AddressRight DA95f Specifications

AddressRight DA95f Specifications
Maximum Speed: Up to 30,000 items per hour (at draft mode 150 x 600
dpi, black, 3 line address, 18 characters per line, 12 point character size, DLX en
Print Resolution: Up to 600 dpi.
Media Sizes: Min 76mm x 127mm
Max 355mm x 390mm
Max Thickness 12.7mm.
Dimensions: 571mmH x 680mmW x 622mmH.
Weight: 60kg.
Internal Memory: Better memory management - 32MB, means print more complex layouts, more reliability.
Resolution: Six print qualities: draft light (300 x 150 dpi), draft (150 x 600 dpi), letter light (300 x 300 dpi), letter (300 x 600 dpi),
executive light (600 x 300 dpi) and executive (600 x 600 dpi).
Supplied software: Microsoft® Windows® Compatible Printer Drivers, Envelope DesignerTM Plus, Control panel software
(monitor and control the printer from your PC. Obtain information such as piece count, current throughput and ink levels for
each cartridge in the printer. Low ink management for print quality assurance).
Media transport: Auto calibrating paper sensor, DC motor and high resolution encoder.
Electrical: 240V, 50Hz.
Computer requirements: Requires an IBM® compatible PC (Pentium® III 500MHz, 500MB RAM min) running Microsoft®
Windows® 2000 or XP with latest service pack.
Interfaces: USB 2.0, Ethernet.
Emulation: Hewlett Packard PCL5 subset.
Input stack: 500 DLX envelopes (empty) or FeedRightTM 1000 DLX.
Output stack: 150 DLX envelopes (empty) in tray, or continuous with optional Conveyor Stacker.
Emulation: Conveyor stacker, heater/dryer, FeedRightTM feeder, bulk ink delivery system
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Did you know that...
All inkjet cartridges are not the same?
You have many different choices when it comes to
inkjet cartridges for your printers?
There is a wide variety of HPA technology inks?
There is no silver bullet when it comes
to print quality - what works well in one
print job may not work well in another. The
key is to find the right combination of ink,
settings and adjustments for a given print
job to optimise print quality.
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Performance may vary depending on exact job configuration and environmental
conditions. Microsoft and Windows are Registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
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