SmartEyes User Manual The Art of Surveillance ®

SmartEyes User Manual The Art of Surveillance ®
The Art of Surveillance
Smartphone Viewer for SVR-824DVD,
SVR-1648DVD, and SVR-1648D1 only
User Manual
1. Introduction
1.1. Introduce
This SW has been developed for remote live surveillance through Smart Phone for
compatible DVR SVR models:SVR-824DVD, SVR-1648DVD, SVR-1648D1.
Through the SW user can do live monitoring, PTZ control, Preset control. Play audio and
Playback under development.
1.2. Features
This SW can be installed on I-phone, Android OS phone and Blackberry phone.
User can download the SW from each mobile market as free (App store, Android market).
Supported functions are
l 1/4/9/16CH live view mode.
l 3G connection.
l Wi-Fi connection.
l Live Audio surveillance.(under development)
l Pan/Tilt/Zoom support
l PTZ preset control
l Remote playback from DVR’s recording data.(under development)
2. Installation
2.1. System Requirements.
The mobile device must be meet below specification or higher for proper running the SW.
Smart Phone
iOS 4.0
Android 2.1 (Éclair)
OS 5.0
iPhone 3GS, iPhone4
Galaxy S, Nexus One,
Nexus S, Droid
Bold9000, 9700
Storm2, Torch
2.2. How to install
1. Run the mobile market on mobile devices (App-store, Android market, App workds)
2. Type ‘SmartEyes’ on search box.
3. Select ‘SmartEyes’ item from the list and download it.
4. Each Smart phone will create ‘SmartEyes’ icon.
5. Now click the icon to run the SW.
3. Log In
Log in step required proper user information to access DVR.
3.1. Register Site
1. Site list will be displayed when the SW run initially.
2. Press Add button to register new site
3. User must input proper information (Name of site/IP address/ Port/ User ID/ Password).
4. Press OK button or Done button.
5. New Site will be added from list.
6. Press ‘Connect’ button.
7. The SW will display live image when All information are correct,. Otherwise correct the
DVR and User information on site register.
4. Live monitoring
4.1. View Mode
Live image will be displayed after complete to make a connection with DVR.
4.1.1. Change view mode.
1. Press Mode button on live screen. Display mode will be changed as 1/4/9/16 view
2. To change channels, slide the screen to left or right side by finger.
3. To make a full screen, just double click a channel. Next double click will restore the
screen from full screen mode.
4.1.2. Play Audio (Under development)
Feature under development, correct working on this feature will depends on band width connection.
1. Audio icon will be display at bottom of each channel when the audio connected.
2. Audio can be played on one channel full screen mode.
3. Audio will stop to play when view mode change from full screen to 4/9/16 view
4.2 PTZ control
This function controls camera’s Pan, Tilt, Zoom from remote site.
4.2.1 Pan/Tilt
1. Camera icon will be display when the channel connected with PTZ cameras.
2. Double click a PTZ channel to change a full screen mode.
3. Select PTZ button at bottom of screen.
4. Control icon will be displayed on screen.
4.2.2 Zoom In / Out
1. Press +, - button on screen to Zoom In and Zoom Out
4.2.3 PTZ preset
1. Double click a PTZ channel to change a full screen mode.
2. Select a Preset button.
3. Preset select buttons will be display on screen.
4. Select a preset button between 1~15, Camera will be moved to memorized position
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