Plastic Single Channel Swivel

Plastic Single Channel Swivel
Instructions for Use: Single Channel Plastic Swivels
mouse tethers that use PS62 spring (CIH62, LW62).
Purchase universal clamp (CLAMP) separately for use
with other spring sizes.
3. Attach IV lines. See Guide to Tubing Fit for compatible
tubing choices. Swivels are provided sterilized by EtO
when in unopened and undamaged packaging.
4. Discard after use.
Intended Use
Prevents tangling of IV line during rodent infusion or sampling. To be used in combination with a spring tether. Designed to be discarded after use to avoid the cost of
cleaning and risk of cross-contamination.
Leaking swivel. Check that tubing is fully pushed onto inlet
and outlets and that tubing has a snug fit. Swivel seals can
leak if fluids are forced through it with high pressure from
a syringe, either manually or via a syringe pump. The seals
are under pressure from a spring and should reseal immediately. Reduce flow rates if this is a problem.
Clogged swivel. Discard and replace.
Do not autoclave.
1. Set up mount above the
cage to give animal the
greatest range of movement. CM375BS counterbalance recommended for
most shoebox cages. Do
not clamp the swivel so
tightly that the plastic
body is deformed; this
can break the swivel
2. Attach tether by twisting
spring clockwise to insert
and remove. This shrinks
the spring for a press fit.
375/22PS and 375/20PS
models fit rat tethers that
use PS95 spring
(VAH95T, CIH95, DC95,
LW95); 375/25PS fits
Instech Solomon, 5209 Militia Hill Road, Plymouth Meeting PA, 19462, USA
800-443-4227 • 610-941-0132 • 610-941-0134 fax •
375XXPS_IFU.qxp 090519
Please report any quality problems to Instech.
Repair parts and factory service are not available for disposable plastic swivels.
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