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 EZ Watch 4-BU Quick Start Guide
This Package Contains
EZ Watch Pro 4-channel Business grade capture card
EZ Watch Pro Manual and Software CD
4-channel Video Dongle
To install the EZ Watch capture card you will need to open up your computer to insert and install
the card. The only tool that is required for most computers is a phillips-head screwdriver.
1. Ensure that power is turned off on your computer and that the computer has been
disconnected from the wall outlet.
2. Remove the side or top cover of your computer.
3. Locate an available PCI slot on the computer’s motherboard.
4. Remove the back cover plate and mounting screw from next to the PCI slot (If your
computer case has them).
5. Fully insert the EZ Watch Pro capture card into the PCI slot. Ensure that the back metal
plate of the capture card is accessable from the back of the PC.
6. Replace the mounting screw to secure the capture card and prevent it from shifting or
coming loose.
7. Replace the side or top cover of your computer. Connect the 4-channel video dongle to
the capture card via the port on the back of the PC. Connect the computer to an AC
8. Turn on the PC. When windows loads it may ask you to install new hardware. CANCEL
any and all windows that appear asking to install new hardware.
9. When windows has been fully loaded on your computer, insert the EZ Watch Pro
software CD. On the menu that appears, click ‘Software’ to load the software on your
10. When the ‘welcome’ window appears, select ‘EZ Watch Pro Business Grade’ from the
list and hit next. If Business Grade is greyed out and cannot be selected, then contact
technical support.
1 11. Press ‘next’ on all screens. Enter any information (User name, company name, etc) that
it asks for. When it asks if you want to do a complete or custom installation, choose
12. When the installation is finished it will ask if you wish to install the driver. Choose Yes on
that window. Continue hitting ‘Next’ through any prompts.
13. When the software is finished installing, it will ask to reboot the PC. Allow it to do so.
14. When the PC has finished rebooting, go to ‘Start’ then go to ‘All Programs’. In the menu
locate ‘EZ Watch Pro Business Grade’ on the list, and click on the ‘Main Console’ icon
located within.
15. The software will ask you to create a password. Enter your chosen password in both the
‘Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’ fields. If you wish you can leave the password blank,
but this is not secure and is not recommended.
16. The software will launch and show you the camera screen. At this point you may begin
connecting your cameras to the dongle on the back of your PC. It is safe to connect the
cameras while the PC is still turned on. There are 4 video inputs on the dongle for
cameras, and 1 audio input for a microphone (Sold separately).
Your EZ Watch Pro software is set up to record continuously by default. To begin recording,
click the ‘START’ button at the bottom of the camera screen
and click on ‘Start Monitor
All’. A red dot will appear in the corner of each camera to indicate that camera is recording.
To set your cameras to record on motion :
1. Press the schedule button at the bottom of the screen
2. Double-click the red line next to Camera 1 in the top-right section of the screen.
3. In the ‘Mode’ box in the center of the new window, place the dot in the Record on Motion
4. Click on the ‘all’ button to tell the camera to look for motion anywhere on the image.
5. Press ‘OK’. The line next to camera 1 will now appear green, and have a dotted outline.
6. Press ‘Copy To’ and choose ‘Copy to all cameras’ to change all of the lines on the
screen to be green.
7. Press ‘OK’ to save your settings.
All of your cameras will now record only when movement occurs in front of them. The dot in the
corner of the screen will appear green when no motion is detected, and turn red when it sees
movement and begins recording.
For additional assistance in navigating the menu of the software, configuring additional options
within the software, or for answers to many questions about the software please see the user
manual PDF file located on the EZ Watch Pro Software CD.
2 For assistance in setting up remote access to view your DVR over the internet please see our
guide at
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