Safety Instructions for Gate Automation Systems

Safety Instructions for Gate Automation Systems
To ensure the safety of people, it is important that you read all the following
instructions. Incorrect installation or incorrect use of the product could
cause serious harm to people and/or property.
The installer, being either professional or DIY, is the last person on the site
who can ensure that the operator is safely installed, and that the whole
system can be operated safely. This Safety Instruction Sheet must be passed
on to the end-user responsible for operating the system during the handover.
Warnings for the installer
1. All installation, repair, and service work to this product must be done by a suitably
qualified person.
2. Endstops capable of stopping the gate at rated speed are mandatory and must be fitted
to prevent the gate from overrunning its limits for any reason. Failure to do this could
result in the gate falling onto persons and causing serious injury or death. Refer to
specifications of the operator to determine the operating speed.
3. Safety devices such as gate safety infrared beams must be fitted to the installation to
prevent the gate from moving should anything be in the path of the gate. The mechanical
movement of the gate presents risks such as crushing, dragging and shearing.
4. A Passive Sensitive Edge high-density foam strip should be fitted to all shearing edges of
the gate installation. The Passive Sensitive Edge helps absorb the kinetic energy of a
moving gate in the event of a collision, and provides additional time for the inherent
electronic anti-crushing technology of the operator to react.
5. It is recommended that at least one warning indicator light be fitted to every system.
6. Always fit the warning signs visibly to the inside and outside of the gate.
7. Do not activate your gate operator unless you can see it and can determine that its area
of travel is clear of people, pets, or other obstructions.
8. If a pedestrian gate opening device, such as a keypad, has been fitted it is recommended
to always have a pre-opening delay activated when operating the pedestrian opening.
This will allow a pedestrian sufficient time to ensure that he/she is well clear of the gate
before it begins to move. Pedestrian gate opening devices should always be installed on
the opposing end of the gate to where the operator is located to ensure that the gate
opens away from where the pedestrian is standing.
9. NO ONE MAY CROSS THE PATH OF A MOVING GATE. Always keep people and
objects away from the gate and its area of travel.
10. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
11. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the gate or operator.
12. Do not in any way modify the components of the automated system.
13. Do not install the equipment in an explosive atmosphere: the presence of flammable gas
or fumes is a serious source of danger and may compromise safety.
14. Before attempting any work on the system, isolate electrical power and disconnect the
15. The mains power supply of the automated system must be fitted with an all-pole switch,
mounted within one metre of the operator, with contact opening distance of 3mm or
greater. The use of a 5A thermal breaker with all-pole circuit break is recommended.
16. Make sure that an earth leakage circuit breaker with a threshold of 30mA is fitted
upstream of the system.
17. Never short circuit the battery and do not try to recharge the batteries with power supply
units other than that supplied with the product, or supplied by Centurion Systems and
specified for this system.
18. Make sure that the earthing system is correctly constructed, and that all metal parts of
the system are suitably earthed.
19. The installer must explain and demonstrate the manual override operation of the gate in
case of an emergency, and must hand installation documentation, user guides and any
Safety/Warning documents provided with the operator over to the end-user.
20. Explain these safety instructions to all persons authorised to use this gate automation
system, and be sure that they understand the
hazards associated with automated gates.
21. Do not leave packaging materials (plastic,
polystyrene, etc.) within reach of children as
such materials are potential sources of danger.
22. Dispose of all waste products like packaging
materials, worn out batteries, etc, according to
local regulations.
23. Always check the obstruction detection system,
and/or safety devices for correct operation prior
to hand-over. During the hand-over of the
system, explain to the end-user how to perform
these checks to confirm that all safety devices
are operating correctly.
24. Centurion Systems does not accept any liability
caused by improper use of the product,
installation that does not conform to
instructions as detailed in the installation
documentation, or for any use of the operator
other than that for which it was designed for.
25. This product was designed and built strictly for
the use indicated in the documentation
provided with the product. Any other use, not
expressly indicated within the documentation,
could be a source of danger and/or compromise
the service life/operation of the product and
invalidate the warranty.
26. Anything not expressly specified in these
instructions is not permitted.
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