VIPedge Cloud-based Unified Communications
VIPedge® Cloud-based Unified Communications
Enterprise-quality business communications without having to purchase, install and maintain
phone system equipment on-site
Is your company looking to save money on local, long
distance and international phone service?
Is your organization planning to upgrade an aging phone
system to gain the advantages of IP communications?
Are you looking for an alternative to purchasing and installing
telephony equipment and dealing with the ongoing administration
and maintenance that follows?
Do you have a growing business that needs the flexibility to
add new users on-demand or quickly get new locations up
and running?
Do you want consistency and continuity across a network of
locations, regardless of the deployment—in the cloud, on
your premises, or a hybrid of both solution types?
nDo you need a built-in survivability solution that ensures
communications continue during outages?
Would you like to easily take advantage of the latest business
applications and emerging innovations by simply subscribing
to these as-a-service?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, your
organization can benefit from Toshiba’s VIPedge cloud-based
unified communications solution that delivers all the functionality
of the award-winning IPedge® system as a convenient, pay-asyou-go monthly service.
VIPedge offers complete call handling and call control features,
unified messaging, sophisticated unified communications and
advanced mobility—a full suite of IP business communications
without the need to buy, install or maintain any phone system
equipment on-site.
Whether you want to reduce capital expenses, free your IT talent
from running the office phone system or open the door to a new
way of working through IP communications, VIPedge is the answer
and will help you streamline your operation, vastly improve
employee productivity and allow you to deliver far better service
to your customers.
Unified Communications for Every User
VIPedge delivers a comprehensive feature suite based on Toshiba’s
135+ years of industry experience—all the communication tools
a business needs to communicate effectively, including:
Complete business telephone features, such as Caller ID,
hold, transfer, park/pick-up, speed dial, conference, intercom,
paging, and hundreds of other IPedge phone features (see
full feature table).
Unified Communications that enables a smartphone, tablet,
desktop or laptop computer to operate like an extension of
the phone system, with single number reach, click-to-dial,
federated presence, group instant messaging and consolidated
call and IM history stored in the cloud. HTML5 technology
enables code portability across devices so that features and
functionality are identical on every device type.
Voice mail with Unified Messaging, with standard voice mail
and auto attendant features, voice mail access from an email
inbox, message notifications, soft key navigation of mailbox
menus and the Follow Me feature for flexible call control.
Mobilize Your Workforce
Mix and Match Deployments—the Hybrid Cloud
VIPedge® supports the same high-quality Toshiba endpoint
devices as the IPedge® system, including the IP5000-series desk
telephones (IP5131-SDL, IP5531-SDL and IP5631-SDL) and the
SIP-based IP4100 DECT wireless handsets for roaming around
the building or campus. In addition, UC client softphone support
allows mobile devices, Windows® PC and Mac® computers to
function like any other extension on the system.
Cloud Convenience
Smartphone and Tablet Integration
Workers on-the-go will be able to use select Apple® and Android™
smartphones and tablets as office extensions, displaying their office
extension in the Caller ID for ‘single number reach’ whether you
are in or out of the office. In addition to accessing Toshiba calling
features, the mobile device client also synchronizes with the contact
list from the Toshiba phone system and enables access to more
advanced real-time communications like viewing presence status
information and exchanging Instant Messages, even with
colleagues external to the system.
Desk Phone Pairing
Call control pairing between the UC client and Toshiba’s IP5000 desk
phones lets you control the desk phone using your smartphone
or tablet. For example, you can dial from your mobile device,
but pick up the call on your desk phone. This desk phone pairing
is just one of the advanced capabilities available to increase
productivity and ensure efficiency and continuity when
communicating with important colleagues and customers.
With the VIPedge cloud service, Toshiba handles the secure data
center infrastructure and the phone system servers that deliver
the central intelligence of the communications system. All you need
to have on-site is an enterprise-quality router, user endpoint devices
and the local area network (LAN) to connect those devices to the
IP network. There is no need to worry about powering, maintaining
or updating a phone system server. Toshiba takes care of all that
in the cloud, and you always benefit from the latest firmware,
software and features.
Hybrid Networking
You can flexibly mix and match cloud and premises solutions
according to the needs of your organization. Deploy an IPedge
business phone system on some sites, while subscribing to the
VIPedge cloud service at other locations, or create a hybrid network
with feature transparency and common Unified Messaging and
Unified Communications applications across all locations. Since
both solutions are based on same software core, you use the
same phones and UC clients and the same feature-rich functionality
whether you choose a cloud, premises or hybrid deployment—
this is maximum investment protection.
Enterprise Management
VIPedge uses the Enterprise Manager web-browser administration
tool to unify the programming of the call processing features, the
messaging voice processing, and the unified communications
features. Since management and administration are always
accessible over the Internet, it is easy to log-in from any remote
location. Enterprise Manager is the same administration software
used by IPedge, which creates a consistent and familiar customer
experience across a hybrid network that includes both cloud and
on-premises deployments.
Security and Survivability
As a cloud service, VIPedge is protected by data center survivability,
security and controls that far surpass what a typical business can
provide on-site. The VIPedge solution is housed in a major data
center with redundant, dedicated connections to Tier 1 Internet
backbones. The 24/7/365 network control and operations center
is built as a “building within a building” to minimize the risk of
natural disasters. If the data circuit in the local office should fail,
calls will still reach users’ mobile phones or other devices via the
Follow Me feature.
VIPedge Features—Comprehensive and Complete
Each VIPedge user license includes a comprehensive suite of call processing features, plus voice mail with unified messaging, Follow Me
call routing, unified communications and mobile device integration. All of the features below are part of the VIPedge Business Standard
User License.
Unified Communications
Call Control Features (via desktop, laptop or
mobile device)
Call Thru/Call Back
Consolidated History (calls, IMs)
Contact List Synchronization
Contacts with Avatars
CRM and ACD Integration
Device Support (Android, iOS, Windows PC,
Mac Computer)
Instant Messaging (individual, group, broadcast)
Microsoft® Outlook® Integration
Multiple Device Login (3)
One Number Reach
Pairing (UCedge™ client and IP5000 phone)
Presence Indicators (telephony, IM, location)
Visual Voice Mail
XMPP Federation (Microsoft Lync® Server)
Call Processing
Account Codes
Advisory Messages
Alarm Notification
Alternate Answer Point
Automatic Busy Redial
Automatic Callback
Automatic Line Selection
Call Completion
Call Forward (system or station level)
Call History
Call Park
Call Pickup
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Caller Identification
Camp On
Class of Service
Conference (8 parties)
Day/Night Mode
Dial Directory
Dialed Number Identification Service
Direct Inward Dialing
Direct Station Selection
Directory Numbers
Distinctive LED Indicator
Distinctive Ringing
Do Not Disturb
Emergency Call
Enhanced 911 (E911)
Feature Prompting with Softkeys
Flexible Line Ringing
Flexible Numbering
Handsfree Answerback
Hearing Aid Compatible
High Call Volume Buttons
Hot Desking/IP User Mobility
Hot Dialing
Line Buttons
Live System Programming
Message Waiting
Multiple Call/Delayed Ringing
Music/Message On Hold
Off-Hook Call Announce
Repeat Last Number Dialed
Ring Over Busy
Speed Dial
Station Hunting
Transfer Direct to Voice Mail
Uniform Call Distribution
VLAN Tagging
Voice or Tone Signaling
Volume Control
Automated Attendant
Department Partitioning
Department Time Zone
Directory Assistance
Do Not Disturb
Follow-Me Connect Verification
Follow-Me Record to Mailbox
Follow-Me Transfer Back
Holiday / Date-based Greeting
No Response Destination
Operation Mode
Single-Digit Dialing
Time Of Day Greeting
Voice & Unified Messaging
Ad-hoc Groups
Archive Mailbox
Automatic Message Copy
Call Queuing
Call Record to Voice Mail
Call Screening
Caller ID Routing
Cancel Operation
Change Message Time
Check Message Count
Codec Support
Confidential Message
Delete Message
Direct Transfer to Voice Mailbox
Distribution Groups
End Recording Key
Envelope Information
External Message Notification
First-time User Tutorial
Future Delivery
Hospitality Mailbox
Integration with Email Clients
Mailbox Owner Language Selection
Mailbox Time Zone
Message Call Back
Message Cascading
Message Delete Confirmation
Message Waiting Confirmation
Messaging as an IMAP or POP Server
Notification of Non-receipt
Park and Page
Pause Message
Personal Assistant
Personal Automated Attendant
Play New Message Automatically
Priority Message
Programmable Menu Timeout
Redirecting Messages
Retrieve Deleted Messages
Return Receipt
Review Saved Messages
Speed Control
Soft Key Control of Voice Mail
Subscriber Menu
System and Department Language Selection
Variable Extension Length
Variable Mailbox Length
Voice Mail Call Monitor
Volume Control
Wake-up Call
Migrate to an on-site IPedge® system
at any time
Count on Toshiba and your Authorized
Toshiba Dealer
If your needs change or your business expands to the point
that it makes economic sense to have your own IP phone system,
you can easily migrate from the VIPedge® cloud service to an
on-premises IPedge system. You will re-use the same Toshiba
endpoints, and users will not have to re-learn how to use the
phone system. Cloud or on-premises, the choice is yours.
Toshiba’s VIPedge cloud-based telephone solution is available
via Authorized Toshiba Dealers nationwide.
Let Toshiba deliver the phone system server intelligence while your
Authorized Toshiba Dealer manages your system configuration,
management and maintenance through a secure web interface.
All you have to do is answer the phone and run the business.
To find out more, contact your Authorized Toshiba Dealer today.
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