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SPL160 AIS Splitter - Installation Guide
The SPL160 AIS/VHF Antenna Splitter is used to share a single VHF antenna for
both VHF radio and an AIS receiver or transceiver. It can also supply a feed for
your AM/FM radio.
Items needed to install:
12-24V DC power. Always install a 1A fuse and/or circuit breaker.
An optional BNC-to-Motorola Plug cable is available for connecting to most AM/FM
Four 3mm (#4) screws for mounting.
Two standard 50 Ω VHF patch cables (PL259) of adequate length to reach from your
selected installation location to your VHF radio and AIS receiver or transceiver.
If power will be switched with a circuit breaker, ensure the splitter always has power
whenever the AIS transceiver is active. This may be easily accomplished by using the
same circuit breaker as the AIS transceiver. Always use a 1A fuse.
VHF Radio
Optional cable
Antenna Splitter
Model: SP160
Check Ant
The unit is water resistant to protect it against the marine environment, however it is
recommended to install it in a dry location.
Select a suitable location. Often this is near an existing VHF radio since the antenna
cable is located there.
12-24 VDC
AM/FM Radio
1A Fuse
WMR750 Receiver or
WMX850 Transceiver
Ultra low insertion loss.
Low noise amplifier improves AIS receive performance.
AIS sensitivity is increased to -119dBm when used with AISWatchMate 850.
Fail-safe, always gives priority to VHF radio even if the power is switched off.
Green power indicator. The splitter must have power for the AIS transceiver to work.
Amber VHF TX is illuminated whenever the VHF radio is transmitting.
Amber AIS TX is illuminated briefly whenever the AIS transceiver is transmitting.
Red “Check Ant” indicates an antenna problem such as a short or open circuit. This
indicator will light only when the VHF is transmitting on high power. You can check your
installation by switching to high power and pressing the talk button. Although this
indicates a potential antenna problem, it is only an indicator and does not affect the
splitter’s functions.
VHF In-Use Indicator on
The SP160 splitter may be used with any AIS receiver or transceiver. However, when
used with an AISWatchMate (WMX850) this symbol is displayed on the WatchMate
screen whenever the VHF radio is transmitting.
Size (including connectors)
Maximum current
Operating temperature
Frequency range
Insertion loss, VHF transmit
Insertion loss, VHF receive
Insertion loss, AIS transmit
Gain, AIS receive
Noise figure
Antenna port impedence
VHF & AIS port impedence
AM/FM port impedence
Switching time
Max. VHF transmit power
Max. AIS transmit power
Limited warranty
135mm (5 3/8”) x 107mm (4 1/4”) x 56mm (2 1/4”)
12-24 VDC, <0.8 W (nominal)
270 mA
-15ºC to +55ºC (5ºF to 131ºF)
156 MHz to 163 MHz
1 dB
1.5 dB
1 dB
12 dB
<1.5 dB
50 Ω, SO239 connector
50 Ω, SO239 connector
75 Ω, BNC connector
<10 µS
25 W
12.5 W
Two years from date of purchase. Includes parts and
labor. Excludes freight. Proof of purchase required.
+64 (0)9 950 4848
103 Westhaven Drive, St. Mary’s Bay
PO Box 91164, Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142, New Zealand
SP160 0112
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