The PRO Series PSU is the latest addition to
Raytec’s range of specialist PSUs, available now as
an option for the RAYMAX and RAYLUX series of
illuminators. The PRO PSU is designed to ensure
that surveillance cameras achieve the highest
quality images at night whatever the application.
A number of unique features enable installers to
provide flexible solutions that can be tailored and
expanded through additional plug-in modules to
meet the specific requirements of any customer.
This is an important step in Raytec’s product
development path to deliver more intelligent, more
flexible, more interactive lighting solutions.
The PRO Series PSU is a modular design comprising
the “PowerCore” motherboard together with optional
plug-in modules. The “PowerCore” contains all the
features of the current PREMIUM PSU with the builtin capability for the addition of intelligent plug-in
modules. There are currently two plug-in modules
available; the PRO IQ and the PRO Pulse.
The PRO Series PSU provides the facility for
‘plug in’ programmable module boards which
provide a variety of unique features and allows
for flexible, user defined set-up of the system.
The PRO Series PSU provides all the control
features of the current premium power supply
and provides an easy ready-made platform for
upgrade with the optional plug in modules:
•Eco logic economy
•Remote Dimming
•Power Boost
•2 Deterrent settings
•4 Timer settings
•Ultimate Flexibility
Lamp 1+2
12V, 1A
• Adaptive Illumination
• Fully controllable PRO
power supply
• ECO.LOGIC lighting on demand
Plug-in PRO IQ Module (optional)
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• Distances up to 300m
• Latest SMT LED Technology
• Inbuilt power boost
•Analogue or
Digital TTL signal
•Flexible Pulse
width setting
•Flexible Pulse
height setting
•Optional in-fill pulses
with IR or WL
•Auto detects PAL
or NTSC cameras
E m a i l : s a l e s @ r a y t e c c c t v. c o m
E m a i l : u s s a l e s @ r a y t e c c c t v. c o m
We b : w w w.r a y t e cc c t v. c o m
• 3 Year Warranty
• Perma-Light
• Vandal Resistant
The pro IQ Module IS an OPTIONAL upgrade to the PRO PSU
unit and offers INCREASED functionality, adaptability
and intelligence to all RAYMAX AND RAYLUX ILLUMINATORS
Allows lamp to operate at 50% power during normal operation and boost to 100% power on activation. The time period of boost can be
fully adjusted and user defined: 1 sec. to 90 minutes. This feature can significantly reduce the power consumption of any Infra-Red or
White-Light system by providing lighting at a lower level during periods of inactivity and boosting power on activation by local PIR/trigger
or remotely at the control room to generate maximum image quality.
Controls the power output of lamp over a 5 year period to ensure lighting output stays consistent throughout. The light output of any LED
lamp reduces over time as a function of the quality of thermal management and electronic control of the system and will vary significantly
between different manufacturers. Raytec utilise state of the art materials and design techniques to maximise the performance and
reliability from our systems. The Perma-Light function further enhances the reliability of Raytec illuminators, and compensates for any
slight reduction in power output over time, ensuring that the system delivers consistent light levels at all time.
Allows the light output of the illuminator to be adjusted remotely. This feature enables installers or operators to remotely adjust lighting
levels to match the exact scene requirement and to alter the level if the scene requirements change. Ideal to make sure the perfect picture
can be obtained all the time.
Different deterrent settings with adjustable flash speeds. Ideal for White-Light applications where the light can be used in normal
operating mode – but can also act as a deterrent on local PIR/trigger or remotely from control room. The illuminator pulses on / off and
quickly alerts the intruder that they have been detected. Duration of deterrent and frequency of the flash can be adjusted (1 sec. to 90
Lamp output can be boosted by up to 50% for short periods then return to normal power. This allows for longer distances to be achieved
and also helps to improve picture quality and focussing in marginal operating conditions.
4 Different timer settings to turn light on from 1 second to 90 minutes. This function is ideal where the user needs to reduce power
consumption to an absolute minimum and only operate lighting for a defined period on activation. It is especially useful where power
consumption is key e.g: battery based systems like solar, wind etc. In addition to being available in isolation, the timer functions can also
be used to control some of the other features described above including the eco logic setting and deterrent functions.
The new Pro PSU with Pulse module will replace all
Pulsed Power supplies currently supplied by Raytec
The Pulse Module allows Raytec illuminators to be set up for any pulsing requirement from a single universal power supply which is
compatible with both analogue and digital camera systems. The unit auto detects between PAL and NTSC systems and adjusts the
timing of the pulsing accordingly to match the camera settings. In addition the user can select “in-fill” pulses which is essential when
using visible wavelengths of light to eliminate the strobe effect when using systems operating at 50hz or less.
The new ProPulse module delivers all the flexibility and control required to meet the requirements of any pulsed application including
machine vision, ANPR and other specialist applications.
customer Developments
Raytec is committed to continually delivering increased functionality and flexibility from its illumination systems. The Pro series power
supply, with its modular design and plug-in modules, means that new features can be quickly available to all existing and new users.
In addition, the flexible design approach means that if customers and end-users have specific operating requirements not currently available,
Raytec can design and deliver bespoke plug-in modules to fit to new or existing installations. The possibility for applications is unlimited.
E u r o p e / M i d d l e E a s t : Tel: +44 (0) 1670 520055
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