Installation Instructions 3 Phase Electrical Heater Kits INTRODUCTION

Installation Instructions 3 Phase Electrical Heater Kits INTRODUCTION
3 Phase Electrical Heater Kits
Installation Instructions
3 Pole Dual Electrical Circuit Adaptor Kit #917468
These instructions are primarily intended to assist qualified individuals experienced in the proper installation of
heating and/or air conditioning appliances. Before beginning the installation, read these instructions thoroughly and
follow all warnings and cautions in the instructions and on the unit. Improper installation, service, adjustment, or
maintenance can cause explosion, fire, electrical shock, or other conditions which may result in personal injury or
property damage.
The 3 Pole Dual Circuit Adaptor Kit is designed for use in
all 6 through 10 Ton Single Package Air-Conditioner and
Heat Pump products when installing electric heat modules.
Factory single electrical circuit supply connections may be
converted to dual (Cooling and Heating) electrical supply
connections if desired.
NOTE: This kit is specifically designed for Cooling
Operation only. (Circuit “A”)
See the unit rating label for proper high voltage wiring
requirements. Over-current protection must be provided at
the branch circuit distribution panel and sized as shown on
the unit rating label and according to the National Electrical
Code (ANSI/NFPA 70), Canadian Electrical Code Part 1
(CSA C.22.1), and all applicable local codes.
To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal
injury, or death, disconnect electrical
power to the unit before performing any
maintenance or service. The unit may have
more than one electric power supply.
NOTE: Circuit Breakers installed in the unit with the
addition of heater kits are for short circuit protection
of the internal heater element circuit wiring and NOT
to serve as a disconnect. The circuit breakers DO
NOT provide over-current protection of the supply
1. 632348 – 3-pole terminal block
2. 632575 – terminal block insulator plate
3. 600004 – #10 1” long screws (2 ea)
4. 631915 – insulated, ¼” female quick connect terminal,
blue, for wire gauges 14-16 (3 ea)
5. 631764 – insulated, ¼” female quick connect terminal,
red, for wire gauges 18-22 (3 ea)
6. 6 ea. zip ties & 12 ea. push ties
3 Pole
Figure 1. Terminal Board Location
installed terminal block. Ensure that the factory phase
orientation is maintained during the transfer. Refer to
the unit wiring diagram to verify the proper orientation
if necessary.
Note: Unit is equipped with 3 Phase Scroll compressors
and Evaporator blower motor. If refrigerant pressures are
abnormal and blower is rotating opposite direction of the
arrow, shut off main power to the unit and switch any two
field wires at the disconnect or terminal block.
For two-stage equipment, it is allowable to install
both compressor feed wires into the same box screw
lug, but the installer must ensure that both wires are
secured properly in the lug and that they can not
short to the panel.
Ensure proper rotation of both compressors and blower
motor. Listen for any unusual noises. Locate the source
and correct as needed.
a. On some models, with the optional indoor motor
overload protector installed, there are three
additional feed wires connected to the factory
installed terminal board for the indoor blower
motor. If so equipped, remove the blower
feed wires from the factory terminal board,
and terminate the wires with the proper gauge
(supplied) insulated female quick connector.
Then install the terminated wire onto the newly
installed terminal block spade connector for the
proper phase. Verify the new wiring matches the
unit wiring diagram for phase orientation.
The installation sequence is as follows:
1. Read these installation instructions completely before
2. Disconnect all power to the unit.
3. Remove the Element/Field Wiring Access panel.
4. Using the supplied screws, install the 3-pole terminal
block with the insulator plate between the sheet metal
panel and the terminal block. The terminal block should
be installed to the bottom left side of the element
mounting location, on the left side of the panel. See
figure 1. Tighten the screws hand tight, enough to
securely fasten the terminal block and insulator plate
to the panel and prevent any movement of the terminal
block. Over-tightening can crack the terminal block.
Note: For convenience both the factory installed
terminal board and the newly installed terminal
block are horizontally aligned when installed. In this
orientation, L1, L2 and L3 are installed in that order
from left-to-right.
5. Remove the unit control panel, access cover.
6. Carefully remove the zip-ties securing the main unit
wiring harness together on the upper right side and
top of the element mounting panel. (see picture 1)
7. Trace back & identify the Stage 1 and Stage 2 (if
equipped) compressor feed wires from the compressor
contactors to the factory installed terminal board.
8. Transfer the compressor feed wires from the factory
terminal board to the top box screw lugs of the newly
9. Ensure all connections are secure.
10. Bundle all of the recently moved feed wires back
together into a neat harness and secure as needed
using the wire ties and panel mounted push ties to
route the harness up the left side of the panel to the
unit control panel. Then replace any other push-ties
along the top of the panel and down the right side of
the panel to re-secure the low voltage wiring harness.
Ensure all harnesses are routed away from any heater
elements and/or other objects which could come in
contact with the wiring harnesses.
11. Connect the unit input power wires from the unit
disconnect to the bottom box screw lugs of the newly
installed terminal block.
12. Replace the control panel cover and Element access
13. Return power to the unit.
14. Verify unit operates properly.
See Circuit “A” - Electrical Data (Cooling) on unit
rating label or in the Installation Instruction of the heater
kit for proper high voltage wiring requirements.
Mark the unit rating label with a permanent marker to
indicate the appropriate heater kit that is installed.
O'Fallon, MO
707968A (Replaces 7079680)
Specifications and illustrations subject to change
without notice and without incurring obligations.
Printed in U.S.A. (12/08)
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