BAND-IT Tri-Lokt Hose Nipples

BAND-IT Tri-Lokt Hose Nipples
Tri-Lokt Nipples
The number of clamps required to secure a hose on a Tri-Lokt fitting is based upon the design of the shank of the fitting.
The larger the diameter of the Tri-Lokt Fitting the more clamps will be required. Our B-80 Catalog lists the number of
clamps to be used within the “Hose Fittings” section. The Tri-Lokt design is most effective when installing band clamps
under the yoke assembly as well as having a second set on top of the yoke or tie-strip assembly. Failure to follow these
instructions may result in an assembly failure when in use.
1. Identify the location where clamps should be
installed which is between sealing barbs once
the hose has been properly placed. Sealing
barbs are less prominent than holding barbs.
The length and diameter of the hose shank will
determine how many clamps to be used. See B-80
Catalog, Hose Fittings section.
Remember to slide the correct amount of clamps onto
the hose end before inserting the fitting into the hose.
The first set of clamps will be under the yoke
Tri-Lokt fittings have two sets of hose barbs: sealing
barbs for providing a seal against the hose, and
holding or locking barbs designed to provide additional
strength to the lock. Clamps should be applied directly
over the sealing barbs, between the holding barbs.
Use appropriate size clamps for fitting size.
Use BAND-IT brand clamps.
2. Mark the hose as shown; this will help locate
the proper placement of clamps.
4. Position and install a clamp over the Tiestrips. This secures the hose to the TriLokt hose nipple and help prevents
3. Position and install a clamp under the Tie
strips directly over each mark on the hose.
The location of the clamp’s buckle should be
120° - 180° from each other.
5. Apply a clamp over the ends of the Tiestrips for additional lock.
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