D Series Specifications

D Series Specifications
D SERIES ERV SUGGESTED SPECIFICATION Furnish and install, at locations shown on plans or in accordance with schedule, mechanical cooling and/or heating system complete with a standalone Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). The Energy Recovery Ventilator will contain an energy recovery component rat-­ ed in accordance with ARI Standard 1060 with ratings certified by ARI. ERV shall be designed for ducting to the A/C (rooftop, upflow, horizontal) unit into the duct system of an air conditioning unit or as a standalone unit with its own duct system. The cabinet shall be galvanized material with a powder coated paint finish electrostati-­
cally bonded to the metal. Cabinet panels where conditioned air is handled shall be fully insulated to prevent condensation and mini-­ mize sound. Openings shall be provided for duct connections. Lifting devices shall be provided for rigging. Test ports shall be provided so airflow can be measured across the energy recovery wheel. The intake and exhaust air blowers of the ERV shall contain a centrifugal forward curved blower. They shall have ball bearings with adjustable belt drive and motor mount base shall permit ease of motor change-­ over and belt tension adjustment. The energy recovery device shall be a rotary heat exchanger per ARI Standard 1060 description. The device will be an enthalpy wheel coated with a silica gel desiccant by a patented process without the use of binders or adhesives which may plug the desiccant aperture. The substrate shall be a lightweight polymer. Desiccant shall not dis-­ solve or deliquesce in the presence of water or high humidity. The wheel shall be easily cleanable with water and/or alkaline based coil
cleaning solution. In all size units the wheel shall be provided with removable segments for cleaning and maintenance. All diameter and perimeter seals shall be provided. The energy re-­ covery cassette shall be an Underwriters Laboratories Recognized
Component for electrical and fire safety. Barometric relief dampers will be provided in the exhaust air hood to prevent air infiltration if the ERV is de-­energized. ERV unit to have mist eliminator filter in the intake air hood and 2” pleated filter on the return air side. ERV shall be provided with a single point power con-­ nection for high voltage. Energy Recovery Ventilator shall be Ruskin “D” Series for outdoor use in a down discharge configuration. OPTIONS (specifier select as required) Roof Curb -­ Furnish and install the manufacturers’ roof mounting curb to maintain the proper height above the roof. Low Ambient Kit -­ Furnish and install a low ambient kit to prevent frost formation on the energy recovery wheel. Motorized Intake Air Damper -­ Furnish and install motorized intake air damper. Stop-­Start-­Jog -­ Furnish and install stop-­start-­jog controls to stop wheel rotation during economizer cycle operation. Motorized Exhaust Air Damper -­ Furnish and install motorized ex-­ haust air damper. Disconnect -­ Furnish disconnect box for field installation. Dirty Filter Switch -­ Furnish and install dirty filter switch. Rotation Sensor -­ Furnish and install rotation sensor to verify wheel rotation. Pressure Sensor -­ Furnish and install pressure sensor to confirm airflow performance. Ruskin continually strives to improve our products, and reserves the right to change product design and specification without notice. 
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