SOM-ADK255F Series
Design-in Kit
Design-in Kit for SOM-A255F Intel
XScale® PXA255 System On Module
The Design-in Kit provides developers with a Customer Solution Board (CSB) and reference suite for application evaluation and development. It contains all the necessary information,
documentation and tools for getting started, including the followings items:
Target SOM (SOM-A255F-440B1): SOM-A255F standard version board.
SOM-A255F Series Reference Customer Solution Board: Sample CSB for developer reference.
64 MB CompactFlash® Card
Design-in Reference Documentation:
- Design-in zone login information card
- Design-in kit user’s manual
- RISC SOM carrier board design guide
- Schematics, bill of materials, CSB layout guide
 Testing Set
Designed for sample CSB or customers' own CSB/mass production testing. It includes:
- H/W testing tools: RS-232 loop-back testing tool, null MODEM cable, JTAG cable, USB ActiveSync cable, Audio cable, RS-232 cable
- S/W testing utility: Advantech-developed testing utility. Test process will be implemented by S/W testing utility and H/W testing tools
- Documentation: "Advantech RISC SOM Platform Testing Method". Designer can learn how to implement the testing process
 Software Development Tools
Software development tools are a complete package for customers to develop their own image to work with their target CSB and applications
- BSP: Binary Board Support Package for target SOM Design-in Kit. Users can integrate their target Windows CE platform with their own components, apps and drivers (BSP: by
project request)
- SDK: For customers target application development
- Reference Image: For the selected model of SOM Design-in Kit
- Upgrade Utility: Users can use this utility to upgrade logo, image & bootloader.
 Design-in Zone Guide
Advantech has established a dedicated website portal called SOM Design-in Zone to assist customers with CSB development by providing direct, professional support.
The home page is located at
**SOM-ADK255F-B01 does not include the LCD kit; please order your LCD kit of choice**
System On Module
All product specifications are subject to change without notice
Last updated : 21-Oct-2005
SOM-ADK255F Series Design-in Kit
LCD Kit: (OPTIONAL item)
Advantech supplies a full range of certified LCD kits in different sizes and types for
customers to fit with their own target CSB and application.
Each LCD kit includes the selected LCD panel, inverter and cables which are designed to
work with each Advantech Standard RISC-based SOM Design-in Kit platform.
The following LCD kits are currently available:
10.4" TFT SVGA LCD kit (AU/UB104SXX)
15" TFT XVGA LCD kit (AUO/M150XN07)
PCB Form Factor
SOM Module P/N
Boot Loader Storage
OS Image Storage
Mini PCI
AMI Bus (X1 Bus)
237 mm x 160 mm
Pre-installed on SOM module
On CompactFlash® Card (CFC)
2 PCI slots (PCI Rev. 2.2 compliant )
1 Mini PCI slot
Advantech RISC standard AMI-120 connector with
driving buffers on SOM module
 Watch Dog
PXA255 Built-in
EVA-C210 Built-in
 System Backup Battery 65 mAh 2032 type rechargeable Li-ion coin battery for
 Serial Port Conn.
2 x RS-232 DB-9 connectors (COM1, COM2)
1 x IrDA 1.1 Physical Layer (COM3)
1 x 5 x 2 2.00 mm pin header (COM4)
1 x 6 x 2 2.00 mm pin header (COM5)
 Ethernet
1 x 10/100 Base-T LAN port w/2 LEDs
 PCMCIA/CompactFlash 1 x Type II CFC slot and 1 x Type II PCMCIA slot
 USB Host
2 x USB 1.1 host connector
 USB Client
1 x mini USB 1.1 Client connector
 PS/2
1 PS/2 connector for KB & MS. (Customers should use
PS/2 Y cable to expand)
 LCD Interface
40-pin advantech standard LCD connector supports
(TTL level)
24-bit LCD interface, resolution up to 1024 x 768
20-pin advantech standard LCD connector supports
1-channel LVDS signals
DB-15 conn., resolution up to 1024 x 768
 TV-In
1 RCA jack for TV-in function
 TV-Out
1 RCA jack for TV-out function
 T/S
4-wire resistive touch screen housing (SPI interface
 Audio Interface
8 x 2 mm Pin header-Line-in, Line-out, MIC-in,
Speaker-out, Line-in Jack and Line-out Jack
 Buzzer
 SM Bus
SM bus housing
 System Reset Button H/W reset button, S/W reset button, Wakeup/Suspend
 OS Support
Windows CE .NET 4.2
 Power Input
12V DC in with power switch
 Inverter
5-pin housing for LCD inverter control
 Operating Temperature 0 ~ 60° C
 Operating Humidity
0% ~ 90%
 Certification
Ordering Information
SOM-A255F Design-in Package
 Design-in Kit
(Must order)
 LCD Kit
(Optional item)
 LCD Kit
(Optional item)
 LCD Kit
(Optional item)
 LCD-A150-TTX2-0
(Optional item)
SOM-A255F Series Design-in Kit. (** without Panel)
5.7" STN QVGA LCD kit. The kit includes 4-wire
resistive T/S, inverter, cables and installation guide.
6.4" TFT VGA LCD kit. The kit includes 4-wire
resistive T/S, inverter, cables and installation guide.
10.4" TFT SVGA LCD kit. The kit includes 4-wire
resistive T/S, inverter, cables and installation guide.
15" TFT XGA kit. This kit includes 4-wire resistive T/S,
inverter, cables and installation guide.
Packing List
 SOM-A255F-440B1
SOM-A255F standard SOM.
 SOM-A255F-440B1
Carrier board for SOM-A255F-440B1
Carrier Board
 64 MB CompactFlash Card
 Testing Kit
Includes H/W testing tools, S/W testing utility and
 AC power Adaptor
AC/DC power adaptor for Design-in Kit power supply.
 SOM-A255F Series
Included Software Development tools, SOM-A255F
Support CD
spec, SOM-ADK255F spec, SOM-A255F manual,
SOM-ADK255F manual, Testing Kit application note &
SOM-A255F carrier board design guide.
Online Download
All product specifications are subject to change without notice
Last updated : 15-Aug-2005
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