Datasheet Korenix KMM

Datasheet Korenix KMM
Industrial Wireless Management
Korenix Mobile Manager Utility
Easy tool for Korenix Mobile Devices’ management,
Quick Start without installing,
Device Monitoring: Get live information about the
mobile/cellular devices
Cellular Type Management: Cellular type, SIM
settings, User Info and GPS Position information
Cellular Communication Watchdog Enable/Disable
and Auto-Reconnect settings
Ethernet Port Management: Network Mode, LAN IP
Device Maintenance: Backup and Restore the
configuration file, firmware upgrade,
Event Log Window and Panel
Export and Save the connected status
Low system performance request
After the mobile devices are applied to the field,
The Korenix Mobile Manager is a simple utility to
the issue of mobile devices’ access is a important
resolve the issue of mobile devices’ inabilities to be
topic of administrators. Due to the limited number of
accessed from the internet. With a PC and a public
public address, most carrier provider may offer you
IP, the PC can be the Mobile Manager Server.
the private IP for the cellular router. The carrier
Configuring the Mobile Manager Server’s IP address
provider may have different IP policy, for example,
on your mobile device, then the up-to-date IP
the IP address may be changed every a period of
address, cellular type, Ethernet port type… network
time, may get the different IP address while you
status can be reported to the server. The utility also
reboot the device…etc.
provides you device management and maintenance
Korenix Technology
Datasheet Preliminary 10/29/2015
Main Program
Main Screen
The device information includes: Item ID, Model Name, MAC Address, Device Name, IP Address,
TCP Port Number, Firmware Version, Status, Last Connected Time
User Name and Password (Default: admin/admin)
Cellular Panel
Cellular Status: Last Update Time, Cellular Enable/Disable, Carrier Provider, Service Type ,
IMEI, Signal Strength, Connection Status, Cellular IP Address
SIM Control: SIM Index, SIM Selection (support dual SIM model)
SIM Card: SIM Status, APN Name, Authentication Type, User Name, Password
Advanced Setting: Watchdog Enable/Disable, Watchdog IP, Watchdog Interval, Watchdog Fail
Count, Auto-Reconnect, Reconnection Delay Time, Reconnection Retries Times, Cellular
Redundant Enable/Disable
GPS Setting/Status: GPS Enable/Disable, Latitude location, Longitude location
Network Panel
Last Update Time
Network Mode: Bridger/Router Selection
LAN IP Type, LAN IP Address, LAN Netmask, LAN Gateway, LAN DNS 1, LAN DNS 2
Log Window
An popup window of the system log history while the devices’ status is changed.
Save: Save the log to the file.
Delete: Delete the log information
Close the Window
Log Panel
The history while the devices’ status is changed.
Tool Bar
Start/Stop: Start or Stop the live monitoring
Preference: Change Idle Time, Polling Period and Service Port Number.
Export: Export the device list to file.
Exit: Exit the program
Backup: Backup the device’s configuration
Restore: Restore the saved configuration to target device.
Save: Save the configuration
Remote Firmware Upgrade
Show Panel: Show log on the main screen
Log Window: Open the popup window of system log
Hide Panel
Hide the Cellular/Network Panel of main screen
Edit Mode
Enter the edit mode, you can modify the Cellular/Network settings
System Request
PC Performance
CPU: Suggest Intel Core 2 Quad-Core CPU or higher, 1GB RAM
Windows XP/2000/2003/2007/Vista/Window 8 platforms
Click and Start, no need to install
Network Setting
IP: Public IP for the Korenix Mobile Manager Server
TCP Port: A public TCP port for the Korenix Mobile Manager Server
Firewall: Assign specific TCP port or DMZ area
Available Model
Cellular Router
JetWave 2310-HSPA, JetWave 2311-HSPA, JetWave 2310-LTE-E/U, JetWave 2311-LTE-E
JetWave 2316-LTE/2316M-LTE
Industrial Wireless
JetWave 3320
JetWave 3420
The latest supported models may request latest version Korenix Mobile Manager, the software
will be updated on Korenix Web.
Ordering Information
Korenix Mobile
Manager Utility
Korenix Mobile Manager Utility for Industrial Cellular Router management and monitoring
Free Download
Please go to download it on Korenix Web Download page. Free download before end of Y2016.
Check with you sales or contact
Korenix Technology
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