Conext Automatic Generator Start
Conext Automatic Generator Start
Automatically start and stop a generator to meet power needs
The ConextTM Automatic Generator Start (AGS) can automatically activate or stop a generator in response to changing
power requirements. An excellent addition to an off-grid or backup power system, the AGS seamlessly connects to the
XanbusTM network and shares status information with all other devices on the network. It can monitor a set of system
user-programmable parameters such as battery voltage, state of charge or grid power and can activate the generator in
response to any changes. The AGS can also be configured remotely using the Conext System Control Panel (SCP) or
Conext ComBox to engage a generator, and can assist an inverter/charger when output power demands are high.
Why choose Automatic Generator Start?
True bankability
•Warranty from a trusted partner with 178 years of experience
•World leader in industrial power drives, UPS and electrical distribution
•Strong service infrastructure worldwide to support your global needs
Higher return on investment
•Integrate with an inverter/charger to maximize system power performance
Designed for reliability
•Tested and qualified for harsh environmental conditions
(HALT reliability testing)
•Works with multiple Xanbus devices - Conext XW, SW, MPPT 60-150,
MPPT 80-600, SCP, ComBox
•User-programmable trigger settings to meet specific application needs
°Battery voltage °Exercise time
°Quiet time
°Inverter / charger AC power loads
• Supports manual start and stop operation modes
Easy to service
•Access and troubleshoot AGS device events using the Conext ComBox
or SCP
•Easily upgrade new firmware to the AGS using the ComBox
Easy to install
•Wall mount
•RJ45 connections for Xanbus network cables
Product applications
Backup power
Residential grid-tie solar with
backup power
Community electrification
off-grid solar
Conext Automatic Generator Start
Device short name
Conext Automatic Generator Start
Electrical specifications
Nominal input network voltage
15 Vdc
Max. operating current
200 mA @ nominal input network voltage
Relay contact voltage rating
12 Vdc, 30 Vdc max*
Max. relay contact current
5 A DC*
Nominal 12/24 V thermostat input voltage
12 Vdc / 24 Vdc* = On
Min. 12/24 V thermostat input voltage
9.5 Vdc*
Max. 12/24 V thermostat input voltage
30 Vdc*
Typical 12/24 V thermostat input current
14.6 mA @ 12 V
Nominal 12/24 V generator running B+ voltage
12 Vdc / 24 Vdc* = On
Min. 12/24 V generator running B+ voltage
9.5 Vdc*
Max. 12/24 V generator running B+ voltage
30 Vdc*
Typical 12/24 V generator running B+ voltage
14.6 mA @ 12 V
General specifications
Dimensions (H x W x D)
9.55 x 14.6 x 3.7 cm (3.8 x 5.7 x 1.5 in)
225.0 g (0.5 lb)
Mounting options
IP rating / location
IP20, indoor only
2 to 5 years (depending on country)
Part number
Network protocol
2 x RJ45 ports
Regulatory approvals
CSA 107.1-01, UL 458 4th Ed including the Marine Supplement
EMCFCC Part 15B Class B, Industry Canada ICES-0003 Class B
Included parts
One network terminator
One CAT5 cable (2.1 m)
One mounting plate
Four #6 screws
Specifications are subject to change without notice. *Limited to Class 2 levels (100 VA)
Conext Automatic Generator Start works with the following Schneider Electric products
Conext XW inverter/charger
XW 5548 NA Product no. 865-5548-01
XW 6848 NA Product no. 865-6848-01
XW 7048 E Product no. 865-7048-61
XW 8548 E Product no. 865-8548-61
Conext SW inverter/charger
SW 2524 120 Product no. 865-2024
SW 4024 120 Product no. 865-3524
SW 2524 230 Product no. 865-2524-61
SW 4024 230 Product no. 865-3524-61
Conext MPPT 60 150
solar charge controller
Product no. 865-1030-1
Conext MPPT 80 600
solar charge controller
Product no. 865-1032
System Control Panel
Product no. 865-1050-01
Conext Combox
Communication device
Product no. 865-1058
Conext Battery Monitor
Product no. 865-1081-01
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