C5255 / C5250 / C5240 / C5235 Advanced Scanning Advanced Cloud Computing

C5255 / C5250 / C5240 / C5235 Advanced Scanning Advanced Cloud Computing
C5255 / C5250 / C5240 / C5235
Advanced Scanning
Advanced Cloud
Advanced Integration
To Enterprise Systems
Advanced Adobe
The new imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5200 series improves on our top-range
multifunctional devices. From a simple, intuitive interface to enhanced document
capabilities, the updated series is even faster than before – all without compromising
on quality. Add to that cloud capability and holistic document solutions and you can
see why the imageRUNNER ADVANCE series gets its name.
And that’s the way your business should be. Simply advanced.
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5200 series has
been designed from the onset to offer you the following:
to suit your needs.
Environment Responsibility
for our future.
Usability and Convenience
that is centered on you.
that puts you in control.
to protect your critical documents.
you can count on.
Print Quality
that makes you look good.
that grows with you.
Find out how we have made Advanced
technologies work simpler for you.
Meet the multifunctional device that is optimized
for convenience and speed - your way.
Intuitive User Interface
You will notice the large, full-color 8.4” high resolution TFT
screen that boasts wide viewing angles and exceptional
clarity. The Main Menu gives you instant access to all your
system functions, letting you configure the number and size
of icons, and even the wallpaper on the menu screen. You
can even tailor it to suit individual or workgroup preferences.
Quick Menu allows you to accomplish more in less time by
streamlining complex, frequently used settings and workflows
to be saved and run at the touch of a single button.
Maintain Your Productivity
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5200 series is designed to keep your business going. Our innovative
toner system allows you to change out toners even during printing. The inbuilt paper sensor is also
intelligent enough to detect paper sizes accurately, reducing paper jams and misfeeds.
Step-by-step Tutorial
Walk Up Convenience
The inbuilt onscreen tutorial helps you explore the full capabilities
of the imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5200 series, and enables you to
learn and use more advanced functions with ease.
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5200 series comes with a USB port
that lets you scan to or print* files directly from your USB drive or
memory card at the device.
* Optional accessories are required for print.
Quality prints that truly shine.
High Resolution Brilliant Printouts
the E-drum imagePRESS technology with a 1200x1200 dpi
resolution, you get highly defined printouts, image consistency
and high speed printing. Matched with the pQ Toner and an intelligent
the imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5200 series truly brings you
he crispest, most vibrant color printouts.
imageCHIP System Architecture
Canon’s dual processor system meets the rigorous demands of today’s
businesses. The image processor board works with the scanner,
adjusts images and provides superior image processing. In tandem,
the information processor controls the user interface and coordinates
device networking and connectivity. Together, they give you better
results with lesser wait.
Fiery Print Controllers
Genuine Adobe PostScript 3
For an exceptionally high level of productivity and advanced color
management workflow control, get the powerful Fiery print controller
options – imagePASS-B2 and ColorPASS-GX400*. Both controllers are
Variable Data Printing (VDP) ready and support a variety of VDP languages.
The imageRUNNER ADVANCED C5200 series supports Genuine Adobe
PostScript 3 printing capability. This enables you to deliver the desired
printout quality without worries of font incompatibility. Work seamlessly
with Postscript workflow and achieve faster, higher quality printouts – not
just emulations. Direct PDF printing and full support of Adobe fonts also
translates to improved office productivity.
* Only for iR-ADV C5255
Advanced technology becomes simple with the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE.
Simply add the modular units you need to further extend the functions of your device.
4-Line Fax
Add on Super G3 fax functionality for high-speed fax transactions. The 4-line fax feature is capable of handling large
volumes of fax documents, while ensuring lesser busy signals and greater connectivity. You can also save cost and space
by installing the optional Remote Fax Kit that lets you fax through other fax-capable imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices in
the network, even if the one you are using does not have a fax-board installed.
High Speed Scanning
Professional Looking Documents
Canon’s revolutionary Duplex Color Image Reader features a
proprietary image sensor that allows you to create 100 to 150 crystalclear reproductions of black & white and color documents each time
you press the button.
Impress your business associates and colleagues alike with
professional-grade documents. Select the settings you want, ranging
from automatic stapling, punching, collation and even booklet
creation function. For a compact footprint, internal stapling and
collating units are also available as options.
Remote Fax Kit installed device
Fax-enabled device
The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE series is designed to streamline
workflow and meet each user’s needs. You can easily send, save, store,
and access scanned documents in multiple locations. Simply select a
destination and scan the original. With the imageRUNNER ADVANCE
series, you will find the most advanced, yet simple workflow.
Scan and Send
In one simple operation, you can distribute scanned
documents to multiple destinations, such as email, fax
destinations and network folders. The wide range of formats*
includes standard High Compression PDF, Adobe PDF Reader
Extensions, Searchable PDF, Encrypted PDF, XPS, and even
the latest Office Open XML for Word and PowerPoint.
Scan and convert
User receives
converted file via e-mail
* Installation of optional accessories may be required.
Store and Access
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE comes with a document sharing solution simply makes sense.
Using the Advanced Box, multiple users can share any file formats on a share folder and access
files from PCs or other networked imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems. For more sensitive
documents, you can use Personal Folders. The Mailbox feature also lets you access the stored
documents from the device or remote user interface, with up to 100 user accounts.
ffrom PC
Built-in HDD Storage
Scan documents
h stored
Receive documents
by fax
Canon Cloud Connect
Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE series maximizes office productivity by allowing users to access
Cloud services right from the devices. Users can scan and store their paper documents, or choose
to retrieve and print their documents stored in their Cloud service. With the Cloud Scan and Cloud
Print support of Google Docs and Microsoft SharePoint Online, imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems
are the perfect way to scan and print through Cloud services.
* Internet connection and upgrades may be required to support Cloud services, and Cloud services may
vary by country or region. For more information, please contact your local Canon Sales Office.
Cloud Services
Scan to Cloud
Print from Cloud
Be in control, wherever you are. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE makes it easy
to monitor and optimize your company’s output.
Centralized Remote Control
The Remote User Interface lets IT managers and system administrators
control, track, and manage each output device without having to travel to
each and every machine for status checks.
Take control of your Canon device fleet and reduce administration burdens
with eMaintenance*. With less downtime and easy maintenance, you will
have longer uptime and greater productivity.
* Compatible with most Canon copiers, printers and multifunctional devices.
For more information on what models are supported, please contact Canon.
Access Management System Kit
By utilizing the Access Management System Kit, administrators can restrict
the functions that each individual, workgroup or department is allowed to
use. Together with the contactless Card Authentication unit to identify the
actual user, you will enjoy higher levels of security and reduced wastage
from unauthorized prints.
To achieve even more with the imageRUNNER ADVANCE
system, select the document solution that best meets
your organizational needs.
Therefore is a holistic document management system that offers an
easy-to-implement storage and retrieval system to give every staff
instant, secure access to all information.
eCopy PDF Pro Office
eCopy ShareScan Suite
eCopy® PDF Pro Office, the latest enterprise-ready PDF solution from
Nuance, is the smarter PDF desktop software companion to Canon
MFDs. This powerful, easy-to-use PDF solution that lets you create,
convert, and collaborate for increased productivity and cost savings.
eCopy® ShareScan Suite transforms paper-based data safely and directly
into electronic workflows. From the imageRUNNER ADVANCE device,
you can scan, extract, classify, index and convert paper information into
digital information that flows effortlessly into and through the electronic
channels of your business.
This software enables document distribution oversight and safeguards
against potential information espionage or abuse by logging text and
image data whenever users utilize the device.
Export Folder
ob Log + Text + PDF
User at d
Job lilist
ist XLS
iR/iR-ADV device
with iR Agent
Job Log + Image
Express Server
in PC
PC user
Audit by specific criteria
01 On-device imageRUNNER Agent
captures log and image data
02 Info is sent to Express
server for OCR; image
and text exported
03 Express Audit Tools allows
compilation and extraction
of key info
iW Accounting Manager for MEAP
uni FLOW
Track your organization’s print consumption through detailed and vital
information of how your devices are actually used, all without the need
for additional manpower or equipment.
uniFLOW is designed to save you time and money by providing effective
controls over your entire print and multi-functional device fleet. The
uniFLOW solution can be built from several different components
depending on your needs.
Much of the above features are geared towards
efficiency and waste reduction. At Canon, we believe
in doing our part for the environment.
Here are some highlights:
Green technologies makes up the imageRUNNER ADVANCE.
Changing our behavior to change our environment.
Our pQ toner lowers energy consumption by minimizing heat and
power requirements. Our RAPID fusing technology saves 75%
more power usage than previous models. The list goes on.
By encouraging digital previews, we reduce unnecessary prints
and reduce mistakes. Administrators can also help encourage use
of duplex settings and control color usage easily.
imageRUNNER ADVANCE uses 100% recycled plastic
Higher efficiency means lower emissions. By optimizing
the document life cycle, we have lowered CO2 emissions by more
than 30% over previous models.
from past products. In addition, we subject ourselves to the most
stringent standards, restricting the use of 24 hazardous substances
(where EU RoHS directives restrict only six).
Witness the significant improvement in your business
communication capabilities.Move your business forward
with the new imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5200 series today.
To arrange for a demonstration, simply contact any of our
sales staff in the relevant contact overleaf.
Maximum Original Size
Copy Sizes
imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5200 Series
Reader, Printer Separated, Desktop
305 x 457mm, A3, A4, A4R, A5R, B4, B5, B5R
Custom Size 139.7 x 182mm to 304.8 x 457.2mm
Optional Envelope Feeder, No.10 (COM10),
Monarch, DL, ISO-C5
Stack Bypass
A5R - SRA3 (320 x 450mm), Envelopes
Custom Size 99 x 140mm to 320 x 457mm
600dpi x 600dpi
600dpi x 600dpi
1200dpi x 1200dpi (text/line only)
Copy/Print Speed
A4 (B&W/Color)
C5255: 55/51ppm
C5250: 50/45ppm
C5240: 40/35ppm
C5235: 35/30ppm
A3 (B&W/Color)
C5255: 28/26ppm
C5250: 28/26ppm
C5240: 20/18ppm
C5235: 20/18ppm
First Copy Time
3.9sec (C5255/C5250), 5.4sec (C5240/C5235)
Full Color
6.0sec (C5255/C5250), 8.1sec (C5240/C5235)
Warm-Up Time
31 seconds
Multiple Copies/Prints 1 to 999 sheets
Standard automatic stackless
Paper Weight
52 to 220gsm
Stack Bypass
52 to 256gsm
Paper Capacity
550 sheets x2 cassettes (80gsm)
Stack Bypass: 100 sheets (80gsm)
550 sheets x2 cassettes (80gsm)
Paper Deck
2,700 sheets (80gsm)
Total Capacity
5,000 sheets
Standard: 2GB RAM Maximum: 2.5GB RAM
Hard Disk Drive
Standard 160GB (Available Disk Space: 10GB)
Maximum 1TB (Available Disk Space: 115GB)
Interface Ethernet
Wireless LAN
(IEEE802.11b/g, Optional), USB2.0
Power Supply
220-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
1.8kW max (C5255/C5250), 1.3kW max (C5240/C5235)
Dimensions (W x D x H) Only the Main Unit: 800mm x 620mm x 700mm
With the Duplex Color Image Reader Unit-E1: 950mm x 620mm x 715mm
With the Color Image Reader Unit-F1: 931mm x 620mm x 712mm
With the Color Image Reader Unit-F2: 831mm x 620mm x 700mm
Only the Main Unit: Approximately 139kg
With the Duplex Color Image Reader Unit-E1: Approximately 153kg
With the Color Image Reader Unit-F1: Approximately 148kg
With the Color Image Reader Unit-F2: Approximately 144kg
Print Specification
UFRII (Standard), PCL 5c/6 (Optional), Adobe PostScript 3 (Optional)
1200dpi x 1200dpi (Text/Line only), 600dpi x 600dpi
2GB (Uses Main Unit RAM)
Hard Disk
Standard 160GB (Available Disk Space: 15GB)
Maximum 1TB (Available Disk Space: 629GB)
Canon Custom Processor, 1.2GHz (Uses Main Unit CPU)
Supported OS
Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Server2008/Win7
Adobe PostScript 3 Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Server2008/Win7,
MacOSX (10.4.9 or later)
Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Server2008/Win7/Linux,
Mac OSX (10.4.9 or later)
Mac OS 9.1 or later, Mac OSX (10.2.8 or later)
Ethernet (1000Base-T/100Base-TX/10Base-T)
Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b/g, Optional), USB2.0
Network Protocol
IPX/SPX (NDS, Bindery), AppleTalk
Pull Scan
Network TWAIN Driver
(75 to 600dpi 24bit color/8bit grayscale/2bit Black & White)
Send Specification (Standard)
Scan Resolution
100 x 100dpi, 150 x 150dpi, 200 x 100dpi, 200 x 200dpi,
200 x 400dpi, 300 x 300dpi, 400 x 400dpi, 600 x 600dpi
E-Mail/Internet FAX (SMTP), PC (SMB, FTP), iWDM, WebDAV
Address Book
LDAP, Local (Max.1800)
File Format
TIFF, JPEG, PDF, XPS, High compression PDF/XPS, PDF/A-1b,
Optimize PDF for Web
Optional Accessories
Universal Send Advanced Feature Set-D1
File Format
Outline PDF (Trace & Smooth), Searchable PDF/XPS, Reader Extensions PDF,
Office Open XML for Word and PowerPoint
Universal Send Security Feature Set-D1
File Format
Encrypted PDF, Device Signature PDF/XPS
Optional Image Readers
Duplex Color Image Reader Unit-E1 (1PDS)
Paper Size
A3, B4, A4, A4R, B5, B5R, A5, A5R, and B6R
Paper Weight
Single sided original
42 to 157gsm
Double sided original
50 to 157gsm
Original Tray Capacity
150 sheets (80gsm)
Document Scanning
1-sided scanning: 75 sheets/minute
(A4 in Black-and-White at 600dpi)
2-sided scanning: 37.5 sheets/minute
(A4 in Black-and-White at 600dpi)
1-sided scanning: 51 sheets/minute
(A4 in Full Color at 600dpi)
2-sided scanning: 25.5 sheets/minute
(A4 in Full Color at 600dpi)
1-sided scanning: 75 sheets/minute
(A4 in Black-and-White/Full Color at 300dpi)
2-sided scanning: 60 sheets/minute
(A4 in Black-and-White/Full Color at 300dpi)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 155mm x 565mm x 530mm (feeder and reader)
Approx. 14.1kg (feeder and reader)
Color Image Reader Unit-F1 (2-sided Double pass ADF)
Paper Size
A3, B4, A4, A4R, B5, B5R, A5, A5R, and B6
Paper Weight
Single sided original
42 to 157gsm
Double sided original
50 to 157gsm
Max. Number of
100 sheets (80gsm)
Document Scanning
1-sided scanning: 46 sheets/minute
(A4 in Black-and-White/Full Color at 600dpi)
1-sided scanning: 51 sheets/minute
(A4 in Black-and-White/Full Color at 300dpi)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 137mm x 565mm x 540mm (feeder and reader)
Approx. 7.5kg (feeder and reader)
Cassette Feeding Unit-AD2
2 Front-loading adjustable drawers
Paper Size
305mm x 457mm, A3, B4, A4, A4R, B5, B5R, A5R, and Custom size
(139.7mm x 182mm to 304.8mm x 457.2mm)
Paper Capacity
550 sheets (80gsm) x 2 cassettes
Dimensions (W x D x H) 251mm x 620mm x 700mm
Weight Approx.
28 kg
Paper Deck Unit-B2
Paper Size
Paper Capacity
2,700 sheets (80gsm)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 473mm x 372mm x 603mm
Weight Approx.
Inner Finisher-E1
Number of Trays
One stack tray (Optional 2nd Tray)
Tray Capacity
A4, A5, A5R
500 sheets
A3, A4R
500 sheets
Staple Position
Corner, Double
Staple Capacity
50 sheets
30 sheets
Dimensions (W x D x H) 234mm x 865mm x 540mm
Approx. 11.5kg (Approx.13kg with optional tray)
Staple Finisher-J1
Number of Trays
2 Trays
Tray Capacity
A4, A5, A5R
1300 on upper tray, 1700 on lower tray
A3, A4R
650 on upper tray, 650 on lower tray
Staple Position
Corner, Double
Staple Capacity
50 sheets (80gsm)
A3, A4R
30 sheets (80gsm)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,097mm x 677mm x 646mm
Approx. 46kg
Booklet Finisher-J1
Number of Trays
2 Trays
Tray Capacity
A4, A5, A5R
1300 on upper tray, 1700 on lower tray
A3, A4R
650 on upper tray, 650 on lower tray
Staple Position
Corner, Double, Booklet stitch
Staple Capacity
50 sheets (80gsm)
A3, A4R
30 sheets (80gsm)
Booklet Stitch
Paper Size
A3, B4, and A4R
Max Saddle Stitch Capacity
16 sheets (64 pages, 52-81gsm)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1,097mm x 789mm x 646mm
Approx. 75kg
Other Optional Accessories
Color Image Reader-F2, Platen Cover Type S, Pedestal, Paper Deck Unit-B2 A4, Tab Feeding Attachment
Kit-B1, Envelope Feeder Attachment-D1, Copy Tray Unit-J1, Utility Tray-A2, Inner 2way Tray-F1, Inner Finisher
Additional Tray-A1, Buffer Pass Unit-G1, External 2 Hole Puncher-B2, Copy Card Reader-F1, Copy Card Reader
Attachment-B3, Copy Control Interface Kit-A1, Serial Interface Kit-K1, FL Cassette-AG1, FL Cassette-AH1,
Stamp Ink Cartridge-C1, Staple Cartridge-J1, Staple Cartridge-D2, Staple Cartridge-D3, Cassette Heater Unit37, Paper Deck Heater Unit-C1, Reader Heater-J1, PCL Printer Kit-AR1, PCL Font Set-A1, PS Printer Kit-AR1,
Direct Print Kit (for PDF)-H1, Direct Print Kit (for XPS)-H1, Barcode Printing Kit-D1, imagePASS-B2, ColorPASSGX400, SeeQuence Compose, SeeQuence Impose, SeeQuence Suite, GA Productivity Package, Super G3
Fax Board-AE2, Super G3 2nd Line Fax Board-AE1, Super G3 3rd/4th Line Fax Board-AE1, Remote Fax Kit-A1,
512MB RAM Type D, Expansion Bus-F2, Web Access Software-H1, USB Device Port-E1, USB Device Port-E2,
Multimedia Reader/Writer-A2, Universal Send Digital User Signature Kit-C1, Encrypted Printing Software-D1,
Secure Watermark-B1, Document Scan Lock Kit-B1, Access Management System Kit-B1, Key Switch Unit-A2,
2.5INCH/160GB HDD-G1, 2.5INCH/1TB HDD-H1, Removable HDD Kit-AC1, HDD Data Encryption &
Mirroring Kit-C1, HDD Mirroring Kit-D2, iR-ADV Security Kit-C1, Access Management System Kit-B1, ADF
Access Handle-A1, Remote Operators Software Kit-B1, Voice Guidance-F2, Voice Operation Kit-C2
This brochure and the specifications of the product have been developed prior to the date of product launch.
These specifications are subject to change without notice. Therefore no representations or warranties, either
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the information in this brochure be considered part of our terms and conditions of sale. You are advised to
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Integrated Solutions
document policies
improve connectivity
integrated storage folders
reduce total cost
of ownership
encryption & privacy
that bring your business forward.
adaptive to current
document tracking
enhanced document
Advanced made simple for you.
Integrated Solutions
C Features
t res
d Computing
mp ing
To integrate more capabilities into your imageRUNNER ADVANCE device,
simply speak with your friendly Canon representative.
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