EA Manual
Long-life, True HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter is 99.97% efficient at removing particles
0.3 micron
Activated Carbon Prefilter removes lint and unpleasant odors, to extend life of HEPA Filter
Carbon VOC After Filter (standard) removes additional unpleasant odors and gases
Heavy-duty Carbon/Potassium Permanganate VOC After Filter (optional upgrade) removes noxious
odors and fumes emitted from household sources
Easy-to-change filters
Heavy gauge steel cabinet and powder-coat paint finish provide rigid installation and durability
Powerful motor delivers 560 CFM of filtered air
Small footprint for easier, more convenient installation
Reversible air outlet for versatility
Versatile installation can be freestanding, floor, ceiling or wall mounted
Read and follow instructions carefully. Follow all local
electrical codes during installation. All wiring must
conform to local and national electrical codes.
Improper wiring or installation may damage the HEPA
Air Cleaner.
Understand the signal words WARNING and
CAUTION which are present in the Owner’s Manual.
WARNING and CAUTION signify a hazard which could
result in property damage, personal injury or death.
Before beginning any installation or modification, be
certain that the main line electrical disconnect switch
is in the OFF position. Electric shock could result. Tag
disconnect switch with suitable warning labels.
Only a heating/air conditioning installer or qualified
service person should install, repair, or service
your Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner.
Smaller particles then pass through a long-life, HEPA
(High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter which captures
99.97% of particles 0.3 micron (1/84,000 of an inch)
and larger. This 6 inch filter has more than 188 ft² of
collection surface area.
Air is then drawn through a Carbon VOC (Volatile
Organic Compound) Filter (2 inch) to remove
unpleasant odors and gases, or an optional Carbon/
Potassium Permanganate VOC Filter to remove
noxious odors and fumes like formaldehyde, heptane,
tetrachloroethylene, toluene, etc. that are off-gased
from carpets, cabinets, furniture, paints, pesticides,
personal care products, cleaners, etc.
Clean air is discharged through an 8 inch duct, back
into the return air duct.
Homeowners or untrained personnel can perform
the basic maintenance functions of replacing
When working on air cleaning equipment, observe
precautions in the Owner’s Manual, labels attached
to the unit, and other safety precautions that may
apply. Follow all safety codes. Wear safety glasses
and work gloves.
The Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner has been
designed to remove particulate such as atmospheric
and household dust, coal dust, insecticide dust, mites,
pollen, mold spores, fungi, bacteria, viruses, pet
dander, cooking smoke and grease, tobacco smoke
and more. It also removes odors (with Carbon Prefilter
and Carbon VOC After Filter) and heavy-duty odors
and fumes (with optional Carbon/Potassium
Permanganate VOC Filter).
Helps provide relief from allergies, asthma, and
other respiratory illness.
Helps reduce housekeeping time and redecorating
Helps provide a healthier, more comfortable
environment, year-round.
Millions of airborne pollutants are carried through the
return air ducts of the heating/cooling system. The
HEPA Air Cleaner has been designed to be ducted to
the return air duct. A portion of this return air is bypassed through a 12 inch intake duct on the top of the
unit and passes through a 3-stage filtration system.
The Activated Carbon Prefilter (1 inch pleated,
activated carbon impregnated polyester filter) first
removes lint and odors before they enter the HEPA
This unit must be installed on the return air side of
the system only. Do not connect to supply side.
Do not install in a cooking area or connect directly to
any appliance.
The HEPA Air Cleaner should be located as close to
the return air duct as possible. This allows for shorter
lengths of ducting which helps keep the static pressure
lower. The unit can be adapted to mount on a wall or
be suspended from the ceiling. Care should be taken
to keep the unit away from an area where there is a
possibility of moisture leaking on to it. Ensure there is
36 inches in front of the unit to remove the filters for
cleaning or replacing.
1. Remove plastic from filters before installing.
2. When the unit is shipped, the intake and exhaust
collars are reverse mounted to prevent damage in
shipping. The intake collar must be removed and
reattached with the collar ring facing out. The
exhaust collar can be mounted on either side of
the unit with the ring out. The opposite side will be
covered with the exhaust cover. This cover must
be installed for the unit to operate properly.
3. An inlet collar is provided on the unit to allow a
flexible 12 inch intake duct, from the cold air return,
to be attached. The 12 inch intake must be drawn
from the cold air return duct at a location that will
be ahead of the clean exhaust air, that will be
returned to the duct from the Air Cleaner.
A duct adapter and a length of 12 inch flexible hose
or duct is required to attach between the 12 inch
intake collar and the existing cold air return duct.
When running the hose, make sure that there are
no kinks or sharp bends that will impede the air
flow to the unit. Secure and seal the hose and
connections to prevent air leakage.
The 8 inch exhaust collar can be conveniently
mounted on either side of the unit. A duct adapter
and a length of 8 inch flexible hose or duct is
required to attach between the exhaust collar and
the existing cold air return. The exhaust hose
should be attached to the return air duct, close to
the furnace. The ideal location is low on the return
air boot pointing at the furnace. To prevent air
shear inside the duct, it is recommended that you
install a deflector inside the boot, so the discharged
air is deflected down into the boot. When running
the hose, make sure that there are no kinks or
sharp bends that will impede the air flow from the
unit. Secure and seal the hose and connections to
prevent air leakage.
It is important to maintain some distance between
the intake and the exhaust openings in the return
air duct. Failure to do this may result in short
cycling between the intake and the clean air
discharge. It is recommended you leave 10 feet
between the intake and the exhaust; however, as
little as 6 feet will work effectively. If the distance is
smaller than 6 feet, it is important that an air
deflector is installed in the duct.
If outside air is introduced into the return air duct,
either through a HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) or
direct, it should be added to the system before the
intake inlet to the Air Cleaner.
The door must be secured for the Air Cleaner to
operate, as the door is interlocked for safety. All filters
must be in place for the unit to operate properly.
Make sure to turn Air Cleaner OFF before performing
any maintenance or removing any components.
For efficient operation, the filters must be changed on a
regular basis. If you notice a reduction in air flow from
the system, check the filters.
1. To access the filters, turn the Air Cleaner OFF at
the switch and remove the front door.
2. Carefully remove filters to avoid spilling of collected
contaminants. Dispose filters in a plastic bag and
discard with regular household trash.
3. Remove plastic from new filters before installing.
Discard plastic safely. Take care not to damage the
4. Date the replacement filters in the space provided.
5. Ensure that the direction arrow on filter is pointing
toward the fan blade.
6. Use genuine replacement filters only. Call the
original installer for parts.
Note: When the filters are new, you may notice a new
smell from the system. This is normal and will dissipate
within a few days.
Carbon Prefilter (Part #W5-0810): This must be
replaced every 3 - 6 months and may be vacuumed
between changes. Use a soft brush attachment when
True HEPA Filter (Part #W5-0860-3): Replace every
3-5 years. The life of this filter depends on the amount
of contaminants in the air and the frequency in which
the prefilter has been changed. Renovations in the
home that create wood, drywall dust or similar
contaminants will shorten the life expectancy of the
HEPA filter.
Note: Handle the HEPA filter by the frame only. The
paper is fragile and a puncture or tear will reduce
Never use the unit without all of the filters in place.
The HEPA Air Cleaner is designed to run continuously
to provide clean, filtered air 24 hours a day. The fan on
the heating/cooling system, to which the HEPA Air
Cleaner is dependent on for circulated air, should be
on ‘continuous’.
Note: If the system fan setting is on ‘automatic’, it is
recommended the HEPA Air Cleaner be operated
through an air switch or relay to turn the Air Cleaner
off, when there is no system fan on.
The unit plugs into a regular 120 volt outlet and is
controlled by a switch located on the rear panel, near
the cord.
Note: Do not allow the cord to be placed where it may
be walked on or allow anything to roll over it.
The new HEPA filter may be tight to install the first
time. Do not push from the center of filter. Apply even
pressure at both corners.
VOC After Filters: The 2 inch standard or heavy-duty
optional upgrade filters must be replaced every 6 - 12
months. If there are heavy odors in the home from
cooking, smoking, painting or other sources, the filter
may require changing more often.
Replacement VOC After Filters (2 inch):
Carbon Filter
Part #W5-0820
Permanganate Filter
Part #W5-0885
21.5 in
20.5 in
28.0 in
54.5 cm
52.0 cm
71.0 cm
12.0 in
30.5 cm
8.0 in
20.3 cm
88.0 lbs
39.9 kg
Unit Weight
Input Voltage
120 V
60 Hz
Power Consumption
215 Watts
Air Flow
560 CFM
18 gauge
Power Cord
951 m³/hr
9.0 ft
2.74 m
19.5 x 19.5 x 1 in
19.5 x 19.5 x 6 in
19.5 x 19.5 x 2 in
19.5 x 19.5 x 2 in
49.5 x 49.5 x 2.5 cm
49.5 x 49.5 x 15.3 cm
49.5 x 49.5 x 5.0 cm
49.5 x 49.5 x 5.0 cm
Carbon Prefilter Collecting Surface Area
6.3 ft²
0.585 m²
HEPA Collecting Surface Area
188 ft²
17.47 m²
VOC After Filter Collecting Surface Area
9.5 ft²
0.883 m²
Filter Dimensions
Carbon Prefilter
HEPA Filter
Carbon VOC Filter
Carbon/Potassium VOC Filter
This ELECTRO-AIR product is warranted to be free from electrical and mechanical defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and
maintenance, within its listed capacity.
1st Year From Date of Purchase:
2nd - 5th Year From Date of Purchase:
Parts and labor at no cost.
Parts only at no cost. Labor charges extra.
The warranty does not include the Carbon Prefilter, HEPA Filter, Carbon VOC Filter or Carbon/Potassium Permanganate VOC Filter. The
ELECTRO-AIR product must not have been moved from the site of original installation. A new or remanufactured part to replace the defective
part will be provided without charge for the part itself, through an authorized ELECTRO-AIR service dealer, provided the defective part is returned
to the ELECTRO-AIR distributor prepaid. The replacement part assumes the unused portion of the warranty. Proof of Purchase and
Installation must be provided. Failing this, ELECTRO-AIR will guarantee the unit for a period of sixty (60) months from the date of manufacture,
according to the manufacturer’s records and conditions stated in this warranty.
LIMITATIONS OF WARRANTY - All implied warranties (including implied warranties of merchantability) are hereby limited in duration to the
period for which the limited warranty is given. The expressed warranties made in this warranty are exclusive and may not be altered, enlarged, or
changed by any distributor, dealer or other person whatsoever.
1. Normal maintenance as outlined in the Owner’s Manual including cleaning and/or replacement of filters.
2. Damage or repairs needed as a consequence of any misapplication, negligent handling, improper servicing, unauthorized alteration, or
improper operations.
3. Damage or repairs required as a consequence of faulty installation or application by others.
4. Failure to start due to voltage conditions, blown fuses, open circuit breakers or other damages due to the inadequacy or interruption of
electrical service.
5. Damage as a result of floods, winds, fires, lightning, accidents, corrosive atmosphere, or other conditions beyond the control of ELECTROAIR CANADA.
6. Parts, including filters, not supplied or designated by ELECTRO-AIR CANADA.
7. ELECTRO-AIR CANADA products installed outside of Canada.
8. Any personal injury, special indirect or consequential property or commercial damage of any nature whatsoever.
Model No.
Serial No.
Date of Installation
Installed By
Owner’s Name & Address
351 North Rivermede Road, Concord, Ontario, Canada L4K 3N2
Tel: (416) 213-5636 Toll Free 1-800-267-8305 Fax: (416) 213-5593
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