Tune Hotel Cycle Shelter Umbrella
Tune Hotel,
Product: x1Bespoke Grasmere Cycle Shelter
x1 Ulverston Umbrella
Size: Cycle Shelter:
Estimated Value: Under £15,000
Installation Time: Three days
Date of Installation: November 2011
Contractor: David James Contracts Ltd
End User: Tune Hotels
Tune Hotels, a hotel chain operated by Tune Hotels Regional Services Sdn Bhd, identified a need of two
sheltered areas for their new hotel in central London. They required a cycle shelter and a free
standing canopy to create a covered outdoor coffee area for their guests and staff.
Able Canopies was not originally specified for the contract; however the contractor, David James
Contracts Ltd, decided to award this project to Able Canopies due to our company's professionalism,
knowledge and attention to detail.
The Ulverston Umbrella, a standard tensile free standing canopy from the Able Canopies range, was
identified by Able Canopies as a structure that was suitable to use on the project. This product was
in keeping with the original design ethos but offered a more substantial and better looking structure.
The Ulverston Umbrella is constructed from the finest waterproof tensile material available on the
market and supported by a large tubular steel post with a diameter of 150mm.
When reviewing this product in relation to the site location, Able Canopies voiced concerns over the
specified foundation depth: although foundations of two metres are required for the structure to be
installed safety, due to central London digging restrictions (which exist because of the proximity of
the London Underground transport system) foundations of only one metre were allowed. As this
would not be sufficient, Able Canopies suggested, and helped design, above ground foundations
with a decking area to hide the concrete. This was agreed by all parties as the solution.
Further to this, Able Canopies also recognised there would be an issue when erecting the main steel
post as the required digger was too big to access the site. As a solution Able Canopies designed a
system to work with two Genie lifts in order to hoist the canopy components into position. This
attention to detail impressed the contractor and the Ulverston was selected as the free standing
canopy for the hotel's outdoor area.
In addition to a free standing canopy, the customer also required a 6.3m x 2.05m cycle shelter with
timber cladding. This was no problem for Able Canopies engineering design team who were eager to
design this shelter and the drawings and technical specification were completed by the team and
presented to the client within 12 hours of receiving the specifications. This bespoke shelter was
based around the design of an existing Able Canopies product, the Grasmere Cycle Shelter, however
it featured carefully selected timber cladding and a steel corrugated roof, giving the shelter a
distinctive modern look.
The installation of the two structures took place just three weeks after the second meeting with the
client, and both structures were installed within three days. The customer had taken the decision to
outsource the installation of foundations to another supplier for the Ulverston Umbrella. This meant
that in order for the umbrella to be orientated into the correct position Able Canopies needed to
liaise regularly with the company carrying out the foundations to ensure these were calculated
correctly. Through regular communication the umbrella was installed with no problems, proving that
communication is key.
During the installation a temporary power failure occurred which could have slowed progress;
however, Able Canopies were keen to keep to their scheduled installation time and so outsourced a
generator to provide the power needed to complete the installation on schedule. The installation
was successful and completed within the required time frame, leaving Able Canopies with another
satisfied customer.
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