DX100 Initial Ink Charge IMPORTANT
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Performing an Initial Ink Charge
Important: Please read through these instructions before attempting to install your new
Place the new printer in place and open the
ink bay doors.
Insert the Ink Cartridges
Remove the Maintenance Cartridge from
the printer, then re-insert. This ensures the
cartridge is properly installed in the event it
has become dislodged during shipping.
Maintenance Cartridge
Do not load paper at this time.
Ink Cartridges
Be sure the printer power button is off by
making sure it is not pushed in.
Plug in the power cable on the right hand
side of the printer.
Do not plug in the USB cable at this time.
Press the power button on the printer to
allow the printer to charge the ink system.
This process will take 15 minutes.
Do not open any covers or interrupt this
When the new printer is completely charged
with ink you will see a solid blue light and a
solid amber light above the paper.
Power off the printer.
Power Switch
Plug in the USB cable on the right side of
the printer.
Please proceed to load the system
application. You will be instructed
when to power on the printer.
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