Toughest Truck Scales on Earth Steel Deck Truck Scale

Toughest Truck Scales on Earth Steel Deck Truck Scale
Steel Deck Truck Scale
Top Access • Low Profile
Truck Scales
on Earth®
Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ SURVIVOR truck scales utilize up to 35 percent
more steel content than competitor truck scales, providing the deck support
and overall weighbridge strength to last a generation or more.
The compact, low-profile SURVIVOR OTR steel deck installs quickly—ready to weigh
heavy loads and withstand constant traffic in as little as one day, getting production
processes up and running as quickly as possible.
The SURVIVOR OTR steel deck features a wide-flange
I-beam construction. 12-inch wide-flange beams
on 11.5-inch centers run longitudinally with
the traffic flow beneath a 5/16-inch
diamond plate deck. The wide-flange
I-beam construction helps
minimize deflection (vertical
flexing), a major factor in
determining the life
of the weighbridge.
Many other
manufacturers use
lighter beams and bent
plates in the middle of the
bridge, or may space beams farther
away from the center of the module to
reduce the cost of the scale. Over time, this type
of bridge can bow, causing inaccuracies in weighments,
scale downtime and eventually scale failure.
End View SURVIVOR Truck Scale Steel Deck
12-inch wide-flange beams on 11.5-inch centers, open bottom eliminates rust-causing moisture
End View Competitor Model
Lighter bent plate, closed bottom where moisture can collect and cause rust
Long-lasting Value
SURVIVOR OTR truck scales are designed to accommodate a minimum of 250 trucks per day for 25 years without weighbridge fatigue—equivalent
to more than two million weighments. Rice Lake’s five-year parts warranty covers load cells, junction boxes and suspension systems to ensure
worry-free operation. SURVIVOR OTR truck scales also include a lightning protection package, and weighbridges are warranted against defects in
materials and workmanship for five years from delivery.
Tough from Start to Finish
Advanced Design
Steel deck OTR truck scales go through an extensive finishing process:
blast-cleaning to remove mill scale and surface imperfections, maximum
coating adhesion preparation, high-solids urethane primer and paint application,
and an asphalt emulsion undercoating on all non-visible steel surfaces.
PE-certified Rice Lake design engineers use
the most advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
software to examine high-stress areas and design SURVIVOR
truck scales based on actual loading characteristics. Custom
sizes are a standard procedure and can be manufactured to
easily fit existing foundations.
A Solid Foundation
Matching the correct foundation to specific soil conditions is critical to scale
performance. Factory specialists and authorized distributors will assist in specifying
the proper type for each application site. Professional engineer-certified prints are
available to further ensure a quality foundation.
Floating Slab Foundation
Mounting System
Rice Lake’s patented G-Force™ self-checking mounting system
eliminates excess movement and scale wear by using 100
percent of the gravitational force from the loading action
against itself, returning the scale to center without check rods
or bumper bolts.
Pier Foundation
Pit Foundation
Load Cell Pockets
Breathing Room Below
The SURVIVOR OTR steel deck features an open-bottom design, eliminating the
cavity where rust-causing moisture can collect. Rice Lake’s unique asphalt emulsion
coating is applied to all non-visible steel surfaces and undersides, adding extra
protection from moisture and corrosive elements to prolong the life of the scale.
Top access to load cells and junction boxes
through an integrated load cell pocket ensures easy
installation and maintenance. Load cell pockets are made
with heavy-duty steel plates incorporated into the design of
the scale, adding extraordinary strength and integrity to a
critical area of the weighbridge.
Compared to competitors,
Rice Lake’s truck scales offer more
support under the tires, minimizing
deflection and increasing the life of
the weighbridge.
Rice Lake Truck Scale
• Up to 270,000 pound gross weight capacity
• 100,000 pound concentrated load capacity (CLC)
• 100,000 pound dual tandem axle rating (DTA)
• Span deflection ratio of 1:1100
for legal highway loads
• 75,000 pound capacity load cells and mounts
• NTEP Certified Legal for Trade up to 16.5 feet wide
• Fast installation
• Easy relocation and expansion
• Lower profiles
• 5/16 or 3/8-inch deck plate
• Optional tread runners for increased tire support
Intelligent Junction Box
Add an iQUBE² to your application to display
and track load cell performance, and much more.
The optional iQUBE² digital diagnostic junction box has the unique capability to digitally monitor and communicate load cell performance,
as well as the ability to compensate for a failing load cell until repairs can be made. iQUBE² provides unparalleled speed and communication
and is far more resistant to electrostatic discharge and transient damage from lightning strikes than any other traditional junction box.
• iQUBE² is a Legal for Trade indicator without a display. It can be
interfaced to almost any serial host using open protocol.
• With iQUBE², each load cell operates independently, improving the
signal-to-noise ratio and making diagnostic functions available.
• The iQUBE² emulator function compares the output of each load
cell to the cell adjacent to it and matches the cell output profile,
allowing the scale to remain operational until a repair can be made.
• When used with a diagnostics screen, iQUBE² displays and tracks
load cell performance, weight, dead load and current values for
each load cell, and has the ability to send email alerts. The system
diagnostic checks A/D, excitation, communication and load cell
bridges, and assesses weighing performance with tunable
diagnostics for return to zero, drift, noise and linearity.
• Each iQUBE² board has diagnostic LEDs for displaying load cell
health, communication port activity, processor heartbeat and
digital I/O functionality. The boards can run with a DC power
source (7.5-12 VDC), or with an AC power supply that
mounts in the enclosure.
When paired with Rice Lake’s 920i® digital indicator, diagnostics
are taken a step further. The 920i display will prompt when a
potential problem is detected and even email the findings to
your service provider.
Complete your scale with the highest quality accessories.
1. HMI Digital Weight Indicators
We offer a complete line of weight indicators, including models that can store up to 1,000 truck ID numbers and truck tares.
Weight indicators are available in a range of enclosures for various environmental protection levels.
2.iQUBE² Intelligent Junction Box
Featuring the latest analog-to-digital technology for continuous scale monitoring and
advanced diagnostics, iQUBE² provides a value-added solution for multi-cell scale systems.
3.Ticket and Continuous Fanfold Printers
Our high-speed, high-quality printers include performance features such as 180 characters-persecond printing and double-strike power to handle up to five-part multicopy forms.
4.OnTrak™ Data Management Software
OnTrak is easy-to-use, network-capable software with full reporting, accounting and invoicing
features that connect your scale to your office computer and accounting system.
5.Automated Ticketing Kiosk
Our Automated Ticketing Kiosk (ATK) system is ideal for truck identification, ticketing,
and load assignment and weighing for concrete, aggregate and asphalt plant operations.
ATK systems optimize truck and material flow and increase efficiencies throughout operations.
6.Remote Displays
Featuring a super-bright LED display and a non-glare filtered lens, the SURVIVOR LaserLight®
remote display and M-Series messaging remote display are clearly visible—even in direct
sunlight. The displays’ unique IntelliBright™ feature uses a photo sensor to read ambient
light to automatically adjust the displays’ intensity between day and night settings to
optimize power usage.
7.Traffic Signals
Our traffic signals have been tested to more than 80 miles-per-hour wind conditions on
a single-point attachment. Corrosion-resistant PVC coatings and stainless steel hardware
makethe unit fully resistant to weathering.
8.Guiderails (Recommended Option)
Heavy-duty guiderail systems offer an attractive, visible guide to help drivers stay centered
on the scale. The guiderails are slightly offset to allow full use of the deck surface and
minimize damage to truck wheels if contact is made.
Inquire about our full line of vehicle scales tailored to your specific application needs.
Custom Designs Available
We manufacture and stock a wide selection of scales in
the most popular sizes and capacities. We also specialize
in custom solutions, including unique dimensions and
profiles, existing pit and foundation matching, extreme
weight capacities, dump-through modules and more.
Extreme-duty, low-profile concrete
or steel deck siderail scales
Pit-type concrete or steel
deck scales
Heavy- and super-duty top
access or siderail scales
Call us at 800-472-6703 to discuss your requirements
with a member of our heavy capacity sales group and
locate an authorized distributor in your region.
Visit to view complete
specifications of the entire line of SURVIVOR truck scales.
Your Rice Lake Weighing Systems distributor is:
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