Furuno NavNet TZtouch Adds Many New Features with Major Software Update

Furuno NavNet TZtouch Adds Many New Features with Major Software Update
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Camas, WA, June 25, 2013 – Last year, Furuno introduced the first multi touch
navigation MFD to the market place with NavNet TZtouch. Built on the latest dual-core
processor, Furuno’s intention was to periodically refresh TZtouch with new software
features, further enhancing the product. The first software update brought us
unprecedented FLIR camera integration and sophisticated fuel management tools. Now,
just a few months later, Furuno has released version 3.01 software for NavNet TZtouch,
delivering several new capabilities through tight integration with several peripheral
TruEcho CHIRP Network Fish Finder
One of the most anticipated additions to NavNet TZtouch has been Furuno’s TruEcho
CHIRP DFF1-UHD Fish Finder. Version 3.01 adds TruEcho CHIRP functionality to the
TZT9, TZT14 and TZTBB. With TruEcho CHIRP, you gain exceptional broadband
resolution, along with Bottom Discrimination and Accu-Fish.
Fusion Audio Control
With this software release, TZtouch transforms into a hybrid MFD Media Player. When a
Fusion MS700 series audio system is networked to any NavNet TZtouch system, you
will gain control of the stereo directly from your TZtouch screen. Now you can control
MS700 features like audio sources, volume, zone control, menu and more with a simple
tap of the finger on your TZtouch display.
NavPilot 700 Autopilot Control
Your TZT9, TZT14 or TZTBB can become a remote control for your NavPilot 700 or 711
Autopilot system. With a simple selection from the RotoKey menu, a NavPilot control
window is activated and will appear on your TZtouch display. Now you can adjust your
course, select Auto or Nav modes, even indicate the turn mode you have set.
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Page 2 – NavNet TZtouch v3.01 Software Update
Version 3.01 of TZTouch software also allows for tight integration with several other
Furuno products, such as their large FAR2xx7 Radar Series and the FCV1150 Fish
Finder. Both can be connected to the network via Ethernet, allowing them to be selected
as a Radar and Fish Finder source for TZtouch. If you need a remote or second station
on your vessel already equipped with these units, this is an excellent option.
NavNet TZtouch is already compatible with both NTSC and IP cameras, giving you the
choice of which type of camera you would like to use. However, with this software
upgrade, Furuno has given you more flexibility. Previously, only MPEG-4 IP cameras
could be used, but now you can also have a camera with the popular H.264 format. This
gives you a greater selection of AXIS IP cameras from which to choose.
In addition to the major enhancements, there are also several subtle changes that were
made to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the overall visual impression. For more
information on the NavNet TZtouch series, as well as a complete list of new features,
functions and fixes, visit: Furuno U.S.A., www.FurunoUSA.com or, go directly to:
http://www.furunousa.com/ProductDocuments/NavNet_TZtouch_v3.01_Software.pdf ###
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