Model 0300 Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder Data Sheet

Model 0300 Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder Data Sheet
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SEM Model 0300 “Jackhammer”
When it comes to the fast, safe, easy destruction of hard drives, nothing outperforms the Jackhammer™ from
SEM. This slow speed, high torque shredder uses specially designed saw tooth hook cutters to chew up about
8 hard drives in a minute. That's just 7.5 seconds per drive. The unit is designed for an Office Environment
and plugs conveniently into standard wall outlets. It's clean, quiet ( 65 to 78 dB), vibration free, and has a
small footprint. And, since it's mounted on heavy duty/ lockable casters you can literally use it anywhere.
Shredded material is discharged into a convenient collection box housed within the system cabinet.
In addition to Hard Drives, the 0300 Jackhammer is ideal for the shredding of cell phones,
data tapes, optical media and similar electronic data storage devices.
Drive Capacity / Speed
Shred Size
Power / HP
Hour Meter
Throat Width
Dimensions ( HxWxD )/ Weight
Std Warranty
Up to 8 per minute / 500 per hour *
Random x 1.5” wide
1 HP, 120V, 20 Amp Dedicated Circuit
4.5”W x 1.5” H Feed Opening
37” x 44” x 21” / 800 Lbs
Internal collection bin
24 Months Parts / 90 Day Labor
Preventative Maintenance Contracts available.
POWER ~ Special power required ….1 Hp Motor at 120V with 20 AMP dedicated power circuit.
Optimum performance requires voltage “drops” from 120 V lines not to exceed 3%.
* PERFORMANCE NOTE: Maximum throughput rates are dependant upon proper power and hard drive thickness / type.
Rating of 500 drives per hr assumes drives are 2.5” Technology ( Notebook Style). Thicker 3.5” Technology Drives (up to a
maximum 1 inch thickness) will reduce the output performance.
SEM: An ISO 14001 Registered Company
Demonstrating our commitment to a GREEN environment!
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