compact universal digital desktop mixer
System overview
The Lyra is a fully digital desktop mixer. Its concept originates from the
latest technologies which are brought to a ‘easy to use’ and ‘versatile’
The Lyra is based on two sophisticated system parts: a huge
matrix/router and powerful DSP power. The balanced combination
makes the Lyra a flexible and powerful audio-tool.
Added values to this clever digital machine are the options to control
and administrate the device from any location. Its made that easy for
you, simply use your internet browser for remote service.
Also you have a grow path towards audio-networking. The Lyra has an
option to add Cobranet to enlarge your audio matrix. this option
makes sure you are compatible with many other audio manufacturers
to receive, transmit and share audio from different locations in your
This all you can find in a very compact 2HE rack unit. The huge
possibilities can be controlled from an easy to understand 4 fader
desktop control surface. A second 4 fader surface can be connected to have 8 stereo modules.
4 fader control surface
Routing & Mixing
The Lyra has an huge matrix onboard, 34 Inputs to 25 Outputs (& 5 fixed buss
outputs). You can configure the matrix the way you want by the web server.
Added to the matrix are 8 outputs to the DSP/mixer and 10 outputs from de
DSP/Mixer. That makes it possible to add processing functionality to your
matrix to create your own mixer.
The DSP/Mixer contains 8 stereo modules. Each module can adjust gain, 3
band EQ, 1 knobs compressor after processing you can send the signal to the
busses Prog, Sub, Aux, Cleanfeed 1 and Cleanfeed 2. Each buss has a fixed
analog output
This short description makes clear you have a complete 8 module broadcast
mixer in this compact box.
Audio Networking
The Lyra has an option for Cobranet. This gives your Lyra the possibility to be part in the audio network. From that
moment you can share your audio and take audio from many different locations. Even your network administrator can
now track all devices by using the remote control over Ethernet (TCP/IP).
Remote Control
The wishes you always had now become reality, Its possible to remote
service and/or control the Lyra. Just from your lazy chair you can login
to the Lyra web-server, check settings and the log.
Further you can access the FTP server to transfer presets and or
update firmware. That makes live easy! There is even a possibility to
control your audio from remote locations by using a TCP/IP
connection. The ActiveX control which is part of the package makes it
possible to write your own program, do scheduling or make scripts to
control the Lyra.
Easy to use
You will be surprised how intuitive the Lyra will be in use. Even a high
technology digital product can be easy to understand ! All different
parts of the Lyra are designed to be clear in layout and functions.
you know how to
work with this
flexible equipment.
On Air
Its already clear the Lyra is a versatile device. Without any concession you can use the
Lyra if a 8 channel on-air console instead of doing desktop production work.
The surface layout and Lyra settings are very familiar for broadcast engineers.
The amount of GPIOs shows you can do hardly any trick you want !
The simplicity of the software and possibilities of integrating your software/automation
with the ActiveX control, that’s something you have to check yourself….
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