Specifications 138kb pdf

Specifications 138kb pdf
Specification Sheet
Zip InLine CEX
Electronic instantaneous water heaters
Features & benefits
• Electronically controlled instantaneous electric water heaters for
supplying single or multiple outlets
• The most energy efficient way of directly heating water electrically
• Highly efficient bare wire heating system
• Zero standing heat loss as no stored water
• Instant hot water
• Provides a constant supply of hot water at exactly the
temperature selected
As Zip policy is one of continuous product improvement,
changes to specifications may be made without prior notice.
• Heating power electronically adjusted to compensate for variable
inlet pressures and temperatures
The terms Zip, InLine and CEX are Trademarks
• Suitable for use with pre-heated water from solar heating systems.
Data Sheet CEX001 | Updated UK January 2013
Specification Sheet
Zip InLine CEX
Electronic instantaneous water heaters
• Can provide a constant supply of hot water to
one or more outlets.
The heating element switches on automatically
when the minimum flow rate is exceeded and
switches off when flow rate reduces below the
• Regulates power consumption electronically
depending on supply water temperature and
flow rate to achieve the required outlet
• Also regulates power consumption based on
outlet temperature to ensure precise
temperature control irrespective of fluctuations
in voltage and water pressure.
• Power rating can be selected at the time of
• Bare wire heating system ensures fast
response for immediate, energy efficient
delivery of hot water.
• The required outlet temperature can be set via
two touch sensitive membrane keys within the
range 30°C to 55°C with digital display of the
selected temperature.
• Enables selection of two pre-programmed
temperature settings.
• Provides visible indication when the heating
power available is unable to achieve the
required temperature at the selected flow rate.
• Maximum inlet temperature of 70°C is suitable
for use with pre-heated water from solar
heating systems.
• Optional wireless control (ZL016) for
convenience and concealed installations.
The appliance must be installed in an
environment which is free from frost at all times.
Power rating
6.6kW / 8.8kW(1)
Rated current
29A (6.6kW) / 38A (8.8kW)
Power supply
1/N/PE 230V~
Hot water (l/min) Maximum at 6t = 25°C
3.6 (6.6kW) / 4.8(2) (8.8kW)
Rated volume (litres)
Rated pressure
1 MPa (10 bar)
Element type
Bare wire heating system IES
>1100 1cm @ 15°C
Required specific water resistance
Maximum inlet temperature
Switch on flow rate (l/min)
Maximum flow rate (l/min)
Pressure loss @ 2.5 l/min
@ 9.0 l/min
0.2 bar
1.3 bar(3)
Temperature setting range
30°C – 55°C
Maximum weight (kg)
Dimensions H x W x D (mm)
294 x 177 x 108
Water connections
Protection class
½” BSP
(1) Power rating selected at time of installation (2) Flow rate limited to achieve optimum temperature rise (3) Without flow regulator
The hot water pipes must be thermally
Contact Zip HydroCare on 0845 6 005 005.
Minimum flow rate 2.0 litres/min.
One-year on site parts and labour.
For full details of the Zip Warranty Scheme visit:
A minimum water pressure of 2 bar is
recommended for optimum performance.
Maximum flow rate will be achieved at a water
pressure of 6 bar.
Typical Installation
Should be installed by a suitably qualified
installer of electric instantaneous water heaters.
The appliance complies with protection class
IP25 for over-sink installation, protection class
IP24 for under-sink installation and may be
installed in zone 1.
The appliance must be earthed and connected
to the supply by means of permanent wiring
through an isolation switch having a contact
separation of at least 3mm on all poles and
protected by a suitably rated circuit breaker.
In order to minimise thermal losses, the distance
between the appliance and the outlet fitting
should be as short as possible. Recommended
maximum distance 2 metres.
The cross sectional area of the connection cable
must be in accordance with the power rating of
the appliance and the specific requirements of
the installation site.
CEX-U enables installation under-sink, close to
the outlet fitting, keeping thermal losses to a
The appliance must be installed in accordance
with current IEE regulations.
Mains supply
The appliance is intended for connection to a
potable mains water supply. The specific water
resistance of the supply must not fall below the
minimum specified on the rating plate.
Hot and cold connecting pipes should be
WRAS approved and of copper or steel
construction. Plastic pipes may only be used if
conforming to DIN 16893 Series 2.
IP Rating
CEX-O IP25 / CEX-U IP24.
Suitable for installation in Zone 1.
• WRAS approved
• VDE approved to the LVD and EMC directives
• CE endorsed
N.B. Instantaneous water heating is the most
energy efficient way of directly heating water
electrically, however, the delivered water
temperature will be dependant upon the
incoming water temperature, supply voltage
and selected flow rate.
Technical Support
Contact Zip on 0845 6 005 005.
Data Sheet CEX001 | Updated UK January 2013
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