PS 1800-48_slicksheet
PS Series Pure Sinewave Inverter
Pure sinewave AC output
High surge power output
High efficiency
Protected against high/low battery voltage, low AC input
voltage, over temperature, overload, short circuit etc.
• Variable fan speed for silent operation
• Remote on/off possibility with URC or BRC
• 2 year warranty
1400 WATTS
PS 1800-48
Output Power 1)
1400 W
1800 W
Psurge 3 sec
3000 W
Output voltage
230Vac ± 2%
Output frequency
50Hz ± 0.05%
Output waveform
True sinewave (THD <5% @ Pnom)
0.2 - 1 (up to Pnom)
Admissible cos φ of load
Input volgage:
41 - 60Vdc
Maximum effiency
No load power consumption
ASB threshold
Operating temperature rang (ambient)
Variable (default: On @ Pout<10W / Off @ Pout>20 W)
-20˚C ... +50˚C (humidity max 95% non condensing)
Storage temperature range
-40˚C ... +80˚C (humidity max 95% non condensing)
Variable speed fan controlled by temperature and load
SamlexLink enabled
Protected against
Short circuit, overload, high temperature, AC back feed, high/low
battery voltage and high input ripple voltage
DC input connections
AC output connections
Enclosure body size (LxHxW)
Total weight
Protection class
Power on, output power bar, error and ASB mode
2 x 1.5 mtr 25 mm2 cable
Schuko outlet
351 x 210 x 114 mm
10,5 kg
IP21 (mounted in upright position)
EN61000-6-3 (EN55022), EN61000-6-2 (EN61000-2/3/4,
EN61000-4-3), LVD 73/23/EEC (EN60335-1)
Note: the given specifications are subject to change without notice.
1) Measured with resistive load at 25˚C ambient. Power ratings are subject to a tolerance of 10% and are decreasing as termerature rises with a rat of approx. 1.2%/˚C starting from 25˚C
2) Undervoltage limit is dynamic. This limit decreases with increasing load to compensate the voltage drop across cables and connections.
3) Measured at nominal input voltage and 25˚C
To v iew a f ull s el ec ti o n o f Sam l ex p r od uc t s vi s i t o ur webs it e at :
www. s a mle x .c o m or w ww.s am l ex -s ol ar .c om
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