New LPKF systems and procedures at the electronica 2012 Press release

New LPKF systems and procedures at the electronica 2012  Press release
Press release
New LPKF systems and procedures at the
electronica 2012
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Garbsen / Munich, Nov. 2012. LPKF as a specialist for laser micromaterial processing shows in hall B1, booth 319 innovations in 3D prototyping, a new UV-cutting system and a method for making stepdown stencils.
The electronica fair is one of the most important trade fairs for LPKF Laser
& Electronics AG. Recently LPKF obtained admission to the TecDAX and
will present itself with innovative developments in Munich.
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Laser & Electronics AG, registered among others at
the US Patent and Trademark Office: LPKF® and the
company logo, # 2,385,062 and # 2,374,780;
Solarquipment®, # 3,494,986; ProConduct®,
# 3,219,251; Allegro®, # 3,514,950.
The LPKF MicroLine 1820 P responds to the growing demand for highperformance UV laser cutting systems. These systems are used to separate rigid, rigid-flex and flexible PCBs from larger panels or to cut cover
layers. Since no significant mechanical or thermal influences acting on the
substrates, cutting-edge can be laid directly near sensitive cuircuit tracks
or components. The new system offers twice the cutting speed and an
optional bulkhead, which allows a larger production area inside the system. The new laser system will be available in the second quarterof 2013.
LDS technology is also represented at the booth. LDS technology (Laser
Direct Structuring) creates three-dimensional circuitry structures on a
plastic component. A subsequent process covers the structured area with
a metal coating - usually copper, followed by a nickel / gold finish. LPKF
will show the laser system LPKF Fusion3D 1100, flanked by two innovations: the well-known ProtoPaint finish was developed, so that a single
coating without thermal hardening leads to a reliable activatable layer. For
the chemical metallization the LPKF ProtoPlate cabinet with a newly designed box is on the booth. The necessary components for metallization
are supplied ready-made and can be used without any knowledge of
The well-known PCB prototyping systems must not be missing: they are a
key product From the idea to the finished PCB it takes only one day using
this systems. LPKF presents the top-level mechanical circuit board plotter,
the ProtoMat S103. The SMT systems ProtoPrint S (solder paste printing),
ProtoPlace S (pick & place) and the reflow oven ProtoFlow S can also be
The ProtoLaser U3 was presented a year ago at productronica in Munich.
As a universal top laser system it is able to structure, cut or drill laminated
PCB materials in the laboratory or for small production series. In addition,
it is suitable for processing ceramics, TCO / ITO coatings or LTCC, or to
cut foils. It reaches a pitch of 75 microns / 100 microns (ceramics / laminated substrates) and produces geometries which are very close to the
ideal layout and are equal to series production.
LPKF is the world leader for StencilLasers systems used for cutting solder
paste stencils,. The StencilLasers are continuously further developed and
optimized. The presented top system LPKF StencilLaser G 6080 can be
used also for a new range of application: with a sophisticated process the
current LPKF StencilLasers can now also manufacture stepped stencils
Press release
(step-down). Step stencils are required to contact fine components on the
circuit boards, if large portions of solder paste could lead to undesirable
short circuits.
The LPKF StencilLaser can be controlled so precisely, so that defined
layer thicknesses can be removed with an acceptable roughness. This
laser procedure replaces the previous high precision milling and extends
the range of use considerably. Technical documents for this new process
are available at the electronica.
More power and a safety bulkhead: The UV laser cutting system LPKF
Microline 1820 is available from 2nd quarter 2013
The Swiss army knife in the electronics lab: the ProtoLaser U3 can
structure and cur laminated substrates, ceramics and a variety of
other materials.
Press release
The ProtoPlate system consists of this newly developed cabinet and
easy-to-use prefabricated metallizing components.
Directly from the StencilLaser: the dark areas show a precise reducing of the plate thickness for contacting of very fine components
About LPKF
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG manufactures machines and laser systems
used in electronics fabrication, medical technology, the automotive sector,
and the production of solar cells. Around 20 percent of the workforce is
engaged in research and development.
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