Accurate temperature
monitoring within 2°F
ŠŠ Accurate humidity
monitoring within 5%
ŠŠ Industrial-strength
adhesive mounting
and flexible mounting
ŠŠ Works with all RF
Code fixed and mobile
ŠŠ Real-time temperature
and humidity
monitoring for safe
protection of racked
ŠŠ Enhances customers’
existing Active RFID
ŠŠ Ideal for high density
The R155 wireless environmental monitoring
solution for data centers gives you a realtime pulse on the temperature and humidity
conditions inside your data center. As assets
move or change, as cooling and heating
fluctuates, as humidity levels rise and fall,
you can adjust the environmental conditions
Humidity-Temperature tag will exceed 3.5
years in most deployment environments.
The tag operates with a very low duty
cycle and a 10-second beacon rate. The
R155’s form factor ensures clear signal
transmission in high-density deployments.
Featuring a low-battery alert, the tag
will continue to monitor humidity and
temperature for at least three months
following this alerting. After that, the tag
will continue to broadcast its unique ID
and a low battery indication with each
beacon, but will not report temperature
and humidity until the battery is replaced.
Note: Humidity sensors are not designed
for use in harsh chemical environments;
prolonged exposure to chemical vapors
in high concentrations may diminish
the accuracy of the sensor readings.
RF Code R155 Rack Humidity-Temperature Tag Specifications
Operating Frequency
Unique Tag ID Codes
Typical Transmission Range
Radiated Emissions
433.92 MHz
> 540,000 unique IDs per Group Code
> 30 ft in the data center; up to 300 ft open field
71.8 dBuV/m at 3 meters (maximum)
Saw stabilized
Case Weight (with tag)
Mounting Options
2.22 in (56.4 mm)
1.74 in
(44.2 mm)
0.35 in
(8.9 mm)
1.20 oz
(34.16 g)
Lexan polycarbonate enclosure with sensor cutout *
Tough, impact resistant and temperature stable
3M 200 MP adhesive, zip-tie loop lanyard *
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Temperature Sensor Accuracy
Humidity Sensor Accuracy
-20° C to +70° C (-4° F to +158° F) **
-40° C to +80° C (-40° F to +176° F) **
+/- 2° F (typical) ***
+/- 5% RH (typical) ***
Battery Type
Smart Tag Features
Battery Life
Lithium CR2032 replaceable coin cell
Low battery indication
> 3 years*
* Dust, debris, and other contaminants can cause errors in humidity sensor readings. To prevent contamination of the humidity sensor the R155 tag should always be mounted top-down, or in a vertical orientation.
** Battery life is optimized at >3 years for normal use in temperature-controlled environments between 50° F and 130° F. The R155 will operate properly in the Operating Temperature range, and can withstand
periods of time subjected to the Storage Temperature limits without damage. However, long-term exposure to conditions outside of the operating range may decrease the battery life.
*** The accuracy of the R155’s temperature and humidity sensor decreases in extreme environments. When exposed to relative humidity levels below 10% and above 90% the accuracy of the humidity sensor may
decrease. Extended use in very humid conditions (>80% RH) may temporarily offset the RH signal (up to additional +3% RH after 60 hours). Once the tag is returned to less humid conditions the sensor will
gradually return to a normal calibration state. Condensation can cause the sensor to become unreliable. The product is not designed for outdoor use. Exposure to liquids may cause the product to malfunction, or
permanently damage the circuitry, and voids the product warranty.
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