Sonifex Redbox RB-DA24MD 24 Way Mono Audio Distribution Amplifier V2.00

Sonifex Redbox RB-DA24MD 24 Way Mono Audio Distribution Amplifier V2.00
Redbox RB-DA24MD
24 Way Mono Audio
Distribution Amplifier
Manufacturers of audio & video
products for radio & TV broadcasters
RB-DA24MD Handbook
This handbook is for use with the following product:
Redbox RB-DA24MD 24 Way Mono Audio Distribution Amplifier
Stock Code: 30-260
Revision 2.00, January 2015
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Contents & Figures
Product Warranty - 2 Year
Sonifex Warranty & Liability Terms & Conditions
1. Definitions
2. Warranty
Unpacking Your Product
Repairs & Returns
Safety & Installation of Mains Operated Equipment
Voltage Setting Checks
Fuse Rating
Power Cable & Connection
WEEE Directive
RoHS Directive
Fitting Redboxes
System Block Diagram
Inputs (1&2)
Outputs (1 – 24)
Input Gain Control
LF Roll Off Filter
Dual Mono/Mixed Mono Operation
Mixed Mono Settings
Technical Specifications
Fig 1-1: RB-DA24MD Front Panel
Fig 1-2: RB-DA24MD Block Diagram
Fig 1-3: RB-DA24MD Rear Panel
Fig 1-4: Analogue Inputs
Fig 1-5: 25 Way D-Type Outputs
Fig 1-6: 25 Roll Off and Dual Mono/Mixed Operation Switches
Warranty Registration
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Product Warranty - 2 Year
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Note: For your own records the product serial number is recorded on the CE
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Sonifex Warranty & Liability Terms & Conditions
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Repairs & Returns
Unpacking Your Product
Each product is shipped in protective packaging and should be inspected
for damage before use. If there is any transit damage take pictures of the
product packaging and notify the carrier immediately with all the relevant
details of the shipment. Packing materials should be kept for inspection and
also for if the product needs to be returned.
The product is shipped with the following equipment so please check to
ensure that you have all of the items below. If anything is missing, please
contact the supplier of your equipment immediately.
Product Unit
IEC Mains lead fitted with moulded mains plug
Handbook and warranty card
If you require a different power lead, please let us know when ordering the
Repairs & Returns
Please contact Sonifex or your supplier if you have any problems with your
Sonifex product. Email for the repair/
upgrade/returns procedure, or for support & questions regarding the
product operation.
CE Certification
61 Station Road • Irthlingborough • Northants
NN9 5QE • United Kingdom •
T: +44 (0)1933 650 700 • F: +44 (0)1933 650 726
CE Declaration of Conformity and Approval Information
This document certifies that the Sonifex product that you have purchased is
compliant with CE specifications. If you would like further information on
compliance of all Sonifex products, please check the website at the address
above where full information is available.
Sonifex Limited hereby certify that the following product with serial
number shown has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the
following specifications :
Serial No:
EN 55103-1: 1997 Electromagnetic Compatibility.
Limits of disturbance for audio apparatus for professional use
For use in environments 1 to 4.
The Reference Technical Justification File for this product is available at
Sonifex Ltd.
EN 55103-2: 1997 Electromagnetic Compatibility.
Limits of disturbance for audio apparatus for professional use
For use in environments 1 to 4.
Authorised By:
EN 60950: 1992 Safety of Information Technology Equipment
Including Electrical Business Equipment.
BS6301, BS7002, BS415, CTR21,
R&TTE directive (1999/5/EC)
Chris Stills
Technical Director
Date of Issue: 01 January 2015
R e g i s t e r e d O f f i c e • 6 1 S t a t i o n R o a d • I r t h l i n g b o r o u g h • R e g i s t e r e d i n E n g l a n d 1 7 1 7 8 6 4 • VAT R e g N o . G B 1 1 9 8 5 3 2 5 2
Safety & Installation
Safety & Installation of Mains
Operated Equipment
There are no user serviceable parts inside the equipment. If you should
ever need to look inside the unit, always disconnect the mains supply
before removing the equipment covers. The cover is connected to earth
by means of the fixing screws. It is essential to maintain this earth/
ground connection to ensure a safe operating environment and provide
electromagnetic shielding.
Voltage Setting Checks
Ensure that the machine operating voltage is correct for your mains power
supply by checking the box in which your product was supplied. The voltage
is shown on the box label. The available voltage settings are 115V, or 230V.
Please note that all products are either switchable between 115V and 230V,
or have a universal power supply.
Fuse Rating
The product is supplied with a single fuse in the live conducting path of the
mains power input. For reasons of safety it is important that the correct
rating and type of fuse is used. Incorrectly rated fuses could present a
possible fire hazard, under equipment fault conditions. The active fuse is
fitted on the outside rear panel of the unit.
Power Cable & Connection
An IEC power connector is supplied with the product which has a moulded
plug attached – this is a legal requirement The mains lead is automatically
configured for the country that the product is being sent to, from one of :
Voltage IEC Lead Type
UK & Middle East
UK 3 pin to IEC lead
European Schuko round 2 pin to
IEC lead
USA, Canada and
South America
3 flat pin to IEC lead
Australia & New
Australasian 3 flat pin to IEC lead
Connect the equipment in accordance with the connection details and
before applying power to the unit, check that the machine has the correct
operating voltage for your mains power supply.
Important Note: If there is an earth/ground terminal on the rear panel of
the product then it must be earthed/grounded.
Safety & Installation
WEEE Directive
The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
Directive was agreed on 13 February 2003, along with the
related Directive 2002/95/EC on Restrictions of the use of
certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic
equipment (RoHS). The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
(WEEE) aims to minimise the impacts of electrical and electronic equipment
on the environment during their life times and when they become waste.
All products manufactured by Sonifex Ltd have the WEEE directive label
placed on the case. Sonifex Ltd will be happy to give you information about
local organisations that can reprocess the product when it reaches its “end
of use”, or alternatively all products that have reached “end of use” can be
returned to Sonifex and will be reprocessed correctly free of charge.
RoHS Directive
The RoHS directive limits the use of certain hazardous
substances currently used in EEE manufacture, including
lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and
halide-containing compounds PBB (polybrominated biphenyl) and PBDE
(polybrominated diphenyl ether). Elimination of these substances will result
in more environmentally friendly recycling of electronic equipment.
Sonifex Ltd practices lead-free (LF) manufacturing processes and does not
use any of the hazardous substances identified in the European Union’s
Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. The manufacturing
processes include the assembly of purchased components from various
sources. Product is offered as RoHS compliant, or LF, only after sufficient
evidence is received from the component manufacturers that their
components are RoHS compliant. Sonifex Ltd relies solely on the distributor,
or manufacturer, of the components for identification of RoHS compliance.
Thus whilst every effort is made to ensure compliance, Sonifex Ltd makes
no warranty, or certification, or declaration of compliance concerning said
The units should be installed in an area that is not subject to excessive
temperature variation (<0°C, >50°C), moisture, dust or vibration.
Fitting Redboxes
Redboxes can be fixed to the underside of a mixing desk, or other surfaces
using 4.2mm holes in the sides and fixed with 2 x M4 screws or 2 x No. 6
countersink wood screws.
They can also be rack-mounted, with either the front, or rear of the Redbox
positioned at the front of the rack:
Rear Mounting a 1U Rackmount Redbox:
The RB-RK3 1U rear panel rack kit can be used for large 1U rackmount
Note: When fitting the RB-RK3 rear-mounting rack-kits, a notch has been left on the inside of the right-hand rack-piece for the mains cable to pass through.
Make sure that the mains cable has been put through the notch before attaching the right hand rack-piece.
Fig 1-1: RB-DA24MD Front Panel
The RB-DA24MD is a 1U rack mount high performance 24 way audio
distribution amplifier. It has 2 inputs which can be each individually routed
to 12 outputs, or mixed and routed to all 24 outputs.
The XLR inputs and D-type outputs are electronically balanced and can
be wired unbalanced. Each output is individually buffered so that a short
circuit on one won’t affect the others. Each output is also protected against
connection to both POE (power over Ethernet) and phantom power circuits.
The RB-DA24MD has master gain controls for both input 1 and input 2
which are pre-set potentiometers accessible through the rear panel. These
controls allow the gain to be adjusted from -15dB to +15dB, useful for
normalising consumer to professional signals and vice versa. An LED power
indicator on the front panel shows the unit is powered.
A 125Hz 6dB per octave roll off filter is activated by a push switch on the
rear panel. When selected the filter is the applied to both inputs.
System Block Diagram
Dual Mono
Mixed Mono
Input 1 (L)
LF Filter
Mix Level
Outputs 13-24
(R) Balanced
Outputs 1-12
(L) Balanced
Input 2 (R)
LF Filter
Dual Mono
Mixed Mono
Mix Level
Fig 1-2: RB-DA24MD Block Diagram
Connections and Operation
Connections And Operation
Dual Mono/Mixed
Input LF Roll
Gain Off Switch
25 Way D-Type
Outputs 1-12
25 Way D-Type
Outputs 13-24
Fig 1-3: RB-DA24MD Rear Panel
Inputs (1&2)
The XLR-3 input connectors can take balanced professional levels, or
unbalanced consumer levels by connecting the non-phase to the signal
ground and adjusting the rear panel input gain controls. The inputs can be
configured as either dual mono, input 1 routed to outputs 1-12 and input 2
routed to outputs 13-24, or mixed mono, inputs 1 and 2 mixed at a pre-set
level and routed to all 24 outputs. The XLR 3 pin input has the following
Outputs (1 – 24)
The 25 way D-type outputs are electronically balanced, and can be wired
unbalanced (not recommended). Each output is individually buffered so
that a short circuit on one output will not affect the others. The outputs are
also protected from connection to POE (power over Ethernet) and phantom
power circuits. They have the following connections:
Pin 1: Screen
Pin 2: Phase
Pin 3: Non-Phase
Fig 1-4: Analogue Inputs
Fig 1-5: 25 Way D-Type Outputs
Connections and Operation
Pin No.
Pin 1
Pin 2
Pin 14
Pin 3
Pin 15
Pin 4
Pin 16
Pin 5
Pin 17
Pin 6
Pin 18
Pin 7
Pin 19
Pin 8
Pin 20
Pin 9
Pin 21
Pin 10
Pin 22
Pin 11
Pin 23
Pin 12
Pin 24
Pin 13
Pin 25
Outputs 1-12 D-Type
Output 1 - Phase
Output 1 - Non-Phase
Output 2 - Phase
Output 2 - Non-Phase
Output 3 - Phase
Output 3 - Non-Phase
Output 4 - Phase
Output 4 - Non-Phase
Output 5 - Phase
Output 5 - Non-Phase
Output 6 - Phase
Output 6 - Non-Phase
Output 7 - Phase
Output 7 - Non-Phase
Output 8 - Phase
Output 8 - Non-Phase
Output 9 - Phase
Output 9 - Non-Phase
Output 10 - Phase
Output 10 - Non-Phase
Output 11 - Phase
Output 11 - Non-Phase
Output 12 - Phase
Output 12 - Non-Phase
Outputs 13-24 D-Type
Output 13 - Phase
Output 13 - Non-Phase
Output 14 - Phase
Output 14 - Non-Phase
Output 15 - Phase
Output 15 - Non-Phase
Output 16 - Phase
Output 16 - Non-Phase
Output 17 - Phase
Output 17 - Non-Phase
Output 18 - Phase
Output 18 - Non-Phase
Output 19 - Phase
Output 19 - Non-Phase
Output 20 - Phase
Output 20 - Non-Phase
Output 21 - Phase
Output 21 - Non-Phase
Output 22 - Phase
Output 22 - Non-Phase
Output 23 - Phase
Output 23 - Non-Phase
Output 24 - Phase
Output 24 - Non-Phase
Input Gain Control
The input gain on the RB-DA24MD can be varied between -15dB and +15dB
by adjusting the pre-set potentiometers. These are accessible through the
holes in the rear panel. The RB-DA24MD has separate input 1 and input 2
gain controls.
LF Roll Off Filter
A low frequency roll off filter is activated by a push switch on the rear
panel. This implements a 125Hz 6dB per octave roll off filter which is
applied to both inputs.
Dual Mono/Mixed Mono Operation
The method of operation may be switched between stereo/dual mono
and mixed mono. When the RB-DA24MD is set to dual mono each input
is distributed separately to outputs 1-12 and 13-24. Input 1 is routed to
outputs 1-12 and input 2 to 13-24. When it is set to mixed mono mode both
inputs are mixed and routed to all 24 outputs.
Fig 1-6: 25 Roll Off and Dual Mono/Mixed Operation Switches
Mixed Mono Settings
When set to mixed mono operation there are 3 different mix level modes,
selected by the 4 jumpers on the PCB.
Jumper Link
Pin 1 & 2
Pin 2 & 3
Mix Mode
(Input 1 + Input 2) -6dB
(Input 1 + Input 2) -3dB
Input 1 + Input 2
All jumpers (J1 to J4) must be set the same for correct operation.
Technical Specification
Technical Specifications
Audio Specifications:
Input Impedance:
Output Impedance:
Maximum Input Level:
Maximum Output Level:
Frequency Response:
Gain Range:
Adjustable -15dB loss to +15dB gain
Common Mode Rejection:
>66dB typically
LF Roll Off Filter
125Hz at 6dB/octave
0.01%THD @ 1kHz, red + 8dBu output
-100dB unity gain, ref +8dBu output
2 x XLR 3 pin female (balanced)
2 x 25 way D-type plug (balanced, can
be unbalanced)
Mains Input:
Filtered IEC, switchable 110-120V, or
220-240V, fused, 12W maximum
Fuse Rating:
Anti-surge fuse 100mA x 5mm (230VAC)
Anti-surge fuse 200mA x 5mm (115VAC)
Equipment Type:
Equipment Type:
Physical Specification:
Dimensions (Raw):
24 Way Mono Distribution Amplifier
48cm (W) x 15.8cm (D) x 4.2 (H) (1U)
19” (W) x 6.2” (D) x 1.7” (H) (1U)
Dimensions (Boxed)
58.5cm (W) x 27.4cm (D) x 10.8cm (H)
23” (W) x 10.9” (D) x 4.3” (H)
Nett: 1.6kg Gross: 2.2kg
Nett: 3.5lbs Gross: 4.8lbs
t:+44 (0)1933 650 700
f:+44 (0)1933 650 726
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