ZO FS+ Manual
ZOFS+ Quick Start Guide
2 Plug In
Always startup in this order:
1. Turn ZO on
2. Set ZO’s volume to 0
3. Connect player to ZO
4. Set player volume to 75%
5. Turn on player
6. Put on headphones
7. Increase ZO’s volume
3 Adjust
Push in & release switch
to turn ZO on & toggle through
Rotate switch up/down
to increase/decrease levels.
Low Battery - Orange
Empty Battery - Red
Push & hold switch
to turn ZO off.
Charging - Orange
Charged - Blue
Tips & Tricks
• To switch to the transparent amplifier, select SVT, then rotate switch downwards. When the transparent amp is
active, only volume is selectable. To switch back to the SVT amp, rotate the switch upwards.
• To scan volume levels in steps of 5, hold the switch rotated upwards/downwards.
• ZO’s screen dims when controls aren’t used for 30 secs. Brighten without changing settings by pushing in the switch.
• When the battery is about to die, the audio will mute, but the screen will stay lit for a few minutes.
• If ZO is on when charging, the plug icon may be orange even though the battery is fully charged. To verify charge level,
unplug the charging cable. If the icon becomes a blue battery, it is fully charged.
ZO’s Volume Control
ZO is designed to work with a wide range of headphones
without the need for multiple gain modes. Because ZO
doesn’t utilize gain modes, its volume control includes
both attenuation and gain levels:
Gain Amount
0 to 174
Attenuation (0.5 dB steps)
-87.15 to -0.15 dB
175 to 210
Gain (0.5 dB steps)
0.35 to 17.85 dB
To get the best sound quality, set your source’s volume
between 75-100% (unless it’s a fixed output), and then use
ZO to attenuate or amplify the audio signal. If you’re using
a sensitive headphone or IEM (> 100 dB/mW), you will
most likely need to attenuate the output (volume levels <
174). If you’re using a high impedance headphone or one
with less sensitivity, you will probably need to amplify the
output (volume levels > 175).
Did you know ZO can make more than just your
headphones sound better? Try it in the car, with your
gaming gear, or with your computer speakers!
Hearing hiss/noise
• If using a smartphone, noise may be from radio wave
interference. Change the device’s communication mode
to one that blocks communication signals, such as
airplane mode.
• Plug your headphones in to the ZO, but do not connect
your audio source. Turn ZO on. If no noise is heard, then
the player or the track could be generating the noise.
• Incorrect volume level settings may result in audible
noise levels if you’re using high sensitivity headphones
or IEMs. Please review the section ZO’s Volume Control
• If charging, use a USB wall adapter instead of a
Undesirable Sound Quality
• Make sure the battery is fully charged.
• Turn off all sound enhancements such as EQ, virtual
surround sound/3D effects or noise cancelation.
• Improper setup of volume levels and SVT settings may
cause clipping or other audible distortion. Please visit
www.digizoid.com/support for more information.
• Highly compressed tracks may already include some
amount of clipping and distortion. This may become
more apparent during playback with ZO. To learn more,
visit www.digizoid.com/support
Not hearing anything/faint/intermittent sound
Check that ZO is turned on and correctly connected
Turn up player’s volume
Turn up ZO’s volume
Make sure plugs are fully inserted
Try different cables
Fully charge ZO’s battery
Doesn’t turn on
• Fully charge ZO’s battery
Battery doesn’t charge.
Make sure the port is USB 2.0
Check if computer is on and out of sleep mode
Try a different USB power source
Try a different charging cable
If you’re still experiencing issues or have other questions,
please feel free to contact us at www.digizoid.com/
contact, or email us at support@digizoid.com.
To avoid damage to your hearing, do not listen at high volume
levels for extended periods of time. If you experience ringing in
your ears, reduce the volume level to prevent permanent damage.
© 2009-2014 digiZoid Inc. All rights reserved. digiZoid,
SmartVektor and ZO are trademarks or registered
trademarks of digiZoid Inc.
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