AC2212/64 Compact 2-Way Loudspeaker with 1 x 12" LF Key Features:

AC2212/64 Compact 2-Way Loudspeaker with 1 x 12" LF Key Features:
Compact 2-Way Loudspeaker
with 1 x 12" LF
Key Features:
60° x 40° Coverage.
PT™ Progressive Transition™
Waveguide for good pattern control
with low distortion.
Bi-Amp/Passive Switchable.
Optional U-Bracket for easy installation.
Optional planar array frame kit
(see AE Series Array Guide).
Lecture Halls
Houses of worship
Corporate learning centers
Small performing arts facilities
Theatrical sound design
Sports factilities
Themed entertainment venues
Delay/fill locations of larger systems
AC2212/64 is a compact 2-way fullrange loudspeaker system comprised of
one 300 mm (12 in) low frequency
driver and one 38 mm (1.5 in) exit/
25 mm (1 in) voice-coil compression
driver. The PT Progressive Transition
waveguide provides 60° by 40° coverage in vertical cabinet orientation.
High-slope passive crossovers minimize
band overlap and well-controlled offaxis response enhances arrayability.
The cabinet is fitted with M10
threaded suspension points. Optional
U-bracket, as well as pre-engineered
array bracketry is available for easy
installation. Four threaded inserts located on back of the enclosure allow
attachment of an Omnimount™ or
similar mounting bracket.
AC2212/64 is part of JBL’s AE
Application Engineered Series, a
versatile family of loudspeakers for a
wide variety of fixed installation
Frequency Range1 (-10 dB):
Frequency Response1 (±3 dB):
Coverage Pattern:
Directivity Factor (Q):
Directivity Index (DI):
Crossover Modes:
Passive Crossover Slopes2:
Transducer Power Rating (AES)3:
50 Hz – 19 kHz
55 Hz – 17 kHz
60° x 40°
12.5 dB
Bi-amp/Passive switchable
3rd order (18 dB/oct) Transitional HP & LP, 2.1 kHz
LF: 300 W (1100 W peak), 2 hrs
250 W (1000 W peak), 100 hrs
HF: 30 W (120 W peak), 2 hrs
Long-Term System Power Rating (IEC) : Passive mode: 250 W (1000 W peak), 100 hrs
Maximum SPL5: Bi-amp mode:
LF: 120 dB-SPL cont avg (126 dB peak)
HF: 129 dB-SPL cont avg (135 dB peak)
Passive mode:
120 dB-SPL cont avg (126 dB peak)
System Sensitivity6 (1W @ 1m): Passive mode: 95 dB SPL
Low Frequency Driver: 1 x JBL M112-8 300 mm (12 in) driver with 63 mm (2.5 in) voice coil
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity6 (1W @ 1m, within operational band): 95 dB SPL
High Frequency Driver: JBL 2412H/MTA, 38 mm (1.5 in) exit compression driver, 25 mm
(1 in) voice coil
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity (1W @ 1m): 114 dB SPL
Waveguide: PT-F64HF
Enclosure: Trapezoidal with 15 degree side angles, 16 mm (5/8 in) exterior
grade 11-ply Finnish birch plywood
Suspension Attachment: 15 points (4 top, 4 bottom, 2 each side, 3 rear), M10 threaded
hardware plus 4 M5 on rear for Omnimount™ 100 Series
Finish: Black DuraFlex™ finish. White available upon request.
Grille: Powder coated 14 gauge perforated steel, with acoustically transparent black foam backing.
Input Connector: NL4 Neutrik Speakon® and CE-compliant covered barrier strip
terminals. Barrier terminals accept up to 5.2 sq mm (10 AWG)
wire or max width 9 mm (.375 in) spade lugs. Speakon in parallel with barrier strip for loop-through.
Environmental Specifications: Mil-Std 810; IP-x3 per IEC529.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 548 x 355 x 352 mm
(21.6 x 14.0 x 13.9 in)
Net Weight: 18.1 kg (40 lb)
Optional Accessories: M10 x 35 mm forged shoulder eyebolts with washers
U-Bracket MTU-4
Optional planar array frame kit. See AE Series Bracket Guide
Bi-amp mode, with recommended active tuning.
Resultant engineered acoustical response of crossover network and components.
AES standard, one decade pink noise with 6 dB crest factor within device's operational band, free air. Standard AES 2 hr rating
plus long-term 100 hr rating are specified for low-frequency transducers.
IEC standard, full bandwidth pink noise with 6 dB crest factor, 100 hours.
Calculated based on power rating and sensitivity, exclusive of power compression.
Anechoic sensitivity in free field, no additional sensitivity gain from boundary loading.
JBL continually engages in research related to product improvement. Changes introduced into existing products without notice
are an expression of that philosophy.
AC2212/64 Compact 2-Way Loudspeaker with 1 x 12" LF
Horizontal Off-Axis Frequency Response
Directivity Index, Q
Vertical Up Off-Axis Frequency Response
Vertical Down Off-Axis Frequency Response
Dimensions in mm (in)
For more detailed dimensional information, refer to Application Data Sheet
Measurements obtained in full passive crossover mode with no signal
processing. Graphs are from unaltered measured data.
Horizontal 1/3 Octave Polars
AC2212/64 Compact 2-Way Loudspeaker with 1 x 12" LF
Vertical 1/3 Octave Polars
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Northridge, California 91329 U.S.A.
A Harman International Company
© Copyright 2002 JBL Professional
SS AC2212/64
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